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Share your TSHOOT v2.0 Experience

January 22nd, 2015 in TSHOOT v2 Go to comments
Note: The last day to take this TSHOOT 300-135 exam is February 23, 2020. After this day you have to take new Enterprise exams to get new CCNP Enterprise certification. If you want to find out more about the new exams please visit here.

This article is devoted for candidates who took the TSHOOT exam to share their experience. Please tell us what are your materials, the way you learned, your feeling and experience after taking the TSHOOT v2.0 exam… But please DO NOT share any information about the detail of the exam or your personal information, your score, exam date and location, your email…

Your posts are warmly welcome!

Exam’s Structure:

+ Some Multiple choice & drag drop questions
+ 2 Simlets
+ 15 lab-sim Questions with the same network topology (15 troubleshooting tickets or you can call it one “big” question). Each lab-sim is called a ticket and you can solve them in any order you like.

Topics of the lab-sims:

1- IPv6
3- OSPFv3
4- Frame Relay
5- GRE
6- EtherChannel
7- RIPng
9- Redistribution
10- NTP
11- NAT
12- BGP
13- HSRP
14- STP
15- DHCP

The problems are rather simple. For example wrong IP assignment, disable or enable a command, authentication…

In each tickets you will have to answer three types of questions:

+ Which device causes problem
+ Which technology is used
+ How to fix it

When you press Done to finish each case, you can’t go back.

A demo of the TSHOOT Exam can be found at: http://www.cisco.com/web/learning/le3/le2/le37/le10/tshoot_demo.html


+ In the new TSHOOTv2, you cannnot use the “Abort” button anymore. Therefore you cannot check the configuration of another ticket before completing the current ticket.

+ We have gathered many questions about TSHOOT exam and posted them at TSHOOT FAQs & Tips, surely you will find useful information about the TSHOOT exam there!

Below are the topologies of the real TSHOOT exam, you are allowed to study these topologies before taking the exam. It surely saves you some invaluable time when sitting in the exam room (Thanks rrg for sharing this).

IPv4 Layer 3 Topology


IPv6 Layer 3 Topology


Layer 2-3 Topology


You can download the SAM strategy here (specially thanks to SAM who created this strategy):


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  1. missed
    September 29th, 2015

    @DA Michaels or anyone

    are the questions DA michales coming in the exam too?

  2. Ganesh Kumar
    September 29th, 2015

    If the Client is Not taking the Ip address .
    then what is the output it will show if we give the command ipconfig


    Please Reply on this

  3. missed
    September 29th, 2015


    From what I read the clients are statically configured no DHCP (169 etc)

    I may be wrong.

  4. Jatin
    September 29th, 2015

    Pihu,,, pipe does not work in exam. “show ip protocols” “show run” work fine. “show ip ospf” and “show ip ospf interface” also worked.

  5. Jatin
    September 29th, 2015

    Cleared Tshoot exam. All info on this site is 100% vaild. no tkt for dhcp, hsrp and eigrp AS no.
    got Simlet questions about stp and hsrp. Never saw any apipa 169.254.x.x address in any tkt questions. PING is your best friend.

  6. Anonymous
    September 29th, 2015

    Best site i have ever find to prepare for Cisco exams. I got 957 today and this completes my CCNP. Now to CCDP then Security. If anyone also preparing for these please be in touch.

  7. Fla
    September 29th, 2015


    I just did my exam. I got 1000/1000. All info on this site is valid. No dhcp, hrrp. Just Ospf and Eigrp labs. The premium member is very good to try.

    Thanks everyone for support.
    Best regards!

  8. Pihu
    September 29th, 2015

    Thanks Jatin!

  9. Pihu
    September 29th, 2015


    Congrats on your success. Can you please share the sequence of questions if you remember?

    Thanks in advance

  10. missed
    September 30th, 2015

    Did you guys memorize the flow chart? if so did you use a mnemonic phrase or plainly memorize

  11. Gesus
    September 30th, 2015


    Regarding the Multiple Choice questions, can someone tell if I just have to study the 6 questions that are on this site?

    How many MCQ are in the exam? only those 6 questions?


  12. Jean Paul
    September 30th, 2015

    Tshoot in the pocket 903

  13. Yousef
    September 30th, 2015

    just passed, scored 1000/1000 no need to worry, the exam is very easy, all from here. study well the topology and the concept. good luck

  14. Seb
    September 30th, 2015

    Passed 9xx/1000
    I was confused because the statement is the same for all tickets, Clients not ping Webserver Except loopback. Otherwise the exam is easy.
    I am already CCNP. Thank you very much digitaltut, certprepare and networktut

  15. dav
    September 30th, 2015

    @@ sebas which mcq did u get and what advice dou you offer

  16. Sebas
    September 30th, 2015

    MCQ just study the 6 questions of this site
    Be careful with OSPF Authentication, the line ‘ip ospf authentication message-digest’ is configured in the OSPF process no in s0/0/0 of R1.

  17. Anonymous
    September 30th, 2015

    @ Yousef

    What is is the best strategy to resolve these trouble tickets. Did you figure out something??

  18. wassa
    September 30th, 2015

    Hello Team –
    After you work on the tickets and find out the error. Are you required to make the correction in the simulation IOS ???
    Or after you identify the error, you then answer the three questions?
    Please advice

  19. Yousef
    September 30th, 2015

    @wassa… You just need to answer them, actually u are not allowed to go to configuration mode.
    the strategy i did is practice on packet tracer over and over. where the issues is ? what is the reason for the issues ? how to solve the issues ?
    Till i get use of the topology and addresses and each router with its configuration.

    Thank to this great website. The file already here in the perfect, you also gan download it
    (Practice TSHOOT Tickets with Packet Tracer) you will find it easily.

    About the MCQ : all are same here in the -> Multiple Choice Questions section

    >>> Also the Client PC already has in IP all time in all tickets,,, u r not going to configure dhcp.

    > Also in the ticket questions u r allowed to go back to check u r answers: no problem with that .. this feature makes the tickets questions more smooth and easier.

    September 30th, 2015

    @ YOUSEF

    Can you issue any “ping” commands at all from “Client 1” in the real exams. If NO, what devices did you run your commands from?? Is it better to do traceroute or to use ping. Please advise YOUSEF

  21. relieved
    September 30th, 2015

    I failed the exam last try with an 800+ score. THEN I SIGNED UP FOR A PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP and passed with a perfect score today. (BIG HINT!)

    On the exam today were the same six MCQ’s and same 13 tickets everyone else gets. I got EIGRP and SWITCH sim questions.

    In the tickets, the answer you choose for Q2 sets the available answers for Q3 fault conditions. You must choose the correct technology in Q2 to see the the choices with the correct answer for Q3. This is where I got confused and wasted time on my 1st attempt.

    There are plenty of tips on how to ID the problem device on this board.

    One thing I did differently this time was write down the devices and the number of tickets associated with each before starting the exam. As I completed the tickets, I wrote a short description beside each device for that ticket.

    ASW1 (3)

    DSW1 (1)

    R4 (2)

    R1 (4)

    IPv6 tickets

  22. Pihu
    September 30th, 2015


    Can anyone tell me if we can use traceroute command on DSW1 in exam?

  23. Yousef
    October 1st, 2015

    @MICKEYMOUSE.. NO any issue with ping. from Client 1. never used traceroute. You can say that the exam was so easy i don’t need to use traceroute, ping more than enough.

  24. anon
    October 1st, 2015


    Would people please STOP asking the same questions over and over again.

    “Can I ping from the client”, ”
    ” Can I use traceroute”
    ” Do I have to configure the devices, or just answer the questions”

    These questions and others are answered in this forum hundreds of times, so people stop being so lazy and read through this forum to find your answers.


  25. rrb555
    October 1st, 2015

    traceroute is very useful. I often use it on DSW1 first. well if you guys practice and deeply know what is the issue not just memorizing. you will need this on the real world.

  26. mmc1018
    October 1st, 2015

    Many thanks networktut! Finally, I am now a Cisco Certified Network Professional!

    Cleared my TSHOOT today with 951/1000.

    13 Tickets same here except EIGRP AS, EIGRP Passive Interface & DHCP.
    6 MCQs same here
    2 Simlets (Switch & EIGRP)

    My strategy was to practice the labs using packet tracer which was shared by Zeidani on August 23rd.

    Please find the link below.

    For practice for tickets using packet tracer :

    Good luck to all!

  27. wassa
    October 1st, 2015

    Thank you Yousef…God Bless

  28. Salvo
    October 1st, 2015

    Hi all,
    Please I wanted to ask you if I need to read the book before taking the exam, or I just can do the labs in certprapare to pass the exam. Thanks in advance!

  29. Anonymous
    October 1st, 2015

    @ relieved

    How did you troubleshoot the trouble tickets, Any strategy at all or you kinda got used to the tickets because you have been practising over and over again. Any troubleshooting techniques at all for the actual exams

  30. Chester
    October 1st, 2015


    If you practice example tickets and MCQ questions, definetelly you will pass the exam. However, the point is to grasp the concepts and learn :)

    My personnal strategy is get the overall topics from Switch and Route books and then practice a lot with labs and see videos from INE of the book is not clear enough.

    BTW, I will be taking mine tomorrow :)

  31. relieved
    October 2nd, 2015

    my strategy for the ipv4 tickets was to ping from client1 starting with inside interface of R1 ( if that was successful then trouble was on R1 if not successful then ping R2 inside interface. If that was successful then problem is still on R1—message digest

    If I couldn’t ping R1orR2 from client I would ping default gateway and if it failed then look on ASW1 for problem

    I used sho ipv6 ospf neighbors on R2,3,4 on the ipv6 tickets to isolate device

    get the premium membership and develop your own method of troubleshooting…I never used traceroute

    the best advice I can give you is keep track of the tickets you encounter (for example port security err disabled on ASW1) and know how many you have on each device as you practice….DSW1 only has 1 ticket so you don’t have to look there anymore after you ID that one

  32. 85487
    October 2nd, 2015

    taking exam monday. damn feel nervous

  33. anoo
    October 2nd, 2015

    Guys how to download study materials ?


  34. Haz
    October 2nd, 2015

    Thank you Networktut! Finally, I am now a Cisco Certified Network Professional!

    Cleared my TSHOOT

    13 Tickets same here except EIGRP AS, EIGRP Passive Interface & DHCP.
    6 MCQs same here
    2 Simlets (Switch & EIGRP)

    Al questions are from this website.

    I recommend to write down all possible faults under each device before starting the exam, this helped me a lot. Then I eliminated them as I found in a ticket. Ping is all you need in this exam.
    IPv4: R1 (4 faults), ASW1 (3 faults), R4 (2 faults), DSW1 (1 fault)
    IPv6: R2 (1 fault), R3 (1 fault), R4 (1 fault)

  35. Salvo
    October 2nd, 2015


    Thanks a lot Chester! And Good luck!!! :)

  36. CCNA_Onward!
    October 2nd, 2015


    Thanks for the info! What are the MCQ questions?

    Congrats Hazy!! Thanks for the update!

  37. CCNP_Patron
    October 2nd, 2015

    Thanks NetworkTut! Passed with a score of 1000/1000. All labs and questions from here.

  38. 80111
    October 2nd, 2015

    finished my CCNP last week. atlast managed to post some feedback. its 6 MC (all from here). 13 Tickets (ticket 16 was giving me some probs lol). 2 Sims (HSRP and EIGRP).

    Finally CCNP. Thank you so much.

  39. mici
    October 3rd, 2015

    Hi all,

    Anybody give me a valid dump please. Thanks !!!.v:) I see link but it is not full question and Ans :

    https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-ob6L_QjGLpSV82OWY1cnV1Z3c . it have 65 question , not is 87 question.

  40. rrb555
    October 3rd, 2015


    If I may suggest dude get the premium membership here. It will help you a lot I promise!


  41. rrb555
    October 3rd, 2015

    @80111 @CCNP_Patron

    Congratulations dude!


  42. GK
    October 4th, 2015


    I am a CCNP certified now. Thanks to 9tut and members of this group.

    13 tickets. No HSRP , DHCP.
    I got passive interface question.
    Lab switch and EIGRP.

  43. alal
    October 4th, 2015

    Hello all,

    I want to ask what’s the last dump ?
    please share it :)

  44. Anonymous
    October 5th, 2015

    Hi all,

    Please share links for workbooks, study materials and nuggets for Tshoot 300-135
    Im planning to take the exam end this month.

  45. CCNP2B
    October 5th, 2015

    In the exam can you use the previous button to see all 3 questions in a ticket before answering?

  46. Afzal H.Shah
    October 5th, 2015

    Passed 300-135 today with normal score.
    13 Tickets
    No HSRP, DHCP and EIGRP A.S Tickets.
    Sim: HSRP, EIGRP
    Before starting exam write down all issues along with device name. It saves alots of your time.
    Be careful while troubleshooting Layer 2 tickets.

  47. Basil
    October 5th, 2015

    Can you please help me in this:

    EIGRP is being used as the routing protocol on the Company network. While troubleshooting some network connectivity issues, you notice a large number of EIGRP SIA (Stuck in Active) messages. What causes these SIA routes? (Select two)

    A. The neighboring router stops receiving ACK packets from this router.
    B. The neighboring router starts receiving route updates from this router.
    C. The neighboring router is too busy to answer the query (generally caused by high CPU utilization).
    D. The neighboring router is having memory problems and cannot allocate the memory to process the query or build the reply packet.

    I would say C&D , but some answers are A&D, what is the correct answer please

  48. ALaa
    October 5th, 2015

    Hello Afzal H.Shah
    congratulation for you
    please can you share your dumps
    Email : alaa.1993@live.com

  49. Pihu
    October 5th, 2015


    Passed today. Thank you so much Networktut. Membership is really worth.
    I would like to offer some tips here.
    1) Just calm and solve the tickets patiently.
    2) Exam is very easy. So, do not panic at all.
    3) I got 13 tickets (excluding DHCP, EIGRP AS#, HSRP) and 2 simlets of HSRP, STP, & 6 MCQs.

    Tricks I followed:

    – Write down all the tickets' names on the sheet provided in the center. And just check it when its done, it makes work much easier.
    – Show run, ping, Show ip ospf/bgp/eigrp neighbor, show ip int brief, show vlan brief, show ip eigrp topology and show ip bgp summary works fine. rest of the commands do not work, so do not waste time in performing commands apart from these ones.
    – The Gateway is and not (as mentioned in the membership tickets), so pay attention on that.
    – Make a chart which includes the columns of Sr. no, Ticket name, Ping to Client PC2, Ping to G/W, Trace complete/incomplete from DSW1 to (web server), Device for which ticket is generated. It makes the work lot more easier too.

    R1: (4 Tickets)
    1) BGP Neighbor (on R1, check if the neighbor is, instead of
    2) OSPF Authentication (check s0/0/0 on R1 & s0/0/0.12 on R2 about ip ospf authentication message-digest statement; R1 missed that statement)
    3) R1 ACL (On R1, you will find ip access-group edge-security in)
    4) NAT ACL (check ip access-list standard nat_traffic, it has only one permit statement for and not for

    R2: (1 Ticket- IPV6)
    1) IPV6 OSPF Routing (show run on R2 & R3, check s0/0/0.23 on R2 and s0/0/0.23 on R2; R2 do not have 'ipv6 ospf 6 area 0' statement, while R3 has it)

    R3: (1 Ticket- IPV6)
    1) IPV6 GRE Ticket (show run on R3 & R4; check tunnnel34 on both; R3 have 'tunnel mode ipv6' statement; while R4 don't have that. so, need to be removed on R3)

    R4: (5 Tickets)
    1) OSPF_to_EIGRP (trace on DSW1 is incomplete, show ip route on DSW1 shows no last resort gateway set; check 'redistribute ospf 1 route-map OSPF_to_EIGRP' instead of OSPF>EIGRP name for route-map)
    2) EIGRP Passive interface (Check eigrp10 'passive interface default' is set under eigrp process; can also check by 'show ip eigrp topology' command)
    3) IPV6 RIPng to OSPFv3 (check 'redistribute ospf 6 metric 2 include-connected' under ospf process but 'redistribute rip RIP_Zone include-connected' is missing under RIP process
    4) EIGRP ASN – Not in EXAM
    5) DHCP Range- Not in EXAM

    ASW1: (3 Tickets)
    1) Access VLan (check f1/0/1 & f1/0/2 for swtichport mode access, but missing 'switchport access vlan 10' statement under show run)
    2) Switch to Switch connectivity (check for port-channel 13 & 23 it does not have 'switchport access vlan 10,200)
    3) Port security (check port-security mac address 0000.0000.0001 under f1/0/1 & 0000.0000.0002 under f1/0/2; show ip int. brief and check for f1/0/1 it is down, line protocol is also down (err-disabled))

    DSW1: (2 Tickets)
    1) VLAN Filter (Through show run check for vlan access-map test10, action drop… )
    2) HSRP- Not in EXAM.

    Take it easy guys.. Its an easy exam. All the best!!!

  50. Number of Questions
    October 5th, 2015

    How many question are on the dump?

    I’ve seen people say there mention on the site that there were 87 questions, I only see the one for 68.

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