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Practice TSHOOT Tickets with Packet Tracer & EVE-NG

March 6th, 2019 in Guide Go to comments

Special thanks to Buddy who sent us these files. Please say thanks to him. Now you can practice most TSHOOT Tickets with Packet Tracer v6.1. Please download all the tickets in one file here: https://www.networktut.com/download/Cisco_PT_6_1_TSHOOT_Package.zip. All the guides were included in that file.

Note: Please use at least the final Packet Tracer v6.1 (STUDENT Release) or above to open them. Below is a screenshot of the pkt files:


From Buddy:

Please notice: It’s mainly all the Packet Tracer TSHOOT L2 based trouble tickets, that needs to be reconfigured with STATIC IP addresses at the PC Clients by today

Thus when reconfiguring the two PC Clients with static IP addresses, please remember to also EXCLUDE the two Client IP addresses (.3 and .4) within the DHCP Pool at DHCP Server R4, at the same time.


Special thanks to Marcus for creating the TSHOOT topology with EVE-NG network emulator (currently this is one topology file with working configuration, not the tickets). You can download this file here: https://www.networktut.com/download/TShoot_300-135-TT_EVE-NG.zip. Below is screenshot of the EVE-NG file:


+ EVE-NG emulator must be installed to open this file.
+ This file uses these IOL images (but you may use other IOL images):
 – i86bi_LinuxL2-AdvEnterpriseK9-M_152_May_2018.bin
 – i86bi_LinuxL3-AdvEnterpriseK9-M2_157_3_May_2018.bin
+ Importing steps:
1. click ACTIONS/Import external labs
2. select target lab but don’t unzip it then import
3. BEFORE starting any nodes on ASW1,ASW2,DSW1,DSW2 select the Layer2 IOL image that is present in your eve.
4. click More actions/Start all nodes

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  1. KKam
    March 31st, 2019

    I had been trying all day today to get the EVE-NG working with the above listed topology and tickets from NetworkTUT. However after getting the EVE to work and routers to turn on I realised that the supposingly Full Working Topology actually does not work and has missing configurations. It is a beta or under development I guess and will be fine however it is not ready for the test takers to practice tickets.

    What is it that you cannot do in Packet Tracer as for learner or new user that would be the best product and doesn’t need any router images and this and that?

  2. Anonymous
    March 31st, 2019

    not Marcus design…

    But thank you; go o . g l /FkMoqt

  3. EVE-NG User
    April 5th, 2019

    @Marcus I used to load the tickets in the EVE-NG topology based from the links provided by Marcus..I am just trying to verify the same scenario in packet tracer/tshoot exam wherein I tried to ping from client 1. It suggest that for ticket 1 if you have this, its some missing config in ospf.
    ping —failed
    ping —success

    But in eve-ng, both ping are failed..is ticket 1 in eve-ng the same as the packet tracer? vice versa? I cant find the point on how to use eve-ng for preparation in tshoot tickets..Am I missing something???

  4. Buddy
    April 7th, 2019


    Well, looong time no see U Guys!

    Here’s three quite USEFULL Packet Tracer TSHOOT Tips, when troubleshooting the original (not very new) 642-832 Packet Tracer TSHOOT infrastructure here at Network TUT:

    Pls. change the PC1 and PC2 Client IP address setup from “Dynamic IP DHCP” to “STATIC” IP Addressing setup, within ALL PT IPv4 Tickets, since the original TSHOOT IP DHCP setup ain’t used any longer at the PC Clients within the current TSHOOT exam by today!

    Pls also remember to wait about TWO minutes from Ticket Start for the following eBGP startup message at CE Router R1:

    R1#%BGP-5-ADJCHANGE: neighbor Up <—- !!!

    B4 starting any Troubleshooting within each individual IPv4 TSHOOT Ticket!!!

    (Since NOW we're getting our much needed eBGP routes into the R1 IP Routing Table, and our (IPv4) Tickets is therefore fully up and running at that moment!)

    Finally, pls note that present IPv6 based TSHOOT Tickets needs some "config updating" due to the current Packet Tracer Software release! –

    (There's a need for some Bug Fixing etc. within some of the current IPv6 Tickets by today Q1 2019 !)

    Anyway – Have fun and Good luck at exam to anyone of you Guys!

  5. Buddy
    April 8th, 2019

    Pls notice – It’s mainly all the Packet Tracer TSHOOT L2 based trouble tickets, that needs to be reconfigured with STATIC IP adresses at the PC Clients by today

    Thus when reconfiguring the two PC Clients w. static IP’s, please remember to also EXCLUDE  the two Client IP addresses (.3 and .4)  within the DHCP Pool at DHCP Server R4, at the same time.

  6. Sam
    April 17th, 2019

    Where i can find the trouble ticket please ?

  7. Jackie
    April 22nd, 2019

    Hello Guys,
    Please can someone guide how to start preparing for this Tshoot exam. I have recently passed Switch and Tshoot is my final exam

  8. DGfromKC
    April 24th, 2019

    @Palermo – could you please share the link for the full gns3 version of the TSHOOT tickets?

  9. Jakes
    April 29th, 2019

    pliz share ios and xvr image for EVE guys or just link and lab manuals. fasto123 at yahoo dot com

  10. Jakes
    May 1st, 2019

    Where can I get – i86bi_LinuxL2-AdvEnterpriseK9-M_152_May_2018.bin
    – i86bi_LinuxL3-AdvEnterpriseK9-M2_157_3_May_2018.bin
    and xvr images for use in EVE-NG demo

    fasto123 at yahoo dot com

    pliz email me

  11. Ronnie
    May 1st, 2019

    thanks Marcus

  12. Anonymous
    May 1st, 2019

    hello when I open all the tickets in packet tracer they all show as Ticket X and are all the same? all the tickets look the same when opened. Also I see no “V” to click for the answers either??

    Please help! email me at thedonny @ thedonny . com

  13. Anonymous
    May 1st, 2019

    Anyone having troubles finding the answer I finally found it… Here is a screenshot – the toolbar is hidden and you need to click the ARROW to bring it out.

    See screenshot here link – just remove the spaces so the link works

    snag . gy / zjJrke.jpg

  14. belz
    May 10th, 2019

    Can anyone help with the latest dumps as i have an exam scheduled for end of the month. My email is {email not allowed}

  15. Timmy
    May 13th, 2019

    @belz: you can contact me at: cisco4career(at)gmail(dot)com

  16. dee@g
    May 20th, 2019

    Thanks a lot, Buddy and Marcus, you guys are a lifesaver…cheers

  17. Anonymous
    May 26th, 2019

    i have taken the membership, my email address is {email not allowed} and user id abdulshaik. could you please comfirm, i login two of 3 device.

    i want login office laptop and mobiel phone and home laptop. not same time.

    different time as per time to study. please confirm asap on my email address

  18. Tom
    June 15th, 2019

    The EVE-NG tickets won’t work for me:

    EVE-NG 2.0.3-92

    ASW and DSW links are up/down, no cdp neighbors.
    Error on switches: %AMDP2_FE-6-EXCESSCOLL
    Error on routers: %PNP-6-PNP_DISCOVERY_STOPPED

  19. Tshoothelp
    June 18th, 2019

    @Marcus @Networktut
    The eve LAB doesen’t work I don’t find Layer2 IOL image !?!?! please help me

  20. Eve-ng user
    June 30th, 2019

    Has anyone come across an issue with Eve-ng where it functions properly for 5mins and then your console freezes; i think the nodes simply go down! It is quite irritating and i have not been able to diagnose this issue!
    Also to “Tshoothelp” i think you need to obtain the L2 IOL image and then follow the steps on Eve-NG “How To” section; once done, you’ll see the option come up.

  21. EVE
    July 4th, 2019

    @Marcus and all

  22. Mike
    July 14th, 2019

    Simply click on the “V” = Arrow Down menu symbol at the mid/low Packet Tracer working screen, to get helpful Ticket answers!

  23. hydrgen
    July 16th, 2019

    hi eve users,

    i notice for my eve setup on ASW1, e1/1 and e1/2, both ports have port-security configured. I have removed them from the config and client 1 and 2 is still unable to rx IP. In fact in all the ticket i open, client 1 and 2 has no IP address at all.

    Is that correct???

  24. Mike
    August 9th, 2019
  25. Tshoothelp
    August 18th, 2019

    I tried with this image
    Type EVE Image Name Version vRAM
    L2 L2-ADVENTERPRISEK9-M-15.1-20130726.bin
    L3 L3-ADVENTERPRISEK9_IVS-M-15.3-0.9T.bin

    But the LAB doesen’t work !

    Where i can find the follow image ??!?
    Type EVE Image Name Version vRAM
    L2 L2-ADVENTERPRISEK9-M-15.1-20130726.bin
    L3 L3-ADVENTERPRISEK9_IVS-M-15.3-0.9T.bin

  26. Tshoothelp
    August 18th, 2019

    I tried with this image
    Type EVE Image Name Version vRAM
    L2 L2-ADVENTERPRISEK9-M-15.1-20130726.bin
    L3 L3-ADVENTERPRISEK9_IVS-M-15.3-0.9T.bin

    But the LAB doesen’t work !

    Where i can find the follow image ??!?
    Type EVE Image Name Version vRAM

  27. Tshoothelp
    August 21st, 2019

    I tried these image

    but when start the LAB the equipments start and stop immediately … and if try to connect whitj Putty i received always the Putty Fatal Error ( i think because there isn’t communicating with server )
    Please help me THX

  28. Tshoothelp
    August 21st, 2019

    after several tries it works Thanks Marcus !!!!!!

  29. eve-ng
    September 4th, 2019


    can you please share your files again along with which lab each ticket is for?

  30. Majid
    September 14th, 2019

    Can you please share the other tickets in GN3 topology?

  31. Robin
    October 3rd, 2019


    After importing the zip file I got the topology to load, but all devices didn’t seem to have the config files. What did I do wrong? Can you please advise?

  32. Jaguar_101
    October 13th, 2019

    hi Sir’s. I already install my EVE via VMware my questions is on how to load the downloaded files from networktut. thank you

  33. Johno
    October 16th, 2019

    In Packet tracer, how can you see the answers to the questions?

  34. AN
    October 17th, 2019

    Hello, I have read the instructions for TSHOOT packet tracer lab. However, it is not clear, where or how to see the questions?

  35. Nature_Lover
    October 21st, 2019

    @Johno point your mouse at the middle buttom of your packet tracer you can now browse the answers. MIDDLE buttom

  36. AN
    October 26th, 2019

    For everyone:
    I have packet tracer 7.2
    To see the answers in each ticket, you go to arrow at the bottom right of the software, click on it and it will show a drop down menu with ticket answers.

  37. Balu
    November 5th, 2019

    Hi All,

    Anyone of you have all TT labs in GNS3 version please shear the link here

    thanks in advance.

  38. kloo
    November 6th, 2019

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  39. Jackie
    November 18th, 2019

    Hi Guys, how do I download these tickets and run in Packet tracer?

    How do I know the questions please? as I cannot seem to find questions anywhere?


  40. ObTech
    November 19th, 2019

    Practice TSHOOT Tickets with GNSVM Include bgp&HSRP simlets

  41. Jackie
    November 26th, 2019

    @ObTech how do we run these tickets?

  42. Anonymous
    November 27th, 2019

    @Jackie: use GNS3

  43. Burìk
    November 28th, 2019

    @ ObTech

    Thanks so much for this! With all tickets supported, your GNS3 setup is the best of them all, hands down.

    @ All

    However, probably due to a GNS3 bug, labs exported as portable seem to mess up the configurations, only a few configurations were purposely wrong as expected, the others were either solved or had a number of other issues regarding sticky mac addresses, or they didn’t match the actual ticket. I have spent hours to fix them and I was going to upload the fixed portable versions just to find out that once you export them as portable they break again, expecially the sticky mac feature on ASW1 will prevent DHCP to work because the client MAC doesn’t match the configuration. Exporting the configurations seem to work though. So, here they are:

    tiny DOT cc/jod0gz

    Importing them is a pain though because for some idiotic reason the exported names have “startup” in them and once you import them GNS3 expect them to have “private” in the file name. So you either rename them all or you copypaste them in the running config and wr.

  44. Burìk
    November 28th, 2019

    Also, with the latest GNS3 release the VPCS MAC seem to be inconsistent between lab reloads. So if using ObTech labs pay attention to ASW1 if clients 1 and 2 don’t get an IP via DHCP, check interfaces ethernet3/2-3 status on ASW1 for err-disabled conditions. Typical of the GNS3 team, fix one thing, break two. *slow clap*

  45. Burìk
    November 30th, 2019

    Another thing. When you import portable projects make sure you SHUT GNS3 DOWN completely [no need to shut down the virtual machine], otherwise the stupid software sometimes MERGES THE CONFIGURATIONS BETWEEN THE LABS and you end up with a total mess.

  46. Jackie
    December 1st, 2019

    @Burìk good work but are these tickets you uploaded already fixed or have mistakes in them as per tickets to correct them ?

  47. Burìk
    December 1st, 2019

    They have all intentional mistakes in them as per tickets in the PDF file. Some of the tickets by ObTech are either solved or they don’t match the ticket number in the PDF. Not his fault, it’s just GNS3 being GNS3.

    To play safe, assuming you have already set up both GNS3 and the VM:

    1) start the VM and wait until it’s fully booted
    2) start GNS3, go to Preferences > GNS3 VM > set “keep the GNS3 VM running”
    3) File > Import portable project, pick one of the tickets and select the location to save the full project
    4) CLOSE GNS3
    5) Repeat 3 and 4 until all tickets are imported

    Now forget about the portable projects and work only on the newly created projects. If you find out that something doesn’t match the ticket you’re working on, use my configurations as a reference.

  48. Jackie
    December 2nd, 2019

    Do we need to practice on Packet tracer or EVE-NG network emulator? I am bit confused loaded first ticket in packet tracer and it seems pretty straight forward so shall I continue Packet tracer or use something else?

  49. Jackie,
    December 3rd, 2019

    @Burìk I am really struggling with your GNS3 and labs. It’e either not loading or comes with server error . I would appreciate any help.

  50. Tarzan
    December 3rd, 2019

    @Burik do we need VMware machine to run GNS3 ? can we not run these labs direct in GNS3?

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