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Ticket 11 – Redistribution Route-map (a & b)

April 26th, 2018 in TSHOOT v2 Go to comments

On R4:
router eigrp 10
  redistribute ospf 1 route-map OSPF->EIGRP
 default-metric 100000 100 100 1 1500
  no auto-summary
route-map OSPF_to_EIGRP deny 10
 match tag 90
route-map OSPF_to_EIGRP permit 20
  set tag 110

Ans1) R4
Ans2) IPv4 Route Redistribution
Ans3) Under the EIGRP process, delete the ‘redistribute ospf 1 route-map OSPF->EIGRP’ command and enter ‘redistribute ospf 1 route-map OSPF_to_EIGRP’ command.

Explanation for this ticket:

In this topology, we are doing mutual redistribution at multiple points (between OSPF and EIGRP on R4, DSW1 & DSW2), which is a very common cause of network problems, especially routing loops so you should use route-map to prevent redistributed routes from redistributing again into the original domain.

In this ticket, route-map is also used for this purpose. For example, the route-map “EIGRP->OSPF” is used to prevent any routes that have been redistributed into OSPF from redistributed again into EIGRP domain by tagging these routes with tag 90. These routes are prevented from redistributed again by route-map OSPF->EIGRP by denying any routes with tag 90 set.

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  1. Anon Pass
    October 31st, 2019

    Today I received this ticket. as japman says the problem was that the RM was deny on both statements. I had an option for ‘ipv4 redistribution’ > ‘remove sequence 20, add seq 20 permit and set tag’

  2. pen
    November 7th, 2019

    Please tell me about ticket 11 (b).

    When I took the exam on November 5, the configuration was as follows.

    router eigrp 10
       redistribute ospf 1 route-map OSPF-> EIGRP
      default-metric 100000 100 100 1 1500
       no auto-summary

    However, it remembers that “OSPF_to_EIGRP” is not set in the config.

    If “OSPF_to_EIGRP” is not in the config, should I select “remove sequence 20, add seq 20 permit and set tag”?

    With this option, when redistributing from OSPF to EIGRP

    Route-map OSPF-> EIGRP deny 20
    set tag 110 ”

    The setting

    Route-map OSPF-> EIGRP permit 20
    set tag 110 ”

    If it is changed to the setting, it will be redelivered, so I think that it is the correct answer, but is it correct?

  3. Dan2525
    November 10th, 2019

    Didn’t pass :(

    i got three tickets where interface in R1(Se0/0/0) did not have the “authentication” entry:
    #ip ospf authentication message-digest and notice that R2 interface(Se0/0/0.12) did:
    Just like this:
    ip ospf authentication message-digest
    ip ospf message-digest-key 1 md5 TSHOOT – “this is what i understand is Ticket-1 only”
    idk maybe i was tired.

    On the other hand, inthe BGP mini-lab:

    R1(config)#router bgp 64520
    R1(config-router)#neighbor IBGP remote-as 64520
    R1(config-router)#no neighbor remote-as 64525
    R1(config-router)#neighbor remote-as 64525

    Do you actually need to save this config??
    Cause neither the “#copy run start” nor “#wr” worked for me in enable mode.

    i appreciate your thoughts.

  4. CCNE2B
    November 12th, 2019

    In Packet Tracer (7.1.x) there is no support for using route-maps in redistribution.
    GNS3 does support this. When set-up like “japman” stated above, this part:

    route-map OSPF->EIGRP permit 20
    set tag 110

    will result in OSPF routes being redistributed into EIGRP (by R4) and tagged with 110.
    The tag (110) will show on DSW1 via command: show ip eigrp 10 topology

    When route-map entries 10 and 20 are both set to “deny”, no OSPF routes are redistributed.

  5. @dan2525
    November 18th, 2019

    Same didn’t pass. I swear I had like 3 of the same type of ticket too. Was so stressful.

  6. Recertified
    November 23rd, 2019

    Took the test today and passed it with 943.

    This problem is there on the same device but the answer is different on what the problem is.
    The answer is to replace -> by _.

    They changed itZ just read it and be careful, it is still the same problem but there is no DENY COMMANDS ON 20.

    A couple of MCQ’s on uRpF.

    But if you guys study from here you should do great.

    Thank you networktut.

  7. taking exam soon
    December 1st, 2019

    What is question for below answer?

    Ans1) R4
    Ans2) IPv4 Route Redistribution
    Ans3) Under the EIGRP process, delete the ‘redistribute ospf 1 route-map OSPF->EIGRP’ command and enter ‘redistribute ospf 1 route-map OSPF_to_EIGRP’ command.

  8. Route Tagging question?
    December 7th, 2019

    isnt this question broken because the tag 110 is being set, while they are denying based on tag 90?

    Basically the tag and match need to both be 90 or 110. This routemap is basically saying “deny any redistribution with routes tagged with 90. If no tag, tag for 110… so there will never be anything denied because the only tag is 110″…

  9. abdullah
    December 12th, 2019

    in the pachettracer tik 11 you will not find rout-mab because the packettracer didnt support redis with rout-mab. however, c1 still cant ping r4 interface, that is because in the rigrp 10 there is no mitric mentiond for the redistributed ospf. once you add under the eigrp ” default-metric 100000 100 100 1 1500″ or in the redis statment ” metric 100000 100 100 1 1500″ every thing will work well.

  10. Habanaro
    December 26th, 2019

    Thanks Harold!!!!

  11. Answer
    January 2nd, 2020

    @Route Tagging question?

    No, your understanding is incorrect. When redistributing between two protocols, to prevent loops, you would set a different tag for reach routing protocol.

    For example:
    When redistributing into EIGRP from OSPF, set tag 110.
    When redistributing into OSPF from EIGRP, set tag 90.
    In the EIGRP process configuration, create a route map that inspects for tag 110 and prevent those from being redistributed bag into OSPF.
    In the OSPF process configuration, create a route map that inspects for tag 90 and prevent those from being redistributed into EIGRP.

    Using the logic above, you’d prevent routing loops.

  12. @ontrack
    January 12th, 2020

    I understand the concept of preventing loop via route tagging. But, I do not understand why I can´t ping from client 1 to in R4.
    Any idea?

  13. @ontrack
    January 12th, 2020

    I just realize why

  14. kopi
    January 21st, 2020

    I was thinking the issue is different here … cause on DSW1 from “show ip eigrp topo” I can see that there is a default route coming from R4, but it doesnt make it to the routing table of DSW1 … did somebody else noticed that too?

  15. Nobirabi
    January 28th, 2020

    Dün TSHOOT sınavını geçtim. Puan 1000/1000.
    Sadece buradaki materyaller yeterli.
    NetworkTut ekibine ve burada değerli tecrübelerini paylaşan arkadaşlara çok teşekkür ederim.
    Ben de artık bir CCNP RS oldum. Hedefim CCDP and CCIE Ent.
    Herkese başarılar dilerim
    Bana gelen sorular; (24)
    1-BGP Simulator
    2-HSRP Simlet

    1-IPv4 OSPF Auhthentication
    2- NAT Case2
    3- VLAN Filter
    4- Switchport Trunk
    5- Redist. Route-map (O->E O_to_E)
    6-IPv6 OSPF Enable
    7-IP Helper Address
    8-EIGRP Passive Int.
    9-IPv6 GRE Tunnel
    10- Switchport Encapsulation

    1-Check PoE
    2- GRE Tunnel Source-Dest.

    1-IPv6 traffic-filter
    2-OSPF Exstart
    3-STP Cost 5
    4-uPRF Sh ip int, Sh ip traf
    5-Line console 0
    6- IPv6 Acl: 60 Permit..
    7-recursive routing
    8-uPRF: Asymmetric
    9-Different VTP domains
    10-R1 R2 GRE complete

  16. Nobirabi
    January 28th, 2020

    Hello everyone,
    I passed the TSHOOT exam yesterday. The score is 1000/1000.
    Only the materials here are enough.
    I would like to thank the NetworkTut team and friends who shared their valuable experiences here.
    I have become a CCNP RS now. My goal is CCDP and CCIE Ent.
    I wish everyone success
    Questions to me; As I wrote above.

  17. Wannapass
    February 4th, 2020

    What do you mean NAT Case2? I only see 1 NAT ticket on networktut.

  18. KingShrek
    February 7th, 2020

    @Wannapass – There are 1 NAT ticket in networktut, but inside that ticket there are 2 possible and similar cases. Check it on ticket 4.

  19. Henry
    February 7th, 2020

    What is MCQ 10-R1 R2 GRE complete?

  20. KingShrek
    February 7th, 2020

    The networktut simulator R4 configuration is wrong. Pls consider to correct it, otherwise you confuse students more than help them.

    router ospf 1
    redistribute eigrp 10 subnets route-map EIGRP-OSPF

    route-map EIGRP->OSPF deny 10
    match tag 110
    route-map EIGRP->OSPF permit 20 ———->>>> IT SHOWS PERMIT !!!!
    set tag 90
    route-map OSPF->EIGRP deny 10
    match tag 90
    route-map OSPF->EIGRP deny 20
    set tag 110

  21. KingShrek
    February 7th, 2020

    In my last post i mean that the R4 configuration in Network Simulator for Ticket 11b is wrong.

    route-map EIGRP->OSPF permit 20 ———->>>> IT SHOWS PERMIT !!!!

  22. 007
    February 9th, 2020

    @kingShrek it is correct ..the problem is with the OSPF route map statements

    Here is how I approached the problem
    1)Verify the problem by doing a ping from Client 1 to web server (ping to
    2)Ping R4(next hop) from Client 1 – successful
    3)Ping R1 from Client 1 – unsuccessful
    You now now you problem is likely between R1 and R4
    4)Go to R4 and try to ping R1, webserver and client 1 – all are successful
    5)Go to R1 and try to ping R4 and Client 1 – unsuccessful
    6)Do a sh run on R4 – It tells there is router redistribution applied through a route-map
    7)Do a sh ip route eigrp -you see EIGRP 1 does not know about and ospf 10 knows about EIGRP routes so there is a problem under redistribution of EIGRP 1
    8) Check the eigrp router configs on R4 with sh run – ther are 4 route map statements for the redistribution.

    Redistribution is based on what is in the routing table. We are using the
    route map named EIGRP->OSPF deny 10
    metric tag 110 =====> to deny any eigrp routes that have been tagged with a metric of 110 from being redistributed again back into ospf
    route map named EIGRP->OSPF permit 20
    metric tag 90 ====> allows eigrp routes that have been tagged with a metric of 90(not yet been redistributed) to be redistributed into OSPF

    the second set of route map statements concern OSPF redistribution into EIGRP
    route map named OSPF->EIGRP deny 10
    metric tagged 90 ====> this denies any OSPF routes which now have a tag of 90 from being redistributed into EIGRP again and
    route-map named OSPF->EIGRP deny 20
    metric tag 110 ====> also denies OSPF routes with an AD of 110 that have not yet been redistributed from being redistributed int eigrp and THERE IS THE PROBLEM…IT should permit undistributed ospf routes with a tag of 110 to be allowed for redistribution hence the correct answer is

    route map named OSPF->EIGRP permit 20
    metric tag 110

    The deny statements prevent EIGRP/OSPF routes that have already been redistributed form being redistributed again while the permit statements allow undistributed EIGRP/OSPF routes to be redistributed as required

  23. zeh
    February 10th, 2020

    @KingShrek está correto, verifiquem a questão 11b no networktut simulator R4 a configuração está errada

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