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Ticket 12 – IPv6 OSPF

April 25th, 2018 in TSHOOT v2 Go to comments

DSW1 & R4 can’t ping R2’s loopback interface or s0/0/0.12 IPv6 address.
R2 is not an OSPFv3 neighbor on R3
Situation: ipv6 ospf was not enabled on R2’s serial interface connecting to R3. (use ipv6 Layer 3)

Configuration of R2
ipv6 router ospf 6
interface s0/0/0.23
 ipv6 address 2026::1:1/122

Configuration of R3
 ipv6 router ospf 6
interface s0/0/0.23
 ipv6 address 2026::1:2/122
 ipv6 ospf 6 area 0


In interface configuration mode of s0/0/0.23 on R2:
ipv6 ospf 6 area 12

Ans1) R2
Ans2) IPv6 OSPF Routing
Ans3) Under the interface Serial 0/0/0.23 configuration enter the ‘ipv6 ospf 6 area 0’ command. (notice that it is “area 0”, not “area 12”)

Bug in this ticket: There is a bug in this ticket in the exam that under interface s0/0/0.23 the IPv6 address is /123, not /122 but this is not the fault of this ticket so be careful. Also there is no option about “change /123 to /122”.

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  1. Anonymous
    November 22nd, 2018

    @Wolverine im talking about this sim

  2. @justheretohelp
    January 15th, 2019

    OSPFv3 uses LL addresses to form neighbor adjacency so having a different subnet mask is not an issue, so don’t let that confuse you.

  3. Anonymous
    March 26th, 2019

    Had this on the exam, I got it wrong.

    It’s important to note, all the devices can ping R1 but R1 can’t ping out. That’s the give away for this ticket. It’s because R2 is advertising it’s connected prefix (the R1 address), so everyone can see a path to it. But because R1 is not receiving any ipv6 routes, it only know how to ping R2.

  4. fail
    May 21st, 2019

    In my exam on interface s0/0/0.23 already was ipv6 ospf 6 area 0’

  5. Doug Funny
    June 5th, 2019

    I cant ping IPv6 On lab, i’ve tried with:
    ping 2026::12:2
    ping Ipv6 2026::12:2

    And I have problems in use “:” => currently we don’t support “command?” form (without space).

    But when i copied the command from a “notepad”, I pasted in router CLI Works!

    Im doing something wrong?

  6. Doug Funny
    June 5th, 2019

    I cant ping IPv6 On lab, i’ve tried with:
    ping 2026::12:2
    ping Ipv6 2026::12:2

    And I have problems in use “:” => currently we don’t support “command?” form (without space).

    But when i copied the command from a “notepad” and pasted in router CLI Works!

    Im doing something wrong?

  7. Tshoothelp
    June 13th, 2019

    @ALL ping ipv6 work in the exam ?

  8. anonymous
    June 19th, 2019

    @fail I also had s0/0/0.23 being ipv6 ospf 6 area 0 does anyone know what the actual answer is to this question when it is alrady set

  9. Anonymous
    June 21st, 2019

    fail today, same issue as above came on the exam, you can’t ping 2026::1:2 from R1!! I had this two times. One was OK, but when the same issue occured againg I got confused, and find it hard to pin point to the problem, which I assumed is a Router 4 Problem, as I can’t skip the ticket with at least trying an answer. The answer I gave was based on the fact that R4 did not have RIP redistributed on IPv6 OSPF, this is the only clue I got get my hands on!

  10. Anonymous
    June 24th, 2019

    best thing do to is show ipv6 route on R1, R2, and R3. If you see the learned routes from R4 RIP redistribution

    Also do a show ipv6 ospf neighbor on R1, 2, 3 and 4 and see if there is an ospf neighbor relationship between them.

  11. ipv6 ticket bug
    June 30th, 2019

    I passed today, I had the same issue on the ipv6 ticket the the answer is Ticket 16 – IPv6 RIPng OSPFv3 Redistribution

  12. TE
    July 14th, 2019

    I failed today because of this ticket. It repeated itself in the exam.

  13. Bobo
    July 19th, 2019

    I had this question in the exam a few days ago, seems that there are two versions :

    question version1 :

    on interface s0/0/0.23 there was already “ipv6 ospf 6 area 0” configured, ping from R1 to 2026::12:2 was ok, but ping from R1 to 2026::1:1 and 2026::2 failed.

    question version2 : on interface s0/0/0.23 the “ipv6 ospf 6 area 0” was missing.

    A probably failed question version 1: has anyone an idea?

  14. Bobo
    July 22nd, 2019

    seems that the question version2 was question 16 (IPv6 RIPng OSPFv3 Redistribution) including a ping-bug.

  15. Bobo
    July 22nd, 2019

    i meant that question version1 (not 2) was question 16 (IPv6 RIPng OSPFv3 Redistribution) including a ping-bug.

  16. Peeved
    July 31st, 2019

    @Bobo I ran into the same issue today only thing I noticed was the message-digest (Ticket 1) was on R1 and not R2. I understood that it was for IPv4 but that was the only thing I could find wrong. Failed the test not saying 100% because of this ticket but I’m sure it added to it.

  17. crudo
    September 13th, 2019

    Recently met this ticket in real exam, but in configuration on R2 everything was OK
    interface s0/0/0.23
    ipv6 address 2026::1:1/122
    ipv6 ospf 6 area 0
    . I chose an answers for this ticket and it worked.

  18. Ziggi
    September 17th, 2019

    Crudo, What answer did you choose?

  19. Candy
    September 20th, 2019

    Confirmation Ticket changed. I just tested on 18/9.
    like as Crudo discrible.
    Ping R4 to R1 ok, but cannot ping R2 to R3.
    Im not sure the correct answer.

  20. rs_passs
    September 20th, 2019

    I got the same issues on the IPv6 OSPF ticket. “ipv6 ospf 6 area 0” was there under s0/0/0.23 but still OSPF nei was down.

  21. Harold Lloyd
    September 21st, 2019


    DSW1 cannot ping R4 yet

    R4 can ping DSW1 ????

    But what is even more weird R1 can ping R4 but NOT DSW1…

    Crazy do do..

    Other than that Networktut, thanks for the help..

    September 23rd, 2019

    Hi Guys. If you want to download freedump 300-135 go in my link. Last updated 08/08/2019

    htt ps : //w ww. youtu be. com/watch?v= yzG7EKVVz_0

  23. Peter
    September 25th, 2019

    I had an exam today. Passed 914.
    But in this tiket there was command ipv6 ospf 6 area 0 under interface s0/0/0.23.

  24. robocop
    October 6th, 2019

    does anyone know the solution to the question with ipv6 ospf 6 area 0 already configure on s0/0/0.23 ?

  25. Jessica
    October 7th, 2019

    @Peter So what did you answer? What was the main problem?

  26. Jessica
    October 7th, 2019

    @Peeved Actually my recommendation when having that kind of doubts is to use different cmds. Yeah, show run is nice, but maybe through cmds such as show ipv6 ospf neigh you can check if R2 and R1 are neighbors. So, in my opinion if some question is changed, sometimes we have to be more creative and try other cmds. Through show ipv6 ospf neigh you can know if R1 and R2 are not neighbors and you can do the same for R2 and R3. If the problem is that R1 is not a neighbor of R2, then your md5 issue might be right, in case that is not the issue (and it is for IPv4) then you will find that R1 and R2 are neighbors. When you get stuck I strongly recommend you to use different cmds, because on the end this is what this exam is supposed to be for, to learn how to find a mistake on a network, and not for just remembering some answers for the exam

  27. Jessica
    October 7th, 2019

    @Peeved Why didnt you use cmd show ipv6 ospf neighbors then?. There you can be 100% sure if the md5 is your issue or not. If R1 is neigh with R2, then the problem is between R2-R3 and if they are not, then your problem is very likely to be between R1-R2 (possibly md5 issue)

  28. matty
    October 17th, 2019

    In the exam will they give us the network diagram the topology?

    December 9th, 2019

    Guys im not understanding why you are so confuse with this tticket?. Dont memorize ticket, you can find issue with ping method, so if from C1 you can ping, be aware that you need to tshoot with V6 anymore. Use ipv6 ping command, and if ping is good between R2 & R3, it means that there is no issue with ipv6 0 command, go ahead with ping, check if ping is good with R3 R4, if ping is not working so check for tunnel mode ipv6.

  30. abdullah
    December 10th, 2019

    failed today, there were three ipv6 tickets. one r2 ,one r3, the third one was everything ok .no problem in the tunnel interface r3, ipv6 enable r2 or redist on r4. I couldn’t find any logical reason.

    other ticket was interfaces of sw1 down down administratively shutdown. in the show run , the both interfaces in access mod and access vlan 10, no port security mentioned, there was command shutdown at the end of each interface. I couldn’t find answer to it where the answer should be ” no should down command”

  31. MrBeachbum
    December 11th, 2019

    Good strategy to remember for ipv6 tickets:

    on R2/R3: show ipv6 ospf neigh

    If there is only 1 neighbor listed for R2 and R3: 1+1 = 2 : R2 is your culprit
    If there is only 1 neighbor listed for R2 and 2 for R3: 1+2 = 3: R3 is your culprit
    If 2 neighbors are listed for R2/R3: 2+2=4: R4 is your culprit

    Good luck!

  32. Hola
    December 31st, 2019

    MrBeachbum – not sure I understand what you are saying.
    If you have 1 ospf neighbor for R2 that means R2 neighbors with R1, (according to this ticket). If you then have 2 neighbors for R3 that means that R3 has neighbor with R2 and R4, which would means OSPF is working correctly on R3 and R3 will not be your culprit… ???
    Unless what you are saying is, there is some other kind of ipv6 issue.?

  33. Many
    January 4th, 2020

    in the real exam the tickets of ipv6 it mention the loopback address in the question so we can know it is for ipv6 “like R1 can’t ping Dsw2 loopback address” or it just say client can’t ping webserver.

  34. Desire
    January 13th, 2020

    Passed 7 JAN 20 with high score
    MrBeachbum – it’s very good solution to find ipv6 problem – I’ve used it – I’ve got all ipv6 ticket :)

    All question valid

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