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Ticket 11 – Redistribution Route-map

April 26th, 2018 in TSHOOT v2 Go to comments

On R4:
router eigrp 10
  redistribute ospf 1 route-map OSPF->EIGRP
 default-metric 100000 100 100 1 1500
  no auto-summary

route-map OSPF_to_EIGRP deny 10
 match tag 90
route-map OSPF_to_EIGRP permit 20
  set tag 110

Ans1) R4
Ans2) IPv4 Route Redistribution
Ans3) Under the EIGRP process, delete the ‘redistribute ospf 1 route-map OSPF->EIGRP’ command and enter ‘redistribute ospf 1 route-map OSPF_to_EIGRP’ command.

Explanation for this ticket:

In this topology, we are doing mutual redistribution at multiple points (between OSPF and EIGRP on R4, DSW1 & DSW2), which is a very common cause of network problems, especially routing loops so you should use route-map to prevent redistributed routes from redistributing again into the original domain.

In this ticket, route-map is also used for this purpose. For example, the route-map “EIGRP->OSPF” is used to prevent any routes that have been redistributed into OSPF from redistributed again into EIGRP domain by tagging these routes with tag 90. These routes are prevented from redistributed again by route-map OSPF->EIGRP by denying any routes with tag 90 set.

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  1. X
    June 7th, 2018

    It looks like there are like 3 or 4 modifications of this ticket.

    1. Under EIGRP process, the statement should be ‘redistribute ospf 1 route-map OSPF ->EIGRP’
    2. Under EIGRP process, the statement should be ‘redistribute ospf 1 route-map OSPF_to_EIGRP’
    3. The ‘R’ and ‘P’ are swapped either in the ‘redistribute ospf 1 …’ command or in the route-map command
    4. Under the EIGRP processs, no metric is included ‘redistribute ospf 1’ as ‘CCNP2k’ mentioned

    On the other hand, I would agree with ‘Grateful’.

    We may identify this ‘redistribution’ issue by verifying ‘EXTERNAL’ routes in DSW1,DSW2 and R3.

    -If R3 has external routes (in the output of ‘show ip route’ we should see “O E2”), this means that redistribution “from EIGRP to OSPF” is working.

    -If in DSW1 or DSW2 there is no external routes (in the output of ‘show ip route’ we should see “D EX)”, this means that redistriburion ‘from OSPF to EIGRP’ is not working. So we need to verify redistribution under the EIGRP process in R4.

    Please correct me if i am wrong.

    Thank you.

  2. X
    June 7th, 2018

    On other modification would the be:

    route-map OSFP ->EIGRP permit 20
    set tag 110

    This was mentioned by passpasspass in Jan 19, 2018

  3. X
    June 7th, 2018

    “4. Under the EIGRP processs, no metric is included ‘redistribute ospf 1’ as ‘CCNP2k’ mentioned”

    This would be true if under the EIGRP process the following command is missing “default-metric 100000 100 100 1 1500” * The values might changed.

  4. tommy
    June 15th, 2018

    Hola chicos, como estan?, muchos me preguntan que estrategia utilice para hacer el examen? Mi estrategia es simple e creo que cada uno debe encontrar a propia. La falla es bien especifica en TT el ping al servidor web no responde. Yo realicei ping desde el cliente 1 y donde no responda el ping ejemplo ( ), alli comienzo a analizar la misma. Utilice solo los siguientes comando, asi como escuchan solo esas, recuerden que tiene que encontrar la falla y vosotros no corrigen nada.

    show ip inter brief ——- capa fisica
    show ip vlan ————– capa enlace
    show ip ospf neighbor — capa de red
    show ipv6 ospf neighbor
    show ip eigrp neighbor — capa de red
    Show ip bgp — capa 2,5 hehe
    Y por ultimo show run

    Lo mas importante es entender la falla no aprender las respuesta, he leido que muchos no identifican las fallas o que piensan que son las mismas preguntas esto se debe que solo aprendio las respuesta y realmente no estas haciendo un tshoot.

    Otra cosa que observe que cuando haces “show run”, no esperes que ella sea igual al simulador de networktut, tomate tu tiempo y analiza.

    Esto todo lo que puede ayudar mucha suerto para los que van a tomar la prueba. Como decimos en mi pais “SI SE PUEDE”.

    Me olvida en mi examen estos fueron TT 1,3,5,6,8,9,11,13,14,16
    HSRP y BGP SIM. Everything is here

  5. Old man
    June 21st, 2018


    I am wondering why we have this command in all other 15 tickets (redistribute ospf 1 route-map OSPF->EIGRP’ command) but, we are saying it is wrong in ticket #11?

    It should be like ‘redistribute ospf 1 route-map OSPF_to_EIGRP’ in all other tickets so we can recognize and correct it in TT#11.

    I do not see anything wrong with ticket #11 when it matches with other working tickets in regard of mutual redistribution of the two routing protocols (EIGRP & OSPF).

    Please help me here!

    -Old man

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