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Ticket 13 – DHCP Helper-address

April 24th, 2018 in TSHOOT v2 Go to comments

Configuration on DSW1:

interface Vlan 10
 ip address
 ip helper-address

+ In this ticket you will find port-security configured on ASW1 but it is not the problem as the port-security is good (check with the “show interface fa1/0/1” command on ASW1 and you will see it is still in up/up state. Also if we use “ipconfig” command on Client1, we will see APIPA address (169.254.x.x).
+ is the loopback1 interface of R4. The wrong IP address of does not exist.

Ans1) DSW1
Ans2) IP DHCP Server (or DHCP)
Ans3) on DSW1 delete “ip helper-address” and apply “ip helper-address” command

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  1. Confused
    April 9th, 2011

    Nice! Thank you networktut!

  2. RIP
    April 9th, 2011

    Thanks …..
    finally its good to see that site is fully updated………………………….

  3. FBI
    April 9th, 2011

    am feeling u guyz…did my tshoot yesterday had 986!got the DHCP tt.

  4. FBI
    April 9th, 2011

    2morrow is my birthday so happy i made my tshoot.

  5. Shadow
    April 9th, 2011

    Any updates for the EIGRP passive interfaces TT?

    What’s will be the symptoms for that, what can be pinged and what cannot?


  6. RIP
    April 9th, 2011

    u can not pin R1,R2,R3,R4

  7. gell
    April 9th, 2011

    i passed this exame one week ago and i came across this ticket but luckily i spotted the issue .
    gd luck guys

  8. mp
    April 15th, 2011

    Is the faulty device R4 or DSW1; I believe the DHCP server will be configured on DSW1 not on router R4

  9. Anonymous
    April 16th, 2011

    The 642-832 TSHOOT Topology made available by cisco on the PDF is not the same as their online Topology demo. Could someone please confirm the actually topology used in the real exam?

  10. Mac
    April 22nd, 2011


    take a look at the topology again- it is clearly mentioned that DHCP server is R4. DSW1 is the default gateway for client, NOT DHCP server

  11. Anonymous
    April 22nd, 2011

    Can anybody give me an example of exactly how the TT Questions are asked i the exam?

  12. Sonic
    April 26th, 2011

    @Mac, I think ‘mp’ is right. DHCP server can not be on R4 because it has interface from another network Yes, on the topology is mentioned that DHCP server is R4, but the clients are from other broadcast domain. So, when DHCP client broadcasts DHCPDISCOVER message, it will be broadcasted only in (VLAN10) and will not reach to R4 at all. DHCP server has to be somewhere in the clients net There are two possibilities – on DSW1 or DSW2 (VLAN10).

    Can someone explain this please – Where is the mistake?!

  13. Sonic
    April 26th, 2011

    OK, I found it – it is possible DHCP Server to be from another network. In this case on R4. For this aim we have to use “ip helper-address” command on DSW1’s fa1/0/1 interface. Then all broadcast DHCP discover messages from the clients will be transformed to unicast and forwarded by DSW1 to (R4) :)

  14. mr.muschnik
    April 28th, 2011

    Almost… the ip helper-address command needs to be configured for Vlan10s SVI (interface Vlan10 that is) not fa1/0/1.

  15. Sonic
    April 29th, 2011

    @mr.muschnik right! :)

  16. lina
    April 29th, 2011

    so networktut is right

    April 30th, 2011

    Does the CCNP 642-832 TSHOOT exam ROUTERS and SWITCHES resets themselves, or do we have to logout of all DEVICES after each Trouble Ticket?

  18. Felcor
    May 5th, 2011

    Hello everybody, I did the test today with 930/1000 – there is a tt of bgp and drag drop a question that is not available on the site that went into my exam, the rest are equal.
    Thank you!

  19. DBW
    May 15th, 2011

    I have completed my CCNP certification today by passing my last exam TSHOOP.
    The exam itself was kind of straight forward with almost all of the TT well know
    as state on this site. I had 2 DD, 2 MCQ & 13 TT

    One of the issues with this TSHOOP exam is that you have to constantly move windows around whiles you are trying to keep your concentration. I was also working on small screen. (Frustrating)

    Have a strategy with your PING command
    Make sure you properly exit all devices after each ticket.
    Abort and move to the next TT if you can’t find the problem. (You can always come back)

    I think cisco should have offered a PRINT OUT OF THE TOPOLOGY to all candidates on exam day and collect them afterwards. Anyway! I have a good dump. Interested? Drop me a line donald.bart-williams@stjohns.surrey.sch.uk

    I am now going to be focus on ASA5510 firewall

    To all you CCNP Candidates on this forum including SWITCH & ROUTE, Good Luck and have a nice summer. It has been fun

  20. hima
    May 17th, 2011

    please i have exam in 22may please any exchange happened in tt & DD& CHOOSE please send me

  21. sam
    May 20th, 2011

    @hima no changes in exam, prepare well from networktut. all TT and Q from networktut

  22. Student
    May 22nd, 2011

    Do people have been using the ‘Abort strategy’ frequently? I have my exam tomorrow and i think its a great way to check our answers – whats your take on this?


  23. Duo
    June 3rd, 2011

    Damn~ I didn’t get this one.. but thanks networktut. I’ve the exam earlier,. 890pts.. ^__^

  24. Duo
    June 3rd, 2011

    Damn~ I didn’t get this one.. but thanks networktut. I’d my exam earlier,. 890pts.. ^__^

  25. Luigy
    July 1st, 2011

    I am thinking that we could also use the command “show ip dhcp binding” to check if any IP addresses were given out by the DHCP Server.

  26. su
    July 5th, 2011

    dear all i did the test today with 986/1000 the dhcp server is on the R4 router the networktut is right

  27. sos
    July 5th, 2011

    i am fail today in the exam because i didn’t find any question only only 3 question

  28. Marilu
    July 8th, 2011

    Finally! This is just what I was looinkg for.

  29. Fergy
    July 8th, 2011

    Please guys how can I know when to ping from Layer2 Topology or IPv4 Layer 3 Topology. Can there be a possibility for me to use only one Topology to solve the entire problems? Please help me, I need to know.!!!

  30. icecold
    July 8th, 2011

    passed TSHOOT this morning and I am a CCNP now

    next thing, being with my family as they have missed me so much

    good luck for everyone

  31. worried
    July 15th, 2011


    I will take TSHOOT exam next week. what would be the answer for IP-helper? can you provide it please?

    1. DSW1 – device
    2. technology?
    3. how to fix it?

  32. Anonymous
    July 22nd, 2011

    info for IP-helper?

  33. pimppimps
    July 29th, 2011

    From what i gather,assuming i learned all the characteristics of each ticket a on the exam i just go through the config for R1,R2,R4,ASW1 and DSW1 just checking on any misconfiguration eg on R1 i check on ospf/nat/acl and bgp if ok i move on to R2 tc untill i find the misconfig,it seems to me that i can just pass without doing a single ping….

  34. Ahmed
    August 2nd, 2011

    please help me…the ticket of bgb was in my exam but there is a very strange matter..all three questions and their answers repeated for all 13 tickets and so i want to ask about all other topics..why only bgp in the exam..the answers of each three Qs for all 13 tickets are the same..is this logical?..I know nature of Qs and the topologies. i mean that in each ticket under a Q like how to fix it …i found answers of each ticket are the same

  35. red
    August 3rd, 2011

    You better prepare properly before you look at these questions. You should know how to trouble shoot the issue first otherwise no point to be a CCNP.This is should only be used for final reference.But before you come to this site you should read the books first.

  36. wael el-iraqe
    August 18th, 2011

    pass today
    100% still valid ‘

    no thing new..all the tickets & Q from networktut

    thanks networktut

  37. Anonymous
    August 21st, 2011

    Hi.. Don’t you need to exclude also, the standby IP address?

  38. nwaboy
    August 21st, 2011

    Hi Anonymous, though we may need to exclude but this is not included among the options. But definitely, you do not need to exclude all the range The most correct answer is as above. Thanks

  39. tk
    September 2nd, 2011

    hi guys.how am i gonna do my config when there is no way of entering the global config mode.

  40. meagtech
    September 8th, 2011

    Hello light-speed, have my exam scheduled on Friday. I like your advice, about being ready. Feel prepared, lets see what is gonna happen. Failed switching before. I`ll definitely post a comment to share my experience with everyone.

  41. lightspeed
    September 9th, 2011

    what is gonna happen, my dear meagtech ?
    you will get ticket and you will have to go through the configuration to find the problem and propose a solution.
    Try and remember the different cases in this website and if you absolutely don’t see where the problem is , abort this ticket, and come back to it later on , do the easiest first so that you don’t run out of time.
    This is not going to be a piece of cake but you can make it if you focus , if you remember your cases from this website, if you stay calm.

    My dear friend, it is cisco, you know cisco, in tshoot you will have to find the trap and propose a solution, so come with your list of possible traps and be ready to spot traps that are not in your list

    good luck man

  42. Meerna
    September 14th, 2011

    I failed the exam two days ago, and this is my first time to fail a CISCO exam. the questions where the same in networktut, but there is many changes in the routers and switches config. foe example in the DHCP question, when I checked the excluded IP’s on R4 I found that it is already excluded the correct range, even though I answered the same as in networktut and I didn’t try to find another answer, the same happened with the BGP question, and another couple of questions. do you know if there is new updates on the 642-832 questions? please help because I want to shedule the exam, and I don’t want to fail again. thank you.

  43. lightspeed
    September 17th, 2011

    i also did fail that tshoot exam, it was also my first time to fail a ciso exam.
    Remember: this is a new type of exam, kind of mini CCIE tshoot, so you were not used to it.
    Do this: have a 2 days sleep, that wake up and tell say : ” i won’t underestimate cisco again” .
    Then go through all the ticket in this website, figure out how to look for issue, mistake, what can possibly go wrong in a give scenario, repeat and repeat, until you can for exam , until you can tell : in a ospf network, the network command must be in the same area (between two router), authentication must match, hello intervall, dead intervall must match, et..
    make a list of conditions, what about eigrp, switched lan, serial line, trunking port , interface vlan , .. you know , all these little guys … make a list of them and their possible issues…

    And then, go to the exam again, be cool but promise yourself that you are not going to give another 200$ to cisco without returning with your certification CCNP.
    And before you know it, da da …. you are CCNP.
    Just like me, i mean , just like us… you and me and all the others that beat cisco and hate cisco exam, and love cisco when we pass…

    laugh and be confident, you can make it.

  44. Meerna
    September 18th, 2011

    Thank u lightspeed for your reply. Yes you right. It seems that I knew my mistake.. I didn’t exit the devices after each ticket :( but I have one more question. every ticket have 3 question, did my answer to the first question affect the other two questions choices? I mean if I answered R1, the second question will give me sth like ( BGP, NAT, ACL).. but if Inswered ASW1 the second question will give me (Port security, VLAN Acess, switch connectivity) ??? waiting your reply.. thanks so much.

  45. Turncoat
    September 22nd, 2011

    Much like the TSHOOT demo, you don’t have to close out of each device. In fact, one of the ways to check to see if the “show run” of a device has been changed for a problem is to do the show run on the suspected device, abort the question, go to another question and repeat the show run. If the show run is different that time, you know that you have the change in the device is the issue on one of the two tickets.

  46. James warrior
    September 25th, 2011

    can someone tell me, which diagram is used for this ticket?

  47. dhamm
    September 25th, 2011

    @James warrior
    You should be able to use IPv4 L3 topology.

  48. raj
    October 4th, 2011

    Today i am going write the tshoot kindly suggest is this dump is valid

  49. raj
    October 4th, 2011

    today is my day to validate with cisco kindly suggest me

    October 6th, 2011

    Friends thanks so much for your support, but i will be taking my tshoot at the end of October, so i will be needing you guys support, latest dumps AT or P4S. My email – kalvdomd@yahoo.com

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