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Ticket 11 – Redistribution Route-map

March 20th, 2015 in TSHOOT v2 Go to comments

On R4:
router eigrp 10
  redistribute ospf 1 route-map OSPF->EIGRP
 default-metric 100000 100 100 1 1500
  no auto-summary

route-map OSPF->EIGRP deny 10
 match tag 90
route-map OSPF->EIGRP deny 20
  set tag 110

Ans1) R4
Ans2) IPv4 Route Redistribution
Ans3) Change the “route-map OSPF->EIGRP deny 20” to “route-map OSPF->EIGRP permit 20”

Explanation for this ticket:

In this topology, we are doing mutual redistribution at multiple points (between OSPF and EIGRP on R4, DSW1 & DSW2), which is a very common cause of network problems, especially routing loops so you should use route-map to prevent redistributed routes from redistributing again into the original domain.

In this ticket, route-map is also used for this purpose. For example, the route-map “EIGRP->OSPF” is used to prevent any routes that have been redistributed into OSPF from redistributed again into EIGRP domain by tagging these routes with tag 90. These routes are prevented from redistributed again by route-map OSPF->EIGRP by denying any routes with tag 90 set.

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  1. ntut
    December 18th, 2017

    TT11 is different from the real exam. Very confusing TT, it’s difficult to troubleshoot.

  2. Anonymous
    December 19th, 2017

    Are below written networks right? They do not match L3 diagram
    router eigrp 10

    router ospf 1
    network area 34

  3. deiv
    December 19th, 2017

    Passed today. However few tickets were slighlty different. When you do sh run on R4 for this ticket you will see this : Problem is under router OSPF 1 -> EIGPR – EIGRP. P and R are swaped

    router eigrp 10
    redistribute ospf 1 route-map OSPF->EIGRP

    router ospf 1
    network area 34
    redistribute eigrp 10 subnets EIGPR -> OSPF

    Problem is under router OSPF 1 -> EIGPR – EIGRP. P and R are swaped

  4. auk
    December 19th, 2017

    hi deiv

    can you kindly explain when you say p and r are swaped what do you mean. i have an exam tommorow so would appreciate your prompt reply thank you

  5. sym
    December 23rd, 2017

    As deiv was written, it is configured with EIGPR instead of EIGRP.

    Besides that, Config has been changed.
    It was “OSPF -> EIGRP” instead of “OSPF_to_EIGRP”.

    Please check the route-map config calmly.

    All of you can understand right away.

  6. UP
    January 5th, 2018

    Hello Everyone,

    TT11 is changed, rest you can rely on networktut. Thanks Networktut

  7. paper
    January 5th, 2018

    @ UP please share whats change in this TT as i am appearing in exam after 1 hrs…

  8. Pownraj A
    January 5th, 2018

    Today passed exam with 948. EIGRP-OSPF redistribution sims was confusing. They have modified the sim. OSPF->EIGPR(Ticket 11). P and R was swapped. I couldn’t recognise this minute mistake. Everything else was same from networktut. For more info about the change pls check https://www.networktut.com/tshoot-ticket-11/comment-page-6#comments

  9. bag
    January 10th, 2018

    Passed today with 917.
    Some tickets have changed questions and are tricky.
    I think I only got 1 ticket wrong.
    I was not able to find a ticket with this OSPF to EIGRP problem and I think this question might have changed.

  10. Anonymous
    January 11th, 2018

    Please send me latest dumps nainarbe attherate gmail dot com

  11. Anonymous
    January 11th, 2018

    as was already mentioned. Ticket 11, now mistake is in OSPF->EIGPR; correction you need to select is to use OSPF->EIGRP. do you see difference? :-)

  12. Seismicjab
    January 11th, 2018

    Does anyone know the latest definitve content and answer to this question then? I failed this exam in Dec and re-taking tomorrow, this is the only one I’m concerned with. thanks!

  13. chachi9834
    January 12th, 2018

    I can confirm that this question has changed but during my lab, the configuration seemed absolutely correct. I verified that the spelling in the route map matched the redistribution command. Also, if you navigate to R4 > IPv4 Route Redistribution > There is no option that is correct. There is no OSPF_to_EIGRP route map configured on the router.

    There did not appear to be anything wrong with the configuration yet, OSPF routes (or default route) was not seen in the EIGRP process.

    Not sure what else to say.

  14. Massy83
    January 12th, 2018

    I believe that the correct answer is still the same even if there is no error in the config anymore. The symptom is clearly the same, it smells like bug.

  15. Syed Kashif Shahab
    January 12th, 2018

    @networktut , the other moderators,

    I have tried to find the config. difference on R4 of this ticket (T11) and other R4s of other tickets, they are same.

    Usually tickets wherein misconfigured device of a specific ticket say(R1 of T1) seems unique when matched/compared with other R1 of other tickets.

    can any one help ? all tickets on R4 have :
    On R4:
    router eigrp 10
    redistribute ospf 1 route-map OSPF->EIGRP

    furthermore, I dont find “route-map OSPF_to_EIGRP
    match ip address 1” part anywhere on R4 of any ticket.

    help required…plz confirm if there has been change in the ticket in exam as ppl out here shared their experiences in exam otherwise.


  16. passed2k18
    January 14th, 2018

    PAssed on the 12 with 1000/1000, this question does seem to be glitched now.

    The route-map is titled properly and referenced right in the redistro profile. But if you check routes on DSW1 it is not learning routes from the OSPF side of things. I chose the the correct answer from this simulator and received a perfect score.

  17. Syed Kashif Shahab
    January 15th, 2018

    @networktut.. your help required for this tciket….month gone and it looks like nothing helped in here… several tickets have issue at networktut.com

  18. Syed Kashif Shahab
    January 15th, 2018

    @passed2k18 can you shed some light on this ticket…what actually appeared in exam and how you troubleshot and answered for this tciket


  19. passed2k18
    January 16th, 2018

    @Syed Kashif Shahab So the Route-Map shows up as OSPF->EIGRP instead of OSPF_to_EIGRP so “redistribute ospf 1 route-map OSPF->EIGRP” references a valid route map, however if you check the other EIGRP routers there are not learning the OSPF /30’s,, etc. So even though the correct answer is to deleted “OSPF->EIGRP” and change to “OSPF_to_EIGRP” the show run doesnt support that.

    Also on the Actual test it flips the RP to PR (EIGRP to be EIGPR) but it is like this is in the redistro statement as well as the Route Map policy name.

  20. Falcon123
    January 18th, 2018

    Hi, all. I am taking this test tomorrow. Missed it last week by prob 1 question. Scored 820/846.

    On the test, the router configs did NOT reflect the OSPF_EIGRP spelling error, therefore I eliminated those 3 options for the multiple choice. That left me with 2 OSPF options. It was towards the end of the test so my eyes may have been crazy, but they looked the same. I selected the OSPF_EIGRP anyway, from this test bank, but it was NOT in the running configs. Not sure what the exact answer is.

    I know some have mentioned in the EIGRP statement that they flip P and R, which I did see, but I am still unsure what the correct answer should be.

    Is it under the OSPF process? Or under the EIGRP process that we need to modify? Greatly appreciate as I am testing tomorrow.!

  21. Falcon123
    January 18th, 2018

    @passed2k18 Just trying to understand correctly as I took the test last week and missed but a few points. For this question are you saying that we should still select the correct answer as we’ve seen on here? On the TT during exam, I didn’t see anything referencing OSPF_EIGRP. Should we still go with the problem as being the answer under EIGRP?

  22. passpasspass
    January 19th, 2018

    I took the exam today and passed with 1000. This ticket did not use the _to_ naming and instead changed the deny/permit statement on the Route Map.
    The correct answer for me was to change the route map from
    route-map OSPF->EIGRP deny 20
    set tag 110


    route-map OSPF->EIGRP permit 20
    set tag 110

  23. vvv
    January 19th, 2018


    Thank you!

  24. Falcon123
    January 19th, 2018

    @passpasspass I concur with your assessment (for everyone else) for TT11. I passed 9XX. There are two deny statements that you need to watch carefully. I did seem to encounter a new IPV6 question which I had not seen. Tunnel Mode IPV6 question didn’t appear on my mine. I also believe I saw a third ASW1 ticket. DD’s and MC spot on. Thanks to all and Network Tut for this practice assessment. Greatly appreciated it and benefited me. Good until 2021 now baby!!!

  25. stts
    January 20th, 2018

    @Falcon123 a new IPV6 question? what is it? plz

  26. Grateful
    January 20th, 2018

    Passed today with full mark. I found the same ticket as @passpasspass had found. The answer syas: “(under the eigrp process) write #route-map OSPF->EIGRP permit 20”. In the real world this command is configured in the global configuration mode not under eigrp process which could be confusing, but just stick with that, it’s the correct answer

  27. kon
    January 20th, 2018


    Congrats my friend!

    Can you please clarify the strategy to identify the new TT (variation of TT11)?

    The SAM ping plan (from client1: ping not ok, ping not ok, ping ok and “R4#sh ip EIGRP neig” has neighbors is enough to identify this new TT?

  28. Grateful
    January 20th, 2018

    Thank you @kon
    In DSW1 use and R3 (#show ip route). In this problem you will find external routes in R3 (Which is running OSPF) but in DSW1 (running EIGRP) you will not find any external route, that means EIGRP Redistribution into OSPF is ok, but OSPF redistribution into EIGRP is not working. Of course any ping from between them will not work because pings are bidirectional

  29. USA
    January 27th, 2018

    People are saying don’t trust “show run” for the route-map ticket. So what command do we use to show the route-maps?

  30. Anonymous
    January 29th, 2018

    use “show ip route” on DSW1 if you can’t see networks OSPF
    there is a route map problem..

  31. Anonymous
    February 13th, 2018

    I think that you have problem with DSW1,2 and R4 when typing sh ip eigrp top. There is successor for default route. Quite misleading :)

  32. 1WAY
    March 1st, 2018

    I’m a bit confused by the explanation for this ticket, it says:

    “In this topology, we are doing mutual redistribution at multiple points (between OSPF and EIGRP on R4, DSW1 & DSW2)”.

    As far as I can see only R4 is doing any redistribution, or am I missing something?

  33. Helper
    March 5th, 2018

    Hello guys. I have just been approved at the exam with 958 points. I don’t even know what I miss. This question appeared for me with a complement: Change the “route-map OSPF->EIGRP deny 20” to “route-map OSPF->EIGRP permit 20 and set tag 110”. I was not prepared for this “set tag 110”. But this was the only different thing that I’ve found on the exam.

  34. @Helper
    March 6th, 2018

    Congrats bro, beside that what is the over all experience ? could you please share it here especially the tickets similarity with premium tickets .

  35. Helper
    March 7th, 2018

    Ir is amost identical to the real exam. It is worth to use the premium tools and arrive confident for the real exam. I would recommend to practice a lot until you are very familiar to all tickets issues so that you know them by heart and are able to find them in every equipment. I described more things on the DHCP helper address ticket.

  36. confused-again
    March 13th, 2018

    Would be very grateful if someone could explain this to me..

    This needs changing from deny to permit:
    route-map OSPF->EIGRP deny 20
    set tag 110

    But doesn’t a deny statement here just mean the ospf routes won’t be tagged with 110? It doesn’t mean they won’t be redistributed into EIGRP does it?

    In which case this statement:
    route-map EIGRP->OSPF deny 10
    match tag 110

    will have no matching (110) tagged routes to deny?

  37. anyody
    March 14th, 2018

    I think deny in the route map statement mean (deny = don’t redistribute) ,
    I think what you mean is (deny statement in access-list that may be matched under route-map statement), here it means match or not match

    please revise and tell me if my thoughts is wrong

  38. confused-again
    March 15th, 2018


    Thanks for replying – I think I get it now!

    So a route-map with a deny statement followed by a ‘set’ will deny the redistribution of all routes so the tagging is irrelevant.
    It does seem to beg the question – why are you even allowed to even configure it this way (deny followed by ‘set’)?!

  39. WeitDahinten
    March 16th, 2018


    yes, tagging a denied route doesnt make sense

    but tagging a permitted route make sense (indicates the origin AS of the route)
    route-map XXX permit
    set tag YYY
    since exactly that route can be identified by that tag and denied from going back to the origin AS)
    route-map XXX deny
    match tag YYY

  40. confused-again
    March 19th, 2018



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