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Ticket 13 – DHCP Helper-address

April 24th, 2018 in TSHOOT v2 Go to comments

Configuration on DSW1:

interface Vlan 10
 ip address
 ip helper-address

Note: In this ticket you will find port-security configured on ASW1 but it is not the problem as the port-security is good (check with the “show interface fa1/0/1” command on ASW1. Also you can easily identify this ticket with the “ipconfig” command on Client1, which shows APIPA address (169.254.x.x).

Ans1) DSW1
Ans2) IP DHCP Server (or DHCP)
Ans3) on DSW1 delete “ip helper-address” and apply “ip helper-address” command

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  1. Sam
    May 4th, 2015


    Good Point! – Yes, within several redundant Netw topologies, it’s quite often a good idea to use a logical I/F as the reference point within a DHCP Relay config, instead of using the physical ingress I/F on the DHCP Device like within the ip-helper case here.

    However, as discussed within posts above, this Loobback I/F method is used quite seldom within several Network topologies seen today and furthermore quite rarely described within most Cisco Studyguides etc. as regards normal best practice DHCP Relay configuration.

    So this way, the IP-helper Ticket present here is a real good case, to demonstrate the actual DHCP Relay issue :)

    Thank’s for sharing your DHCP Config tip with us!

  2. Joe
    May 30th, 2015

    @Network.tut and All:
    In new TSHOOTv2 exam, Client1 & 2 IP addresses are statically assigned so we’ll not see APIPA addresses at exam any more – Client1 & 2 always have IP addresses of: & –
    OK – If this is true, WHY is this Ticket # 13 then still actual and possible @ the new 01-135 exam???

  3. mahir
    June 4th, 2015

    can any one please tell me what is the question in ticket 13 ??????
    ok there is a problem with DHCP but where is the question ??????

  4. al
    June 7th, 2015

    As mentioned within TSHOOT Instructions, ALL TSHOOT Tickets (except Tickets: (2), 12, 15 and 16) have SAME question, say: “Client 1 & 2 can’t reach the external Web Server:, and you’re therefore requested to Troubleshoot the individual Ticket problems in order to find the root causes of theese problems”: (Problem: Device / Technology / Fix) – So it’s very simple, and no hokus pokus here…

  5. mahir
    June 9th, 2015

    thanks al.

  6. Asif
    June 11th, 2015

    Please explain strategy to identify DHCP range ticket? Where to ping ?

  7. Drago
    July 4th, 2015

    Hi ,

    I have a problems with this ticket. I changed the dhcp rang. The pc got an IP but I cannot ping to miss something between ASW1DSW1


    Type escape sequence to abort.
    Sending 5, 100-byte ICMP Echos to, timeout is 2 seconds:
    Success rate is 100 percent (5/5), round-trip min/avg/max = 18/23/32 ms

    R4#show ip dh
    R4#show ip dhcp b
    R4#show ip dhcp binding
    IP address Client-ID/ Lease expiration Type
    Hardware address 0060.4744.A334 — Automatic 0040.0BC4.A853 — Automatic

    Could somebody explain me please^

  8. Mike
    July 4th, 2015


    If it’s the PT TT#15 u’r asking about – After fixing the DHCP range problem – u need to do a

    “wr” / “reload” on R4,

    to get the changes properly loaded on R4 – or – most often – you can simply do a R4:

    #copy run start
    #copy start run

    (The latter method – works most often, and is a little faster, than the first method.)

    Now checking for correct DHCP operation at R4:

    R4#sh ip dhcp bind
    IP address Client-ID/ Lease expiration Type
    Hardware address 0060.4744.A334 — Automatic 0040.0BC4.A853 — Automatic

    Showing that all the (PT) DHCP stuff works just fine…

  9. Mike
    July 4th, 2015


    And also verifying connectivity towards the external WEB Server from Client 1:

    Packet Tracer PC Command Line 1.0

    Pinging with 32 bytes of data:

    Reply from bytes=32 time=25ms TTL=122
    Reply from bytes=32 time=25ms TTL=122
    Reply from bytes=32 time=62ms TTL=122
    Reply from bytes=32 time=76ms TTL=122

    Ping statistics for
    Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
    Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
    Minimum = 25ms, Maximum = 76ms, Average = 47ms


  10. mayank
    July 17th, 2015


    please help and tell how to solve this ticket it is not in metodo startegy

  11. mayank
    July 17th, 2015

    still not got way to figure out this ticket

  12. Drago
    July 19th, 2015


  13. mayank
    July 19th, 2015

    @ networktut and all

    can anyone help me how to figure out this ticket metodo startegy says nothing about this ticket

  14. Ahmed
    July 19th, 2015

    guys there is something wrong with this ticket ,

    first you can not ping , (which is dsw1 vlan 10 ip address) , so how you would spot that the issue is on r4 dhcp especially that when you type the command ip config on client 1 you will find that the client has the correct ip configuration ,,,,,,, maybe this was valid on the old exam when u get APIPA address but i think its not anymore

  15. networktut
    July 19th, 2015

    @mayank, @Ahmed: This ticket does not appear any longer in the exam so please ignore it. Currently Client1 & 2 IP addresses are statically configured so DHCP is not used.

  16. 1 more to go
    July 29th, 2015

    I did not have ip helper address, no longer in exam,

    i also did not have Eigrp wrong As, or Harp track 10, but i will suggest you study all tickets here.

  17. Derrick
    October 1st, 2015

    I this ticket you must remove the excluded range of ip addresses from and apply ip dhcp excluded-address
    Still it will not ping the server because the router of is not advertised on R4. Add the network and all is fine

  18. vj
    October 2nd, 2015

    U need to do a R4:
    wr/reload – or by the faster method:
    copy run start +
    copy start run
    to get the DHCP change properly loaded on R4
    Then it works just perfect :)

  19. Fp
    October 19th, 2015

    I am confused with this ticket. The clients have the ip addresses but are unable to ping themselves, each other or the gateway DSW1.. not sure if the sim is working or how this points to a DHCP issue?

  20. vj
    October 20th, 2015

    Clients are having valid IP addresses in every single ticket @ exam, no matter if they have a ok connection to dhcp server R4, or not –
    it’s just a trick, to see if they can fool you, and make you nervous @ exam – But just be cool there, and don’t let them! :)

  21. Chia’tAtA
    October 22nd, 2015

    Took me about 45min to cleared the Tshoot exams today with a 100% score.
    This was not in exams though.
    Thanks Networktut

  22. Anonymous
    October 23rd, 2015

    For the ticket 13, I did this already, on R4 delete ip dhcp excluded-address and apply ip dhcp excluded-address … however, the pc still cannot get valid ip address so that it can’t ping the web server of course, any ideas?

  23. Anonymous
    October 23rd, 2015

    Oooops, have to do wr and reload after the command, it works well!

  24. vj
    October 23rd, 2015


    Yheaa, isn’t that just real amaaazing – simply soo cool – right!? :)

    However, you could also try to use an even FASTER reload procedure on R4 after the DHCP config change on the device, like this:

    copy run start +
    copy start run

    and then see what happens :)

    This faster method Works about 90 – 95% of the times issued :-)

  25. Raj
    November 7th, 2015

    What is the question/problem for this ticket? All the other tickets had a single line description of the problem.

  26. vb
    November 7th, 2015

    Same question/problem for this ticket as for remaining (IPv4) tickets @ TSHOOT 300-135 exam

  27. Raj
    November 9th, 2015

    Another question how do we determine this is the issue if the description/problem is the same?

  28. vb
    November 10th, 2015

    Well, the problem is the same ticket by ticket @ exam, but the reason WHY the Client’s can’t ping the external web server ( is indeed different among the exam tickets – That’s why you gonna troubleshoot the various faults in the tickets @ exam.
    So, as an example – if the clients (quite rarely) should be equipped with APIPA based IP addresses @ exam, and thus ain’t able to ping the ext. web server – it’s your job to find out WHY this (DHCP) fault occured in the actual ticket @ the exam, by using your achieved CCNP TSHOOT skills!

  29. Shambuling
    December 18th, 2015

    Dear Ganesh,The cut off is considered to have gone up this time. And there are a lot of sedutnts who have calculated their scores above 210-215 or so. Overall, sedutnts found both the papers comfortable (and not too difficult). Regards,Rau’s IAS

  30. Paulo
    December 18th, 2015

    Hi Kamal,You’ll need to connect to the seairl/console port of the AP-5131. I would start by verifying that the seairl port on your laptop/desktop works can you connect to anything else. Are you sure you have the correct seairl cable? I believe it should be the same as a Cisco console cable. When you have that working you’ll know that isn’t your issue then just connect to the AP-5131 with 19200-8-N-1 and you should be set to go.Good Luck!

  31. Whitney
    December 18th, 2015

    It’s blocked. PPTP is easy to block as it runs on a saandtrd port. You might try a personal VPN, as it will run on the same ports as your browser. However, if they wish to lock down the network hard enough they can block almost anything.

  32. Med
    December 25th, 2015

    Successfully passed 1000/1000
    Just one Notice, when you issue ipconfig on client1 it always show you that client1 get an IP address in my exam.
    It is always the same, but in few ticket this does not reflect that the connexion with the DHCP server is OK and client1 has really an IP address.
    I think it a problem on the simulator.
    To know if client 1 has successfully get an IP address and eliminate the DHCP problem, try to ping the ip address given by ipconfig, it is always in my exam.
    If the ping succeed then there is no DHCP problem.
    Otherwise you should concentrate on DHCP.

    Good luck

  33. @ Megha
    January 14th, 2016

    @ Med – was this question on your test?

  34. Anonymous
    January 31st, 2016

    I think that the question in this ticket 13 (DHCP issues) is that why DSW1 in not the HSRP active router for the group 10

  35. ann
    February 2nd, 2016


    Why do u think that?

    What has ip dhcp excluded-address to do with active HSRP router for the group 10???

    pls explain – Thx!

  36. renew
    February 25th, 2016

    Can we use ipconfig /renew on client to check if client get new address from DHCP server?

  37. aida
    March 17th, 2016

    no you cant onli ping and ipconfig working

  38. Anonymous
    March 25th, 2016

    Guys, is the ticket numbers stated here exactly the same in the exams? Lets say the first question in the exams is Ticket 1, is it exactly the same here as Ticket 1?

  39. John
    June 14th, 2016

    @all interested PT users / TSHOOT Students:

    Example of solving TSHOOT TT # 13 via Packet Tracer 6.1:

    Simply issue the following IOS Command Sequenze on the faulty Device: R4 either via copy/paste or “from hand”: line by line:

    ALL shown Commands (including “!” should be issued on R4 for proper result!

    conf t
    no ip dhcp excluded-address
    no ip dhcp excluded-address
    ip dhcp excluded-address
    ip dhcp excluded-address
    copy start run

    OK – Now we go to the PT Client 1 PC (and here we select: Desktop/Command Prompt – Desktop/Config a few times) – Then we look for new / ok Client IP address after approx 15 Seconds!

    Finally we’ll check the Client 1 new IP address and we then Ping the external WEB Server from Client 1, as shown:



    FastEthernet0 Connection:(default port)

    Link-local IPv6 Address………: ::
    IP Address………………….:
    Subnet Mask…………………:
    Default Gateway……………..:



    Pinging with 32 bytes of data:

    Reply from bytes=32 time=123ms TTL=122
    Reply from bytes=32 time=177ms TTL=122
    Reply from bytes=32 time=127ms TTL=122
    Reply from bytes=32 time=221ms TTL=122

    Ping statistics for
    Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
    Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
    Minimum = 123ms, Maximum = 221ms, Average = 162ms


    PT TSHOOT Ticket # 13 Works just fine! – OK!?

  40. shaig
    June 16th, 2016

    Hi can someone tell me please in the real exam will the tickets be labelled that it is a OSPF Authentication or HSRP or BGP Neighbor or NAT ACL ticket. Or do I have to work it out myself ? if not how is the best way to find out? thanks

  41. Adam
    July 24th, 2016

    Dear exam takers,,,,
    Just for information please can you tell me that ticket and configs, M.C.Q,s and simulations are different in premium and normal account? Or they are same,,,,, what is difference in premium and guests account? what is benefit of premium account?
    Please reply ASAP

  42. mishkin
    August 5th, 2016

    Hi ppl !
    just passed t shoot with 903 points.
    and i urge u all to read this.ospf ipv6 ticket is changed…if u get it,the thing is that u cant ping each other r2 and r3 ipv6 adresses ,but u can ping each other in ipv4 layer 3 map..so chck r2 in ipv6 map u will not find area 0 configured on interface which connects with r3..if u use ipv4 layer 2 map u can ping the web server..
    and also there was ip helper wrong adress on dsw1 …rest was gre tunnel,rpng ospf ,port chnl missing vlan,vlan access map and i confirm ,remove vlan filter is right answer same as here,bgp ,r1 acl, opf authentication on r1 ,wrong route map on r4,vlan access ports on sw1..cant remember rest,n3 simlets and few pont klick questions ..almost same as here ,just ospf ipv6 is different a little and helper address also ..good luck to all

  43. Maddog
    August 27th, 2016

    Mishkin, you said “ip helper wrong adress on dsw1”. Is this the DHCP question in the real exam? If so that means Ticket 13 – DHCP Range in this networktut is no longer exist in the real exam. Do you remember the right helper address. The loopback or the f0/0 on R4.
    For the Eigrp question, I don’t think Ticket 10 – EIGRP AS will be in real exam either.

  44. Dinesh
    September 14th, 2016
  45. CCNP-1000
    September 15th, 2016

    I pass the exam today with score of 1000/1000 it took me 70 minute to finished it.

    I had the latest dumps all off them was garbage. I just study this website go for premium.
    I read all the comments and practice all the tickets on website and PT and gns3.

    To pass the exam with score of 1000 this website it’s enough but to survive out there you have to study hard, by hard i mean hard! Out there the person who knows one line more its the winner so passing this exam its jut the beginning of your study’s.

    Enough said this is how i did it : (i found this strategy on this website bye the ccnp-guy)

    You have to ask your self Is it ipv4 or ipv6?

    If IPv6 you have these 3 questions, 1 each on
    R2: (T12) IPv6: enable ospf 0
    R3: (T15) IPv6: remove “tunnel mode ipv6″
    R4: (T16) missing Redistribution from RIPng to OSPFv3

    If its IPv4 do the following to narrow it down:

    From Client 1 ping if its :

    OK? = 3 tickets on R1:
    (T03) Wrong IP of BGP neighbour
    (T04) NAT – ACL mis-configured
    (T05) WAN ACL statement missing

    If you cant ping try to ping from client 1

    OK? = 1 ticket on R1:
    (T01) OSPF Authentication

    If you cant ping try to ping from client 1

    OK? = 2 tickets on R4:
    (T11) Redistribute ospf to eigrp (“to” & -> )
    (T14) EIGRP Passive Interface

    If you cant ping 10.2..1.1 you have 4 ticket as follow:

    NO? = 1 ticket on DSW1:
    (T06) VLAN filter

    or = 3 tickets on ASW1:

    (T08) Access port not in VLAN 10
    (T09) Port Channel not allowing VLAN 10,200
    (T07) Port Security

    I also had multiple choice questions and Eigrp and ospf simlets

    Good luck to you all.
    This is just the beginning so study hard.

  46. Jack
    October 12th, 2016

    Hello All,

    Please can somebody provide me clarity about the TT2 (HSRP TRACK), TT10 (EIGRP AS), TT13 (DHCP RANGE). Are these tickets still valid for the exam or are these obsolete?

    Many thanks,

  47. IQ
    October 21st, 2016

    Is this ticket still active in the examine? I thought it had been removed. Anyone, who has taken the examine recently can respond.

  48. IQ
    October 21st, 2016

    Cisco did remove the following three tickets then HSRP Tracking DSW1, EIGRP AS wrong on R4 DSW1, and OSPF command on R2 no placed.

  49. OR
    October 30th, 2016

    @IQ thanks for the details

  50. Io
    November 11th, 2016

    I passed my 300-135 exam with the use of Grades4sure dumps. I got same questions in my exam that I prepared from Grades4sure test engine software. I recommend http://www.grades4sure.com/300-135-exam-questions.html to you if you want to clear your exam in first attempt.

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