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Ticket 2 – HSRP Track (removed)

May 5th, 2018 in TSHOOT v2 Go to comments

HSRP was configured on DSW1 & DSW2. DSW1 is configured to be active but it does not become active.

Configuration of DSW1:

track 1 ip route metric threshold
threshold metric up 1 down 2
track 10 ip route metric threshold
threshold metric up 63 down 64

interface Vlan10
ip address
standby 10 ip
standby 10 priority 200
standby 10 preempt
standby 10 track 1 decrement 60


Answer: (use IPv4 Layer 3 Topology)

On DSW1 interface vlan 10 mode, type these commands:
no standby 10 track 1 decrement 60
standby 10 track 10 decrement 60
(ip for track command not exact for real exam)

Note: is the IP address of a loopback interface on R4. This IP belongs to subnet

Ans1) DSW1
Ans2) HSRP
Ans3) delete the command with track 1 and enter the command with track 10 (standby 10 track 10 decrement 60).

Note: For more information about IP route tracking and why the command “threshold metric up 63 down 64” is used here please read this tutorial: https://www.networktut.com/hsrp-ip-route-tracking.

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  1. Said
    July 21st, 2017

    Hi Raja,
    None knows for sure whether the lab will not come in in the exam.
    You better be prepared for it too.
    Besides, make sure you pass at first time, otherwise Cisco does change the questions alot.

  2. failed
    September 19th, 2017

    @raja, are you sure Cisco changes Qs in TSHOOT exam if we failed once ?
    Do you have similar experience ? kindly write me on galalxyboy.lk(at)gmail(dot)com ?

  3. Anonymous
    September 26th, 2017

    @Said, who said you Cisco changes questions when you fail exam at first attempt. Actually I have never heard such kind of thing. Please write me faridmamedov002atgmaildotcom

  4. Anonymous
    September 27th, 2017

    I failed once the CCNP Route, and the second time the MCQs were not the same, but the labs were the same. I dont know for the CCNP Tshoot

  5. Anonymous
    October 2nd, 2017

    this is to confirm that your message is correct

  6. alam
    October 29th, 2017


    In exam, how to determine if the issue is HSRP?

  7. Peter Pan
    November 25th, 2017

    @ alam

    maybe you do a “sh standby” on DSW1 to check if its the active router.

  8. Nick
    December 2nd, 2017

    Why in ticket 2 ping is working for if tracking is not working then it should not work

  9. Alan
    December 3rd, 2017

    In this ticket, from client 1 the ping to the web server at i succesfull, so don’t know why it even exists this ticket…

  10. beety
    December 27th, 2017

    anyone can tell if we need to review those removed TT exam?

  11. gabbban
    December 28th, 2017

    anyone can tell if we need to review those removed TT exam????????

  12. Satfree
    January 3rd, 2018

    @Alan , @Nick … the Ticket is not about if reachable from PC to Server , but it is about HSRP Active Switch as it should be DSW1 but it is DSW2.

  13. @maljoor
    January 5th, 2018

    Its kinda confusing here , where to check those HSRP Configs ? The IPV4 Topology doesn’t have SWs . Is vlan 10 configured in the router ?can anyone clarify.

  14. Fattah RazzaqghanimughnI
    January 5th, 2018

    the packet tracer lab is different, this is the correct answer:
    Ans1) DSW1
    Ans2) HSRP
    Ans3) under “interface vlan 10”, enter command “no standby 10 track GigabitEthernet 0/1”, and enter command line “standby 10 track fastethernet 0/1”, and re-enter command line “standby 10 priority 200”

  15. Topo
    January 12th, 2018

    Hi guys, i heard that this HSRP ticket came back, does anyone know if that is true?


  16. luks4real
    January 16th, 2018

    @noel, could u pls forward me d dump u use. luks4real at yahoo.com

  17. Rimmer
    January 17th, 2018

    @Topo the HSRP is back as well as the port-security.
    Multiple Choices were on there and 13 tickets.

  18. Fattah RazzaqghanimughnI
    January 29th, 2018

    Fattah RazzaqghanimughnI,
    u r f*ing awesome, dummy asshole

  19. Lu$er
    February 16th, 2018

    I don’t see that 3 questions in the labs…
    a. which device has the problem
    b. what technology is causing the problem
    c. what to do to resolve the issue.

    does anyone see this 3 questions in the labs here? I only see the default big question describing the topology and the RT SW Hosts… that’s it…

  20. Reman
    February 28th, 2018

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  21. Troubleshooter
    April 4th, 2018

    Why are people so deceptive and bent on making money from others!
    Reman and others posting this links for Instand DOWNLOAD!!?? SCAMS!

    passed with 9xx , pass with 1000/1000. Bullshit.
    [Need to plug out these who disguise, pasting links to confuse, deceive the community.]

    Even if one is not able to join the premium membership; you have ENOUGH for FREE just going through concepts, tricks [cisco employs in exam questions], Topics , …

    I will be taking the exam in weeks to come and i promise to update this community.
    Got tired of searching for valuable info and seeing all these misleading posting passing 1001/1000

  22. Babu
    April 4th, 2018

    I can see two Loopback IP address, 1 and 2.
    How to find which loopback address need to be used to track?

  23. NickMenza
    April 7th, 2018

    @Fattah RazzaqghanimughnI yes, you are right, in PT we must apply the priority of 200 again to change the active router.


  24. Rumble
    April 10th, 2018

    Any recent changes to the TSHOOT exam. I am taking the exam on Friday.

  25. Confuse guy
    April 11th, 2018

    Hello @NickMenza!!!! lol

  26. Shock
    April 27th, 2018

    I can confirm that you should expect to see the removed tickets. I also saw very strange behavior. I failed.

  27. Shock
    April 27th, 2018

    Yes that HSRP was back, and I was not ready for it. Also, one ticket client1 had and IP but no way to reach DHCP server that was strange.

  28. mentos
    April 30th, 2018

    thanks @Shock

  29. Anonymous
    May 6th, 2018

    show track 10 on DSW1 should display “Metric threshold is Up” since it’s configure to be up at 61. SMH!

  30. 46598dasd
    May 14th, 2018

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  31. Anonymous
    May 27th, 2018

    I think I understand this HSRP ticket and issue but just wondering if it reappears in the actual exam what way is it worded ?does it specifically say there is an issue with HSRP and sort it ? or is just the usual question of the Pc cant ping the server like the other tickets and find the issue ?

  32. thanks111
    May 27th, 2018

    @anonymous, in any case PC will be able to ping server. Anyone know how to determine it? Or do we have to use sh standby? Or show run? Also is show run supported in exam? Thanks

  33. Ronald
    May 28th, 2018

    Has anyone taken this exam in the last week, is this ticket in the exam?

  34. X
    June 5th, 2018

    Guys, Shock said HSRP was back so probably it is (Shock April 27th, 2018)
    I think the clue is the question “HSRP was configured on DSW1 & DSW2. DSW1 is configured to be active but it does not become active.” however if the ticket does not have this statement i would say it is hard to figure out that it is an HSRP issue because in theory DSW2 (in case it is the HSRP active for Grp 10) it should forward the packet to the server (This is the reason of use HSRP). There might be some clue, not sure. show standby or show standby brief is a good option however how should we know that DSW1 should be the active?
    Thank you.

  35. Anonymous
    June 12th, 2018

    X, you would know which one should be primary by looking at the priority number. Higher priority means active.

    June 27th, 2018

    *HSRP will be mentioned in the Ticket and can be confirmed by going DSW1 “sh run” and look for “track 1 statement”. (HSRP)?

    Is this true, will it mention HSRP in the ticket..

  37. Need further details
    July 24th, 2018

    Im not sure if Shock saw this ticket. This ticket has a unique description for the fault indicator, where it mentions HSRP. Unlike the others, it would either be Client 1 not being able to ping the webserver or about IPv6. It should of been obvious that it was the HSRP Ticket.

  38. CCNP Boy
    August 3rd, 2018


    Client 1 : can ping all ( DSW1,R1,Web Server )
    DSW1 : sh run ==> interface VLAN 10 delete the track 1 decrement 60 line, then enter the standby 10 track 10 decrement 60 command.

  39. network
    September 15th, 2018

    Could someone please share the correct question for HSRP TT? Are are looking to solve the HSRP state between DSW1 and DSW2? Or is there something else ?

    Also does the premium membership have updated tickets and stuff ?

  40. bono
    September 24th, 2018

    Hi all,

    I had two questions last week which look new or same issue on different device.

    1- passive interface configured under eigrp router on DSW1 instead of R4
    2- there was no OSPF neighbor relationship between R1 and R2 but the issue was not auth under sub-int on R1

    Could you please kindly assist if anyone has any idea what these issues are regarding to as I booked another exam in two days?

    You guidance is much appreciated.


  41. M
    October 23rd, 2018

    Could this be fixed, please ? you can ping web server

  42. Marcus
    January 8th, 2019

    Is this ticket actually removed? I saw the PT lab from this site and there is another reason – wrong interface on tracking.

  43. Anonymous
    January 19th, 2019

    Hi Guys
    Can any one please send me updated TSHOOT 300-135 Dump

    irfan.zq @ Gmail.com

  44. Anonymous
    January 20th, 2019

    For PT users,

    Config on DSW1 should be as follows:
    Correct the HSRP interface to Fa0/1
    Reapply interface vlan 10 config.

  45. Marcus
    January 26th, 2019

    My remarks:
    The thresholds 63 and 64 are valid for 100 Mb links. If you use Eve-NG sumilator there is 10 Mb links by default. You should issue the “bandwidth 100000” and “delay 10” commands in interface configuration mode on both DSW1 and R4 routers. In such case EIGRP metric will be suitably decreased. Note, the thresholds values for this case comes from “EIGRP metric value / tracking metric resolution value” formula. You may check last metric with the command “show track resolution”.

  46. DDD
    February 7th, 2019

    hey guys
    did anyone take tests?
    I want to know dump is still valid?

  47. Anonymous
    February 19th, 2019

    Just passing the exam, people in need can give it a try.

    p r e p a

    w a y . c o m

  48. someone
    March 18th, 2019

    Just passed TSHOOT exam – 902/1000. Ticket was the same, although there was some error in one ticket (no correct answer to choose). Ticket was that Client 1 didnt got IP address from PC. When I looked at ASW1 configuration there was “shutdown” command on int Fa1/0/1 (Interface which connectes Client1 to ASW1). So, I wen to Ticket to choose ASW device in question “Whic device has a problem”, then I suppose to choose technology and there was no category or something whic point on that mentioned problem, so I’ tryied to use some logic, like ACL/PORTsomething…and I’ve noticed there was few possible answers, and 2 of them was the same, so this where they forgot to put “no shutdown” or something which would be correct anser to that ticket. I wrote coment….Rest of Q’s was preety heavy I must admit, because I never encounter on that in real life…It was the last step for me route, switch was already done befere, and from today I’m CCNP guy :D

  49. Eriq
    March 19th, 2019

    Please anyone share Switch dumps
    eriqedwin @ gmail. com

  50. Sam
    March 24th, 2019

    Did you get a simulation question in Tshoot exam?

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