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Ticket 1 – OSPF Authentication

May 6th, 2018 in TSHOOT v2 Go to comments

1.Client is unable to ping R1’s serial interface from the client.

Problem was disable authentication on R1, check where authentication is not given under router ospf of R1. (use ipv4 Layer 3)

Configuration of R1:

interface Serial0/0/0
 description Link to R2
 ip address
 ip nat inside
 encapsulation frame-relay
 ip ospf message-digest-key 1 md5 TSHOOT
 ip ospf network point-to-point
router ospf 1
 network area 12
 network area 12
 default-information originate always

Configuration of R2:
interface Serial0/0/0.12 point-to-point
 ip address
 ip ospf authentication message-digest
 ip ospf message-digest-key 1 md5 TSHOOT

Answer: on R1 need command ip ospf authentication message-digest”

Ans1) R1
Ans2) IPv4 OSPF Routing
Ans3) Enable OSPF authentication on the s0/0/0 interface using the “ip ospf authentication message-digest” command.


There are two ways of configuring OSPF authentication:

interface Serial0/0/0
  ip ospf message-digest-key 1 md5 TSH00T
router ospf 1
  area 12 authentication message-digest


interface Serial0/0/0
  ip ospf authentication message-digest
  ip ospf message-digest-key 1 md5 TSH00T

So you have to check carefully in both interface mode and “router ospf 1”. If none of them has authentication then it is a fault.

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  1. goodluckmas
    March 12th, 2019

    Hi there

    Can any tell me how look like real-time scenario exam I am studying but I cannot figure out how to look like the ticket in the exam, how to solve? there are no details.


  2. keyser_soze
    March 12th, 2019

    start with:
    trace so => stop in (host unreachable) => R3 don’t now route from R2 => why? => R2 “show ip ospf neighbor” => no neighbor R1-R2 (only R2- R3) => check why? => “show run int” on both routers => Bang! => Authentication problem!!!

  3. goodluckmas
    March 13th, 2019

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  4. NetworkingGURU
    March 21st, 2019

    In TShoot Exam’s CLI,
    Can We Use PIPE for Filtering Commands.
    Show Running-Config | inc message-digest

  5. NetworkingGURU
    March 27th, 2019

    I failed the Tshoot Exam due to Internet Problem at the Testing Centre.
    These TShoot Exam Tickets are Heavy to Load and with Slow Internet
    Connection, It can be real messy and Ping/Show Responses are mis-leading.

    Testing Centre/Proctor raised an Incident and Pearson VUE will take 3 – 5 days
    for Exam Voucher or refunding the money.

    BTW, I scored 750 on 8 Tickets + MCQs + BGP Lab.

    March 30th, 2019

    Nitpicking here but the key shown in the example is using zero’s and not O’s (TSH00T instead of TSHOOT). Anyone copying and pasting the commands would still not form an adjacency.

  7. ASJ Network
    April 8th, 2019

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  8. El Pingudo
    April 21st, 2019

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  9. Anonymous
    April 22nd, 2019


    I want to know if someone has the last questions of ccnp tshoot, so I know that 40 questions are labs, but it also has some theory questions, Please Help me.

  10. Jackie
    April 22nd, 2019

    please can some upload questions for tickets

  11. Anonymous
    April 23rd, 2019

    @jackie…you need to pay

  12. Anonymous
    April 24th, 2019

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  13. zhi
    May 8th, 2019

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  14. jaytee
    May 8th, 2019

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    May 17th, 2019

    U are grown man!! Don’t be foolish asking just for dumps. Better study man.

  16. yusuf
    May 18th, 2019

    Can someone share link for labs please

  17. bblack
    July 3rd, 2019

    @yusulf here I found a link to labs in packet tracer or eve, but I think is for premium members, but you can find them on 4shared, for labs on eve, not sure if I have problem with my emulator but the configuration is not complete, although the network seems complete, need to fill some lines to work like te exam

  18. Anonymous
    July 9th, 2019


    can you guys help with the site where i can get exam scenarios for TSHOOT?

  19. Anonymous
    July 9th, 2019

    please share dumps bayo.ccnpATgmail(.)com

  20. TACCACS+
    July 12th, 2019


  21. Xanne
    July 15th, 2019

    They are named just Ticket nothing more. You have to figure it out yourself if it is IPv4 or IPv6 and what kind of problem it has.

  22. TACCACS+
    July 15th, 2019


    Thank you very much.
    As it’s 3 questions per ticket, are you allowed to use “PREVIOUS BUTTON” once you clicked on “NEXT” ?

  23. IPV6
    July 17th, 2019

    Hi, after I have answered the questions in a ticket, is it possible to use previous button to check through my answers before clicking on DONE?

  24. Abi Mathew
    August 20th, 2019

    Do we need to configure each device with correct answers and save as well ?!!

  25. Farhan
    August 24th, 2019

    hi Guys,

    in this OSPF authentication ticket for R1. answer says serial 0/0/0 . but when I work on packet tracer I had to configure this command under serial 0/0/0.12 for OSPF to comes up.

    i’m not sure does packet tracer has bug or the answer should be Serial0/0/0.12 ?

    please verify.

  26. JOHN
    August 26th, 2019


    test in GNS3. it is ok.

    September 23rd, 2019

    Hi Guys. If you want to download freedump 300-135 go in my link. Last updated 08/08/2019

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  28. Stache123
    September 24th, 2019

    I failed the exam because the testing centre was out of toilet paper.

  29. Anonymous
    September 24th, 2019

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  30. Trevor
    October 14th, 2019

    Took the CCNP TSHOOT today and did not pass. The way the labs are setup to seek out the issues are different; it appears there may be multiple issues that are presented in one lab e.g. I noticed on 4 of the labs R2 interface Serial 0/0/0.12 had the IP OSPF Authentication message-digest command while it was missing on R1 which led me to believe this was the issue but after the 3rd lab I knew this must be wrong so I started to TS other areas to find the fault. It makes more sense to TS the lab from Work-Station to SW then RT. I don’t find the flowchart TS example to be accurate to the lab changes. The latest (September 2019) MCQ from this dump were also on the test

  31. Myxth
    October 21st, 2019

    Hi, just asking if the dumps are updated and still being asked. Planning to take the TSHOOT exam soon.

  32. K-Dawg
    October 29th, 2019

    In the packet tracer simulations ospf authentication is enabled under “router ospf 1” not the serial interface. This should be only ticket where issuing “show ip ospf neighbors” returns no results. Also if you issue “show ip ospf interface s0/0/0.12” on R1 and R2 you will see authentication enabled on R2 but not on R1:

    R2#sh ip ospf interface s0/0/0.12

    Serial0/0/0.12 is up, line protocol is up
    Internet address is, Area 12
    No designated router on this network
    No backup designated router on this network
    Message digest authentication enabled <– Unlike R1 we see md5 auth enabled
    Youngest key id is 1

    R1#sh run
    router ospf 1
    area 12 authentication message-digest <–
    network area 12
    network area 12
    default-information originate
    R1#sh run
    router ospf 1
    network area 0
    network area 0
    network area 12
    Either solution works whether you enable authentication under ospf or the interface, just depends what option is available in the exam.

    From packet tracer sim:
    R1(config)#int s0/0/0.12
    R1(config-subif)#ip ospf authentication message-digest
    13:18:52: %OSPF-5-ADJCHG: Process 1, Nbr on Serial0/0/0.12 from LOADING to FULL, Loading Done

  33. Takaya
    October 29th, 2019

    i guess there’s also another issues with TK1 , under ospf router config , it’s missing network area 12 !!! even after adding ip ospf authentication message-digest , the neighbor relationship would not form cause ospf is not enabled on the S0/0/0 (ip add!!

  34. K-Dawg
    October 29th, 2019

    Sorry, the config I posted for abnormal for R1 is actually from R2 (router-id

    Should have been

    router ospf 1
    network area 12
    network area 12
    default-information originate
    Sorry for any confusion. I took down notes from each ticket in packet tracer and they’re a bit disorganized. This configuration is missing “area 12 authentication message-digest” which is the difference between the normal config.

  35. Anon
    November 4th, 2019


    OSPFv2 is enabled on the interface directly.

    interface S0/0/0
    ip ospf 1 area 12

    Please refer to either link:
    http://www.ciscopress.com/articles/article.asp?p=2738311 (Example 8-20 New-Style Configuration on Router R2)

  36. Abi
    November 7th, 2019

    Took the CCNP TSHOOT yesterday and PASS 942/1000. I spent less than an hour. Premium Membership is worth.
    Take your time and understand the topics and scenarios. I use my Premium account only 3 days so anyone interested can send me email for my credential. Only one person will get it :-). do (dot) it (@) G M X . at

  37. zs36828
    November 27th, 2019

    Hi Guys, I cannot seem to do configure terminal command to resolve ospf authentication issue on this ticket, please help

  38. zs36828
    November 27th, 2019

    Hi @Abi, how long did you study before writing the exam, I have 15 days left and im only starting with tickets, was busy with videos and theory. im panicking please help :-)

  39. @keyser_soze
    November 27th, 2019

    in a nutshell.

  40. Anonymous
    December 6th, 2019

    These still valid

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