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Ticket 16 – IPv6 RIPng OSPFv3 Redistribution

April 21st, 2018 in TSHOOT v2 Go to comments

Problem: Loopback address on R1 (2026::111:1) is not able to ping the loopback address on DSW2 (2026::102:1).

Configuration of R4:
ipv6 router ospf 6
ipv6 router rip RIP_ZONE
 redistribute ospf 6 metric 2 include-connected

Ans1) R4
Ans2) Ipv6 OSPF Routing
Ans3) Under ipv6 ospf process add the ‘redistribute rip RIP_Zone include-connected’ command

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  1. Anonymous
    January 24th, 2018

    Hi,what is that about not being able to ping in a tshoot exam? did you have a problem to ping ipv6 addresses?it’s like a chef without a spoon

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    February 24th, 2018

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  4. Rollodus
    March 16th, 2018

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  5. Foageorge
    May 4th, 2018

    Just failed Tshoot yesterday, the second time. Now worse because this time I used burrowed funds. New questions not yet updated on Networktut.
    Gawd I need help.

  6. natedigi
    May 4th, 2018

    Foageorge. Like what?? Explain. New tickets or MC etc

  7. 46598dasd
    May 14th, 2018

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  8. Raticulin
    May 14th, 2018

    I have a question, in examining what is the answer?
    Ans2) Ipv6 OSPF Routing or IPv6 RIPng OSPFv3 Redistribution

  9. Confuse guy
    May 15th, 2018


    You verify which one doesnt do the redistribution. that is the answer

    in the example ipv6 ospf is not doing the redistributin

  10. X
    June 8th, 2018

    @Raticulin , I agree with ‘Confuse guy’

    From the R4’s show run command we see redistribution of ospfv6 routes into RIP_ZONE but we do not see redistribution of RIP_ZONE routes into OSPFv6.

    The missing command should look like this:

    R4#sh run | s r o
    ipv6 router ospf 6
    redistribute rip RIP_ZONE include-connected <<<<Missing command


    R4#do sh run | s r o
    router ospfv3 6
    address-family ipv6 unicast
    redistribute rip RIP_ZONE include-connected <<<<

    Thank you.

  11. Some Dude
    July 30th, 2018

    You have to be careful in the actual exam for this ticket. Not sure why but for some reason when you try to ping from R1, you can ping R2 ingress interface, but not the R2 egress interface. You would think there is a problem with R2, but it is actually the R4 IPV6 redistribution ticket. Watch out!

  12. Marco
    August 4th, 2018

    i can confirm the above. this ticket is buggy in the exam. if you sh ipv6 route on R1, you will see all OSPFv3 routes as expected, however you will not be able to ping 2026::1:1 or 2026::1:2 which is wrong and bugged, because you can see the routes to them in the routing table.

    however the error in the config is as expected, no ripzone redistributed into ospfv3 on R4

  13. Anonymous
    August 7th, 2018

    Hi friends both this and ticket 15 have same question/issue but different answers.

  14. Jay
    August 8th, 2018

    I tried so many way for this ticket 15, I can ping any ipv6 address from R1, but I can’t ping to DSW2 Ipv6 address, please some suggestion for me. Also DSW1 and R4 can’t ping directly each other. what is the problem?

  15. jirehccnp
    August 8th, 2018


    I dunno what simulation u use. btw, here Is ticket 16
    from R1 ping downward, I can only reach until \ping 2026::2:2\
    from DSW1 upward, I can only ping until /ping 2026::34:2/

    so the problem is highly suspected at redistribution, from here u can check. and yes it is redistribution problem.

  16. jirehccnp
    August 8th, 2018

    I just wonder, why answer 2 don’t have option for IPV6 redistribution?

  17. Jay
    September 4th, 2018

    I use packet tracer for practice troubleshoot, I can reach until \ping ipv6 2026::34:2\, but I can’t ping R1 to DSW 1 and also DSW2 with ipv6 ping. so I tried to ping to DSW1+DSW2 to R4 cuz R4 and DSW1 is directly connected in topology, I wonder why I can’t ping directly connected interface.

  18. Jay
    September 4th, 2018

    I also check redistribution problem, it is ok. the main problem is the layer 3 switch I think..may be.

  19. Freeman
    October 8th, 2018

    Does only PT 6.1 work for these labs?
    I got 7.2 but in this TT, when I applied those two command, R1 still cannot ping DSW2.
    Can you upload fully worked PT, bc the one which is already uploaded with 16 other TT does not work.
    This is the only TT that I have trouble with.

  20. CCNP T
    October 17th, 2018

    Any idea why the Ticket 16 answer 2 is not IPv6 route redistribution but IPv6 OSPF?

  21. CCNP
    October 22nd, 2018

    Ans3) Under ipv6 ospf process

    because its under ipv6 ospf route process NOT route redistrib process to add command

  22. ALNIR
    October 22nd, 2018

    same thing like @Freeman , it not seems to work with pt 7.2

  23. Fii
    October 28th, 2018

    I usually take the bottom up approach for IPV6 tickets. I ping from DSW2 to L0 address , start with 2026::444:4 and upwards. you will usually hit the offending router.

  24. ALIC
    October 29th, 2018

    Double confirmed: The ticket is still buggy!!
    Read carefully what Marco and Some Dude wrote above.

  25. CCNPcertified007
    November 4th, 2018

    Looking at R4 IPv6 routing table,looks like it does know about all of the subnets in RIPing AS.
    R4 can ping 2026::102:1.

    DSW2 knows about the OSPF subnets as well.

    This lab is buggy and needs to get corrected to make sense as we tshoot it.

    The redistribution of RIPng configs under R4 under ROuter OSPF is missing – but it is hard to figure out since the lab is buggy.

  26. Anonymous
    December 3rd, 2018

    please, there is always abortion button in exam ??

  27. Hny
    January 14th, 2019

    IPV6 3 Questions :
    Q1: I found this question
    Ans1) R2
    Ans2) IPv6 OSPF Routing
    Ans3) Under the interface Serial 0/0/0.23 configuration enter the ‘ipv6 ospf 6 area 0’ command. (notice that it is “area 0”, not “area 12”)
    Bug in this ticket: There is a bug in this ticket in the exam that under interface s0/0/0.23 the IPv6 address is /123, not /122 but this is not the fault of this ticket so be careful. Also there is no option about “change /123 to /122”.
    Q2: I have not seen this question in exam.
    Ans1) R3
    Ans2) Ipv4 and Ipv6 Interoperability
    Ans3) Under the interface Tunnel34, remove ‘tunnel mode ipv6’ command
    Q3: I have not seen this question in exam.
    Ans1) R4
    Ans2) Ipv6 OSPF Routing
    Ans3) Under ipv6 ospf process add the ‘redistribute rip RIP_Zone include-connected’ command

  28. Hny
    January 14th, 2019

    @ Wireless,

    Its weird exam experience in exam experience. Demo started with CCNA exam name heading.
    After few minutes, change Tshoot 300-135.

  29. Hny
    January 14th, 2019

    Dear all,

    Kindly post, all correct january MCQ questions and correct answers please.

  30. Dany1
    February 19th, 2019

    For networktut Answer to Question 3 on Ticket 16 is not complete
    Ans3) Under ipv6 ospf process add the ‘redistribute rip RIP_Zone include-connected’ command
    Command should be

    Ans3) Under ipv6 ospf process add the ‘redistribute rip RIP_Zone metric x include-connected’ command
    where x is betweend 1 and 12 (for example)
    RIP and EIGRP have 0 default metric, and that means infinit. So, is mandatory to put metric at least 1 and less 15

  31. Dany1
    February 19th, 2019

    Sorry, my mistake. It is about redistribution into OSPF and no need to specify metric in that case. Default is 20 for metric redistribution in case of OSPF.
    Answer 3 is OK. Thank’s networktut.

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