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To understand this lab you need to grasp about the OSPF network types, DR/BDR requirements and if “neighbor” command should be used in each type. We summarized all of them into this table for your quick reference:

Interface Types Use DR/BDR? Default Hello interval Require “neighbor” command?
Broadcast Yes 10 No
Point-to-point No 10 No
Point-to-multipoint No 30 No
Non-broadcast (NBMA) Yes 30 Yes
Point-to-multipoint non-broadcast No 30 Yes

Question 1


Although we do believe the answer B “A neighbor statement needs to be configured in R1 and R3 pointing at each other” is better but in the exam you should choose answer C. Please read the explanation below.

Check the ports connecting between R1 and R3 via the “show running-config” command:

R1#show running-config
<<output omitted>>
interface Serial0/0
ip address
ip ospf network non-broadcast
<<output omitted>>
router ospf 1
 network area 0
 network area 0


R3#show running-config
<<output omitted>>
interface Serial1/1
ip address
ip ospf network point-to-multipoint non-broadcast
<<output omitted>>
router ospf 100
 area 1 virtual-link
 network area 1
 network area 0
 network area 0

Or you can check these interfaces via the “show ip ospf interface S0/0” on R1 or “show ip ospf interface S1/1” on R3 you will see the Network types are “NON_BROADCAST” or “POINT_TO_MULTIPOINT”, respectively. For example:


Although the OSPF network types are mismatched but the Hello and Dead timers are still the same (30 seconds and 120 seconds, respectively) so an OSPF neighbor relationship can still be formed. But both interfaces are in “Non Broadcast” mode (no DR/BDR election) so they must have the “neighbor …” command under OSPF processes to form neighbor relationship.

Question 2


We can check the OSPF neighborship on R3 first via the “show ip ospf neighbor” command:


We don’t see the OSPF neighborship between R3 and R4 (neighbor so something was wrong with OSPF. So we continue checking with the “show running-config” command and pay attention to the OSPF config between R3 and R4.


We can realize the link between R3 and R4 is not running OSPF (missing the command “network area 1”).

Question 3


Check the configuration of R5 with the “show running-config” command:


Interface E0/0 of R5 is configured with OSPF authentication so we should check the configuration on interface E0/1 of R4:


There is no OSPF authentication under E0/1 of R4 so R4 cannot establish OSPF neighborship with R5.

Question 4


Only the subnets are not reachable from R4 so maybe something blocking it (OSPF neighborship is still formed between R4 and R6. You can verify with the “show ip ospf neighbor” command). Check the configuration of R6 with the “show running-config” command and pay attention to the OSPF part of R6:


From the output we learn that R6 is using distribute-lists to filter routes. Especially distribute-list 64 (note: 64 is the access-list number) is applied to:
+ Inbound direction on E0/1 (distribute-list 64 in Ethernet0/1): this distribute-list is no harm because it only prevents prefix from learning back from E0/1. Notice that R6 can still advertise this prefix to the outside.
+ Outbound direction of all interfaces (distribute-list 64 out): this distribute-list is causing problem because it prevents prefix from advertising to the outside ->R4 does not know how to reach subnets. To fix this problem we should remove “distribute-list 64 out” on R6.

Note: Although the next line of this distribute-list allows prefix but traffic for this prefix can never reach this line because the above line “access-list 64 deny” is always matched first and this prefix is dropped.

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  1. sirmonkey
    September 1st, 2016

    Passed with 1000.
    I had the OSPF sim. In Q1 above the wording on the actual exam asked what should be configured on BOTH R1 and R3. One of the routers already had a neighbour statement so this did not need to be configured on both devices. So the best answer available was to change network type on both devices.

  2. Rezabfa
    September 1st, 2016


    congratulation on passing the exam.

    i am taking the TSHOOT in 14 Sept, i would really appreciated if you could send me any lab or study material so hopefully i can pass this exam.
    my email is: rezabfa AT gmail dot com

  3. Anonymous
    September 6th, 2016

    Congrats sirmonkey. tell me please they give the tickets one by one and we have to ask the 3 questions regarding the ticket or they give one question from ticket 1 for example and then the next question from ticket 10??

  4. CCNP-1000
    September 15th, 2016

    I have pass
    I pass the exam today with score of 1000/1000 it took me 70 minute to finished it.

    I had the latest dumps all off them was garbage. I just study this website go for premium.
    I read all the comments and practice all the tickets on website and PT and gns3.

    To pass the exam with score of 1000 this website it’s enough but to survive out there you have to study hard, by hard i mean hard! Out there the person who knows one line more its the winner so passing this exam its jut the beginning of your study’s.

    Enough said this is how i did it : (i found this strategy on this website bye the ccnp-guy)

    You have to ask your self Is it ipv4 or ipv6?

    If IPv6 you have these 3 questions, 1 each on
    R2: (T12) IPv6: enable ospf 0
    R3: (T15) IPv6: remove “tunnel mode ipv6″
    R4: (T16) missing Redistribution from RIPng to OSPFv3

    If its IPv4 do the following to narrow it down:

    From Client 1 ping if its :

    OK? = 3 tickets on R1:
    (T03) Wrong IP of BGP neighbour
    (T04) NAT – ACL mis-configured
    (T05) WAN ACL statement missing

    If you cant ping try to ping from client 1

    OK? = 1 ticket on R1:
    (T01) OSPF Authentication

    If you cant ping try to ping from client 1

    OK? = 2 tickets on R4:
    (T11) Redistribute ospf to eigrp (“to” & -> )
    (T14) EIGRP Passive Interface

    If you cant ping 10.2..1.1 you have 4 ticket as follow:

    NO? = 1 ticket on DSW1:
    (T06) VLAN filter

    or = 3 tickets on ASW1:

    (T08) Access port not in VLAN 10
    (T09) Port Channel not allowing VLAN 10,200
    (T07) Port Security

    I also had multiple choice questions and Eigrp and ospf simlets

    Good luck to you all.
    This is just the beginning so study hard.

  5. Anonymous
    September 22nd, 2016

    Hi, does the ipv4 and ipv6 questions differs?

  6. td
    September 22nd, 2016

    Hi, does the ipv4 and ipv6 questions differs?

  7. Anonymous
    September 24th, 2016

    Anyone can help
    I am going to take exam next week. I want to know is there mention in question like..
    T06 Nat -Acl
    And can we see three questions of ticket before answering first one or second or cant we go back


  8. sinole
    September 25th, 2016

    For question 1, I now understand why it’s Answer C. From Cisco:

    “You must define the network type on non-broadcast networks in order to avoid configuration of neighbor statements.”

    last paragraph under “Introduction”

  9. moamen
    September 27th, 2016

    pass yesterday “Alhamdo Lellah” with 1000/1000
    No new questions
    21 Q’s
    13 Tickets (As mentioned in this site except TT 2,10,13)
    2 Sim ( Switch Sim 4 Q’s as mentioned here & OSPF Sim 4 Q’s as mentioned here )
    6 MCQ’s exactly as mentioned here in this site.

    in this Sim Q1 (C) is the correct answer.

  10. simo
    October 5th, 2016

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  11. Robo
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  34. BlackDiamond
    December 25th, 2016

    Hi folks i passed Tshoot yesterday 24TH December with a perfect score. 1000/1000.
    There were no simlets. Only MCQ and 13 Tickets. A new IPV6 question was introduced that is not captured on this site. R1 ipv6 loopback is unable to ping DSw1 loopback address. When you check R2 you realize the serial interface pointing to R3 doesnt have OSPf enabled on that interface. Please take note. also the ticket with the vlan filter was on however you need to scroll down to get the right answer. Good luck to anyone taking the exam later. the key is understanding the technologies and practice. The material on this site is good enough to help you pass as long as you know the technologies

  35. @
    January 5th, 2017

    hi @networktut, for this is sim. what is the real answer is B or C? As per your statement, “Although we do believe the answer B “A neighbor statement needs to be configured in R1 and R3 pointing at
    each other” is better but in the exam you should choose answer C.” Should we really choose C in the exam? thanks

  36. Anonymous
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    January 18th, 2017

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    i have another concern as well does the topology changes for each ticket or it is one topology with 13 problem and i need to fix it?

    Really i appreciate any answer on my concerns and what is the advise where i don’t have much time .

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