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Ticket 10 – EIGRP AS (removed)

April 27th, 2018 in TSHOOT v2 Go to comments

Client 1 is not able to ping the Webserver
DSW1 can ping fa0/1 of R4 but can’t ping s0/0/0.34

Check ip eigrp neighbors from DSW1 you will not see R4 as neighbor.(use ipv4 Layer 3)
‘Show ip route’ on DSW1 you will not see any 10.x.x.x network route.

On DSW1 & DWS2 the EIGRP AS number is 10 (router eigrp 10) but on R4 it is 1 (router eigrp 1)

Answer: change router AS on R4 from 1 to 10

Ans1) R4
Ans3) Change EIGRP AS number from 1 to 10

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  1. Jia
    March 5th, 2017

    what is meant by “Removed”? this ticket is no longer in the exam?

  2. saw
    March 20th, 2017

    what mean of remove ?
    anyone know ?

  3. Abu
    March 20th, 2017

    Jia and Saw, it means it is no longer valid and it won’t come in the exam.

  4. saw
    March 23rd, 2017

    Thanks Abu

  5. Ciqduh
    March 28th, 2017
  6. Feqduh
    March 28th, 2017

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    March 28th, 2017

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  8. Anonymous
    May 28th, 2017

    I failed to this exam few days ago.
    This tick appear on my exam. However, some setting changed. on R4 show run: and show ip eigrp neighbor:

    Show run:
    router eigrp 1
    Passive-Interface default

    Show ip eigrp neighbor:
    IP-EIGRP neighbors for process 1

    on DSW1 show ip eigrp neighbor:
    IP-EIGRP neighbors for process 10

    I selected the answer “Change EIGRP AS number from 1 to 10”

    Is that right?

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    June 1st, 2017

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  10. I
    June 8th, 2017


    I think you are right on the answer, I practices that ticket in Packet tracert, and yes you have to remove the router eigrp 1 and add again all network but on new router eigrp 10, as below:

    router eigrp 10
    redistribute ospf 1 metric 100000 10 255 1 1500
    no auto-summary

    sorry to hear that you failed, no worries, also I failed, I am practices now for the second round.


  11. Anonymous
    June 23rd, 2017

    I see this ticket got removed recently with a few others as of late. How do we know they are for sure removed from the exam? So if they took exam questions off, were any new ones put on? Or are they just increasing those random multiple choice questions I wonder.

  12. Me
    July 28th, 2017

    This question not been removed …still got i only take yesterday

  13. Colleen
    August 12th, 2017

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  14. tester
    August 16th, 2017

    failed today miserably at 650 out of 1000,
    and yes the tickets marked as removed are no longer in the test, i had 19 questions and 2 hours to finish the test
    5 MCQ and 14 trouble tickets, the layer 2 tickets are the usual instances, but the BGP tickets are no longer there, from the guide I actually bought I can see that most if not all of it were missing from the test,
    it was an extremely difficult test, best wait til the questions stabilize and take the test when people start reporting 900 scores, for the most accurate guide..

  15. Brat
    October 17th, 2017

    This ticket is still on the exam, but appears to be bugged. I did a “show ip protocols” on R4 which showed that the neighbor adjaceny was up for AS10, but when doing a “show ip eigrp neighbors” it showed nothing for routing instance AS 1.

  16. Calz
    October 31st, 2017

    Yea I had this ticket also.

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    November 15th, 2017

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  18. Pitt
    November 16th, 2017

    I got this ticket today. I failed by 3 points

  19. Anonymous
    November 19th, 2017

    Hi Pitt, But it was removed. Please confirm.

  20. ebiebi
    December 4th, 2017

    With AS show ip eigrp neighbor, the AS number of DSW 1 is 10, the AS number of R 4 is 1. However, if you check with show ip protocols or show run, the AS number will be 10. Furthermore, if you check with show run, the eigrp process has passive-interface setting. The answer to this question is whether changing the eigrp ‘s AS number is correct, or whether passive – interface deletion is correct.

  21. Anonymous
    December 7th, 2017

    I’ve read on here and also found on the tests that many of these questions are buggy. How can they take hundreds and hundreds of dollars off us for an exam fee, when so many bugs exist in the questions? Don’t they have CCIE’s check these questions thoroughly before allowing them in the exams? It really makes you question their motive here…and whether it’s just a money making scheme or to actually test people who want to become certified. They are seriously damaging Cisco’s reputation and certification track when it forces people to come to these sites and just learn the questions and answers. Hey Cisco…I hope you’re reading this…

  22. Anonymous
    December 25th, 2017

    Thanks for all your help… a small contribution/correction to this “test your knowledge”…

    DSW2 -> sh ip eigrp nei … Has neighbor R4 even though one has process 10 and the other 1… and while R4 due to the wrong AS has no neighbor.
    DSW2 should have DSW1 ( only (he doesn’t, has only R4 –,as DSW1 has DSW2 only as neighbor.

    PS: DSW2 should have the link to R4 on f1/0/1, not f1/0/14

  23. gabbban
    December 28th, 2017

    anyone can tell if we need to review those removed TT exam?

  24. Test
    February 3rd, 2018

    Question 1
    Gre Tunnel Header Mandatory and Optional ??
    Mandatory: Reserved0, Version, Protocol Type
    Optional: Checksum, Reserved1, Key, and Sequence Number

    Question 2
    Gre tunnel Header,which one is standard,witch one Extended? (4 Standard,2 Extended)

    Standard Header :Reserved0 , Version , Protocol Type , Checksum , Reserved1
    Extended Header : Key , Sequence Number

    For the above two DnD is there like a sequence in which we have to drop them ?

  25. owitedave
    February 24th, 2018

    Any1 knows if this came up recently or its still good for a skip

  26. zezo
    February 24th, 2018

    Removed means removed

  27. Anon
    March 9th, 2018

    This “removed ” question was in my exam today.
    There is a bug in the question.
    Show run will show EIGRP AS 10 while show IP EIGRP nei will show AS process as 1.
    Wrong AS is correct answer

  28. Anonymous
    March 14th, 2018

    Sometimes even if you apply changes to the device – copy run start or wr, the configuration it is not always applied, perform a reload on the device, this should help with this ticket, after changing the AS to 10 on R4 and adding the configs pertaining to AS1, save and reload. Upon reload should be able to ping the web site off the DSW1.

  29. Anonymous
    March 30th, 2018

    removed it doesn’t means remove at all time….:))
    Don’t be so self content and lecture others….clearly it won’t hurt to learn the removed tickets1

  30. Anonymous
    March 30th, 2018


    Don’t be so self content and lecture others….clearly it won’t hurt to learn the removed tickets1

  31. 46598dasd
    May 14th, 2018

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  32. X
    June 6th, 2018

    Thank you for let us know that this ticket is sill in the exam. We may review EIGRP neighborship between DSW1,DSW2 and R4. show run (Anon said it will show AS 10) while ‘show ip eigrp nei’ will show AS 1.

  33. Pass_300-135
    June 11th, 2018

    Ticket 10 eigrp as
    Believe: sh ip eigrp neigh
    Dont believe: sh ip protocols, sh run

  34. X
    June 13th, 2018

    Guys i did the exam yesterday and i got 856!

    I had BGP and HSRP sim.

    You want to reach an endpoint and in between is an EIGRP and a link with OSPF routing. What is the best way to check the route? (Choose two.)
    Choose two statement about ping & traceroute that are true
    which two acl use with IPv6 traffic filters
    true 2 statements about time besd ACL
    which 2 protocols does the management plane protection feature support
    Which two statements about uRPF are true
    Implementing GRE tunnet to pass ipv6 traffic (two optiones)
    I piked up
    -Tunnel source can be an IPv4 address
    -GRE tunnel can be from ipv4 and ipv6 networks (not sure of thie one)

    A question for GRE tunnet between R1 – R2 – R3. GRE tunnel is configured between R1 and R3. Tunnel configuration for R1 belogs to an vrf.


    For D&D, how do you configure GRE tunnel that packets doesn’t get fragmented – ORDER IS IMPORTANT!

    11 tickets:
    2 IPv6 tickets:

    9 IPv4 tieckets
    – In the case of the ‘vlan filter’, you need to scroll down to find the option ‘VLAN ACL/Port ACL’
    – ticket for IGRP AS is confisued.

    show run ->you see ‘router eigrp 10’


    show ip ei nie -> you see ‘ … AS 1’

    @Pass_300-135, I am wondering why you are sure that the output of ‘show ip ei nei’ is true and not the output of show run. Do you have any valid reason?

    -I got confifused about another IPv6 thicket.

    R1 cannot ping R2’s s0/0/.23 address. R2’s 0/0/0 has a mask of /123 and R2 has mask of /122.

    Thank you all for your help.

  35. Mm
    July 20th, 2018

    Failed tshoot exam the show commands where disabled ..tht got me to a big panic mode help me out on wch i approach i shld next time… am asking myself tht myb its juss tht waz using ping only on frm Client 1

  36. aa
    July 21st, 2018

    Failed, New MCQ and TT very tricky.

  37. Ray
    July 28th, 2018

    I failed my Tshoot, new questions and drop and drag was in the exam,
    In 3 of the tickets I could ping the webserver from both client1 and client2
    Can anyone tell me why I could ping the webserver from both client pc’s

  38. Igor
    September 2nd, 2018

    @Ray, IMHO you are talking about IPv6 questions.

  39. Jay
    September 4th, 2018

    Answer is simple, but if you don’t look carefully about eigrp AS number, you will got stuck long time cuz I got stuck long time for searching another issue lol.

  40. ManoChamono
    September 7th, 2018

    @RAY, If you were able to reach webserver from cli1 and cli2, I´m almost sure that the ticket was ” HSRP TRACK – ticket 2″…

  41. Anonymous
    October 4th, 2018

    Packet Tracer. Ping from client Destination host unreachable. Likely routing issue. Ping works on R4. Ping fails on DSW1. Can see eigrp 1 on R4 and eigrp 10 on DSW1. They should match if we what this to work.

    Tried changing R4 eigrp to 10. new adjacency formed. Had to reload R4.

    ping from DSW1 works. ping fails at client. Traceroute fails at R3. Message ospf neighbor down. Reload on R3. Client now able to ping the webserver. 8 mins 36 seconds.

  42. Testtaker10
    October 15th, 2018

    This question was on my test. You should add it back.

  43. Bangus
    November 30th, 2018

    On a side note, though this ticket has been removed on the exam. Notice that both DSW1 and DSW2 are configured with eigrp 10. However, on R4 configured eigrp 1.

    Thus, DSW2 still receives EIGRP routes from R4 (show ip ro)

    This ticket is having inconsistencies.

  44. fto
    November 30th, 2018

    Is this HSRP question still valid…just wondering why it has the word removed ? The ppl that got HSRP question today…did they get same on another one

  45. Bob
    August 18th, 2019

    Best practice, study everything. Even if says “removed”, it cannot hurt you to understand. Both in real life, and could make the difference between pass / fail.

    September 23rd, 2019

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  47. Anonymous
    September 28th, 2019

    I saw the HSRP Track that shows removed on my recent exam, because it says removed here does not mean you will not see it!!

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