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TSHOOT is one of the three exams in the CCNP certification. The TSHOOT exam is a chance for you to review your knowledge about ROUTE & SWITCH exams and test your troubleshooting skill. From the comments here and other places, this article tries to summarize all the TSHOOT frequently asked questions to save you some time. Please feel free to ask anything that you are unclear about TSHOOT so that all of us can help you. I will update this article frequently to bring you the newest information about this exam.

1. How much does the TSHOOT Exam 300-135 cost? And the passing score of TSHOOT?

It now costs $300.

The passing score of TSHOOTv2 is 846/1000

2. Please tell me how many questions in the real TSHOOT exam, and how much time to answer them?

Unlike other Cisco exams, the TSHOOT exam tests your ability to troubleshoot the problem so in this exam you have to solve about 6 – 7 multiple choice questions, one small sim (called simlet) and troubleshooting 12 “tickets”. Each ticket is a problem about a specific technology used in Cisco routers or switches.

You will have 135 minutes to answer them. If your native language is not English, Cisco allows you a 30-minute exam time extension (165 minutes in total).

3. Am I allowed to study the topology used in the real exam and where can I find it ?

Yes, you are! Because the purpose of this exam is testing a candidate’s ability to troubleshoot issues, not to understand a complex topology so Cisco publicizes the topology used in the real TSHOOT exam. You can find the topologies at https://www.networktut.com/share-your-tshoot-v2-0-experience.

To save time on the exam, and to better understand the topology used in all of the trouble tickets, you should spend time familiarizing yourself with the topology used in the exam.

4. Where can I find the demo of this exam?

There is a very good demo of TSHOOT exam published by Cisco and you can find it at http://www.cisco.com/web/learning/le3/le2/le37/le10/tshoot_demo.html (update: The demo has been removed from Cisco website). But notice that the topology in this link is not the topology used in the real exam. This demo is also a good practical topology and we also explained about the configuration of this demo in four articles: Frame Relay Point-to-Point SubInterface GNS3 Lab, EIGRP over Frame Relay and EIGRP Redistribute Lab, VLAN Routing and HSRP IP Route Tracking.

5. During the exam, we must only identify the problem or we must also make the correct configuration?

We are only allowed to choose the solution for the problem. We are not allowed to make any changes on the routers and switches. You cannot enter global configuration mode (config)# either. You have to answer three types of questions in each ticket:

+ Question 1: Which device causes problem
+ Question 2: Which technology is used
+ Question 3: How to fix it

6. Can someone please tell me in the real exam it gives the ticket names just like in this site (for example “Ticket 1 – OSPF Authentication “) or is it going to say ticket 1 , ticket 2 only?

It only says ticket 1, ticket 2 only so you have to use your troubleshooting skill to figure out where the problem is. This is also the purpose of this exam.

7. Please give me some guideline when using the TSHOOT simulator.

Below is some guideline when using the TSHOOT simulator in the exam.



7. Can I go back in the TSHOOT exam?

As shown in the above question, you can press “Previous Question” to go back to previous questions in the same ticket only. If you press “Done” button then you can’t come back to this ticket anymore.

Note: In TSHOOT 300-135 (TSHOOTv2), the “Abort” button no longer exists. That means you cannot cancel a ticket after choosing it. You have to complete that ticket before moving to another one.

8. Can we take TSHOOT exam before the ROUTE or SWITCH exam?

Yes, you can. There is no order to take these exams. But the TSHOOT exam tests your skills to troubleshoot router & switch errors so I highly recommend you to take the ROUTE and SWITCH exams first. The TSHOOT exam is very good to review your knowledge of what you learned in ROUTE & SWITCH.

9. Can I solve the tickets in any order I want, for example, I solve Ticket 8 first, then Ticket 3, Ticket 1…?

Yes, you can solve them in any order until you click Done button. After clicking Done you cannot go back to this ticket again. Also notice that when you entering a Ticket, you have to solve it (answer all 3 questions) before moving to another ticket.

10. As I see there are 3 topologies in the exam. My question is to how to find which topology to use when doing a troubleshooting ticket. Does it clearly state in exam which topology to use (layer 2 or layer 3, for example)?

In the exam, it doesn’t say clearly which topology you need to use. But a reader on networktut.com has shared this tip:

“There is no really best way to choose which topology to use.
This is my style:
Most of the time I was using the IPv4 topology as it contains most of the nodes with ip addresses and in the cause of your troubleshooting and you discovered that you need more details on the ASW1 & 2 switches that is when I used the Layer 2 topology except for the IPv6 topology.
Any node on IPv4 topology that is in Layer 2 topology have same configuration irrespective of where you click on the nodes.
Study all tickets here and use the following elimination style below:
List out all the trouble ticket on the white little board you will be giving and tick each ticket as you answer them because this will let you know which tickets are remaining to look out for.”

11. In the exam can I use “traceroute” or “tracert” command?

According to some reports, “tracert” commands cannot be used on Clients but “traceroute” command can be used on DSW1. But of course you can use “ping” command. According to some candidates’ reports on the exam, maybe you should not believe too much on the output of the traceroute command in the exam.

12. Please let me know in the exam can we issue “pipe” commands such as: sh run | section eigrp; sh run | begin router?

No, you cannot use “pipe” commands in the TSHOOT exam.

13. Does each ticket state it is an IPv4 or IPv6 issue?

Yes, it does! But it does not clearly state that. Please read each ticket carefully, if it states like this “loopback address on R1 (2026::111:1) is not able to ping the loopback address on DSW2 (2026::102:1)” then surely it is an IPv6 ticket. Otherwise it is an IPv4 ticket.

Update: In the current exam, you have to click on the “Ticket” button (located at the right-side of your screen in the exam. It is also the last button) to see if it is an IPv4 or IPv6 ticket. The general “Scenario” button does not tell you if it is an IPv4 or IPv6 ticket. Please check this picture to clearly understand of how to identify IPv4 or IPv6 ticket.

14. Why in each ticket I only see the same description, same wording, either ticket 1, 2 or 3. How can I see the difference or the problem of each ticket?

The descriptions of each ticket are very identical to each other. In general the very long description can be summarized “Client 1 cannot ping the” (for IPv4 ticket), that’s all! So you have to use your troubleshooting skill to find out where the issue (it is also the meaning of this exam – TSHOOT). The only obvious difference among the tickets is the statement “loopback address on R1 (2026::111:1) is not able to ping the loopback address on DSW2 (2026::102:1)”, which indicates an IPv6 ticket.

15. Why don’t I see any questions and answers on networktut.com? I only see the explanation…

Because of copyrighted issues, we had to remove all the questions and answers. You can download a PDF file to see the questions at this link: https://www.networktut.com/questions-and-answers

16. How can I join the Premium Membership on networktut.com?

You can join the Premium Membership on networktut.com at this link. After the registration you can login via this link.

If you have any questions about the TSHOOT exam, please don’t hesitate to ask. All of us will help you!

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  1. OldDogNewCert
    February 20th, 2020

    I was super annoyed when I took a whack at this test last Friday that “show interface status” is not allowed. That was my favorite way to see what switching issues I might have. It’s dumb that a tool I would use in any real scenario like this is unavailable. Taking it again on Saturday. IGRP Lab killed me (0% scored on Infrastructure Services) because I got ahead of myself and removed the bad route and thus removed stuff I actually needed. Then drained 30 min of my time trying to get it working again. I hate these tests.

  2. Curious
    February 20th, 2020

    If almost all question says “Client is unable to ping IP” and in the exams, it says It only says ticket 1, ticket 2… How am I supposed to differentiate between topics like “VLAN filter”, “Port Security” and many others that use similar configurations and setup?

    I mean how do I know what topic I should be troubleshooting with each ticket?

    Also, someone please explain what’s SAM strategy, please

  3. CSG
    February 20th, 2020

    All are here 100% passed with 1000 score today.

  4. APIPA
    February 20th, 2020

    In fact I see this exam like the “Shrodinger experiment” with his cat in the box, I mean at the same time it’s the easiest but the trikiest exam. You can have full mark or just fail it. Just be careful while following Sam strategy ping plan for the tickets, and Nov questions !

  5. Urgghhh
    February 20th, 2020

    More nonsense, it’s not a fail or pass with full marks exam at all. Loads of people have got 900-odd marks including a colleague of mine very recently… It’s neither easy or hard but is all down to your preparation. Fail to prepare and prepare to fail, just like SWITCH and ROUTE. Apply the 7Ps to this exam and you are more likely to pass than fail. I’ll be glad that after this weekend no-one will post nonsense speculation or outright lies about this exam or at least it won’t matter any more what they write!

  6. Anonymous
    February 20th, 2020

    Took exam today 1000/1000, premium membership on here is all you need, thank you for the hard work on the site. Questions were all from latest dump, sims and tickets are all the same.

    As mentioned, show run is allowed (make sure to use enable mode!) but show int status is not allowed, a command i use all the time for troubleshooting switches, so be aware. I don’t even know what the command is to find out if a port is err-disabled if its not show int status…

    Good luck all taking this exam before the final day.

  7. APIPA
    February 20th, 2020


    Unbelievable! Dude that’s my opinion of the exam, I do passed it recently and just because you don’t agree with that does not mean it’s nonsense. You have your opinion of the exam and I have mine. I don’t get the fact your colleague passing exam has to deal with what I said ?? Btw you joining my idea with good preparation of the exam with Sam strategy. So whyyyy do you need to overreact like that by assuming people are lying in this subject here ! Lol I mean to what end to we need to lie about it ?? *sigh* That was nonsense ! U need to chillout and drink some coffee dude. *sigh*

  8. Goodluck
    February 21st, 2020

    Goodluck all, all MCQ and labs here is valid. I passed the exam.

  9. Urgghhh
    February 21st, 2020


    Since you’ve asked, I quote “You can have full mark or just fail it.” this is nonsense and the fact that my colleague passed just the other week with 900-odd points is totally relevant to demonstrate this is nonsense. There are also lots of other people on this page saying they have passed with 900-odd marks. This was the only thing you said I took umbrage to because it’s is demonstrably not true.

    However, I wasn’t accusing you of lying just that others have in this thread and I dislike this sort of scaremongering. For example, “Cisco are cheating with this exam” amongst other things written. That’s just bitterness of people who have failed the perceived easiest of the CCNP exams. I don’t know why anyone would do this other than to deflect from their own failures.

    If you fail this exam you have messed up in some way, either answering the questions in the wrong order or just plain failing to be ready for the strategy you need to use in the exam. Cisco’s intention has always been this exam should leverage your previous SWITCH and ROUTE passes with an environment that mimics you “work” with some limitations to the CLI.

    I am totally chilled out, just trying to point out facts to people who might desperately need to pass this exam before deadline over unfounded speculation that may dishearten them. Not meaning to be offensive here but I feel it’s important to be frank and honest on pages like this as we’re all here to try to help and support each other.

    BTW; if you want to see if a port is err-disabled you can use “show interface fastethernet x/y” as appropriate to your interfaces and I think “show port-security” will also show you (doing those both totally from memory so syntax maybe slightly off/lacking).

  10. APIPA
    February 21st, 2020


    First- “You can have full mark or fail it”.. What I meant here, you can “easily” have full mark if you prepare your ping plan strategy. I do myself passed the exam recently with over 900 points (not full mark). We all know how cisco exams is points based, i mean it’s not like you can only pass the exam with Full mark comon’ ! *sigh* But I give you that if you want to be fussy here, I omit saying “easily”.

    Second- For all the things you read in this forum like “cisco are cheating”… Dude, you never read that in my previous post, so you don’t have to argue with me about that. But if you want to point out facts to people saying that just go ahead and write down your msg in this forum. But don’t make use of my post mate.

    Third- About port-security misconfig ( I don’t get that too, i don’t remember saying having trouble with checking port-security misconfig). But thank you and don’t forget the coffee to chill out bud.

  11. Urgghhh
    February 21st, 2020


    I definitely said you didn’t say that or that you had in anyway lied, the way you wrote your assessment of the scoring may have panicked some people is all I was trying to say. Sorry if you thought I was accusing you of anything underhanded.

    The main problem with TSHOOT is its format and the undecipherable way it is scored. I’ve just sat it and got 923, apparently getting something wrong on Layer 2 but I’ve no idea what or how many questions that might have been which is frustrating. I’d assume I got a trouble ticket totally wrong but I don’t think I did… that said I was pretty nervous even being well prepared it being so close to the deadline so my concentration was a little all over the place at the start.

    Good luck to anyone else still to take this or any other 300-xxx CCNP exam before the deadline. I hate what Cisco have done in retiring the existing train when it’s almost impossible to take the new exams with confidence in the very near future, there should definitely have been a decent period of overlap of either exams or study materials or both.

    Peace out! With beer, not coffee :)

  12. APIPA
    February 21st, 2020


    Omitting something and lying, are two different things bud, i would rather insist on this mate. But that’s cool. I got the same 923 points at the exam, I was so confident I don’t know where I get it wrong too exactly, but i’m glad that was my last CCNP exam. I do think the changes are a good thing, you can go for concentration exam like firepower or ISE and have recognition on these technologies, and thus can recertify your future CCNP enterprise.

    Peace out too ! im not drinking but Enjoy ur beer, I’ll go for a coffee ;)

  13. ZoZ
    February 23rd, 2020

    Goodluck all, all MCQ and labs here is valid.

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