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Multiple Choice Questions

May 8th, 2018 in TSHOOT v2 Go to comments

Question 1

Question 2

Question 3


All of these can be modified: protocol, IP destination address, repeat count, Datagram size, Timeout, source address/interface, type of service, DF bit, Validate reply data, Data pattern, Loose, Strict, Record, Timestamp, Verbose, Sweep range of sizes.

Reference: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/ip/routing-information-protocol-rip/13730-ext-ping-trace.html

Question 4

Question 5

Question 6

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  1. bachan
    June 18th, 2019

    please clarify which is the IPSEC drag/drop that everyone is getting in the exam? I have gone through all the D&Ds I could find but not sure which one is referred to… please…thanks.

  2. bachan
    June 18th, 2019

    @ jones comment of new problem ticket on R4, says that the root-map name “EIGRP>OSPF” is not the problem, but something about the last statement that is incorrect ? Has anyone experienced this problem ? Plse advise what actually is wrong with it….thanks

  3. Anonymous
    June 18th, 2019

    Ticket in the exam are 3,4,5,6,7,8,10,11 a, 11 b, 12,14,16 , who can confirm ?

    Ticket 9 – Switchport trunk is still present ?
    Ticket 13 – DHCP Helper-address is still present ?
    Ticket 15 – IPv6 GRE Tunnel is still present ?
    Ticket 17 – Switchport Encapsulation is still present ?


  4. ccnp soon
    June 19th, 2019

    @CCNP done !!!

    What are the questions for MPP and R1-R2-R3 loopback?

    Thanks and congrats!

  5. luke_b
    June 19th, 2019

    Hi, sorry for the delay…

    @Chuck86 My sub is expired so I don’t see the question and sincerely don’t remember it at the test, but if it was contained in net fundementals or security tech I probably missed it.

    @Tshoothelp I have not found port security in my test, but have found OSPF Redistribution in both versions

  6. United
    June 19th, 2019

    @CCNP done !!!…
    traceroute works only from DSW1 to the web server.
    Then how to go about it ?

  7. Jones
    June 19th, 2019

    @Tshoothelp , all i can remember is

    5,14,16,1, 6,3,15, HSRP SIM , plus as mentioned the variation of EIGRP Redistribution ticket that had a correct route map but incorrect statement. MCQs are all current , i dont think i got anything out of the MCQs.

  8. Tshoothelp
    June 19th, 2019

    @Jones THX
    Do you remember if there was Ticket 9 Switchport trunk or Ticket 17 Switchport Encapsulation ?
    For MCQ if i understand correctly were present only June questions

  9. TE
    June 19th, 2019

    Guys is this 9tut TSHOOT Premium valid?

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