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A guide for the TSHOOT Exam

March 7th, 2019 in Guide Go to comments

For the TSHOOTv2 exam we will encounter:

2 Simlets (small troubleshooting sim)
+ Multiple Choice Questions & Drag Drop Questions
+ 12 Troubleshooting Tickets (check them at the right-side menu)

Notice that in the exam, the tickets are randomly given so the best way to troubleshooting is to try pinging to all the devices from nearest to farthest from the client until you don’t receive the replies.

In each ticket you will have to answer three types of questions:

+ Which device causes problem
+ Which technology is used
+ How to fix it

One more thing to remember: you can only use “show” and “ping” commands to find out the problems and you are not allowed to make any changes in the configuration. In fact, in the exam you can not enter the global configuration mode!

Screenshots for your reference:




(Please visit Share your TSHOOT v2.0 Experience for bigger images)

Also you can find more information about TSHOOT exam in TSHOOT FAQs and Tips.

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  1. Eve-NG
    June 30th, 2019

    Has anyone come across an issue with Eve-ng where it functions properly for 5mins and then your console freezes; i think the nodes simply go down! It is quite irritating and i have not been able to diagnose this issue!

  2. Chris
    July 18th, 2019

    Did anyone clear the T-shoot most recently.

  3. Anonymous
    July 18th, 2019

    Hi is there a support chat in networktut? I cannot login to my account

  4. networktut
    July 18th, 2019

    @Anonymous: If your problem still exists, please send an email to support@networktut.com.

  5. nevermind
    July 30th, 2019

    i try today is pass 880/1000 .

    networktut.com vaild.

    thanks !

  6. tm4mulator
    August 15th, 2019

    @nevermind – can you email at {email not allowed} I need to ask you a few questions if you don’t mind.

  7. Anonymous
    August 15th, 2019

    I need some help. I have failed this test several times. Not sure why. Can anyone help?

  8. Tshoothelp
    August 22nd, 2019

    @Eve-NG Work perfectly !!!!

  9. Cena
    September 10th, 2019

    I have passed the exam yesterday (9th September 2019) with score 948, all the questions in the premium membership, Multiple choices questions must read all from Jan2019-Aug2019.

    Important note about BGP simulation, The question shows you an BGP routing table and wants you to show the same table on R1,

    There are 3 IBGP and 2 EBGP, I checked the config on R1 and I see IBGP neighbors are in wrong BGP-AS and the EBGP neighbor has the wrong IP address, after I corrected them all, when I check the routing table (show ip bgp) it only showing the EBGP neighbors (Check) and 1 IBGP ( and not the other 2 IBGO neighbors for R2 and R3 (, I tried so many things but nothing helped, I think there is a bug in the question. I checked (show bgp summary) and I see the 2 neighbors are idle status.

    IBGP are: (R1) (R2) (R3)

    EBGP are can’t remember the complete address:

  10. exam on octuber
    September 10th, 2019

    @Cena thanks so much for your feedback

  11. Anony mouse
    September 12th, 2019

    Passed with 1000 today. 35 minutes left over. Most questions were a few minutes each taking time to check everything carefully. One question took maybe 10-15 minutes and caused me to stress a little half way through. Variation on Ticket 16 – IPv6 RIPng OSPFv3 Redistribution.

    On the ticket here R1> Ping IPV6 2026::1:2 YES = R1> Ping IPV6 2026::34:2 YES and you then go to R4 and configure redistribution. On my exam it worked that I had R1> Ping IPV6 2026::1:2 YES = R1> Ping IPV6 2026::34:2 NO which usually means Ticket 15 IPv6 GRE Tunnel. This foxed me for a while as I could not see anything wrong with the IPV6 configuration on either R3 (It didn’t have IPV6 tunnel command) Nor could I find anything wrong with R2. After wasting a whole lot of time I had a look at R1 and Lo and behold discovered that in actual fact I was actually dealing with Ticket 16 Missing Redistribution from RIPng to OSPFv3 NOT Ticket 15.

    Sh IPV6 interface doesn’t work
    Copy Run Start is NOT active in the SIMS or needed

    My advice is spend a few minutes after your first TT that you have nailed and just look at a show run for ASW1, DSW1, R1, R2,R3 & R4. Just a quick scroll down to check

    Trouble tickets from the list at the top of the “Guide for TSHOOT Exam” were:

    ASW1: 2,3,4 DSW1: 2,3 R1: 1,2,3 R2: 1 R3: 1 R4: 2,6

    Not sure what the other was

    MCQ: As per August 4th list, no others. I did look back to January due to a previous recent post but didn’t get any myself

    Q11 is definitely UDP not GRE

    D&D was debug commands

    BGP was in. AS numbers are different. I did check to see if the Loopback IP was there which it was
    HSRP was in too

    I used combination of SAM and common sense
    Client1>Ipconfig – see if you have an IP address first
    Client1> Ping then &

    IPV6: I used Dankie’s method from September 2nd 2019
    R1> Ping IPV6 2026::1:2 NO = R2: IPv6 OSPF
    R1> Ping IPV6 2026::1:2 YES = R1> Ping IPV6 2026::34:2 = NO R3: IPv6 GRE Tunnel
    R1> Ping IPV6 2026::1:2 YES = R1> Ping IPV6 2026::34:2 =YES R4: Redistribution from RIPng to OSPFv3 (remember I had a variation on this as mentioned above)

    Good luck and NO there is no dump so don’t bother asking. You are getting the questions and the answers here but you do need to do some work and practice actually working through the scenarios. If you can’t be bothered and if you can’t work out how to work the BGP SIM from the console, then give it up because if by some miracle you manage to get a job in IT you won’t last 5 minutes.

  12. HKpirate
    September 12th, 2019

    @Anony mouse

    Well done!

  13. Jack
    September 12th, 2019

    @Anony mouse

    – can clarify for me on Ticket 4 – NAT ACL , which is the answer for the second part (NAT or IP NAT) ?

    – R1
    – IP NAT
    – Under interface Serial0/0/1 delete the ip nat inside command and add the ip nat outside command.


    – R1
    – NAT
    – Under interface Serial0/0/1 delete the ip nat inside command and add the ip nat outside command.


  14. Anony mouse
    September 12th, 2019

    Thanks @HKpirate

    @Jack = as per Ticket 4

  15. Anonymous
    September 12th, 2019

    Does anyone know if there are any updates, i will take exam tomorrow.

  16. Cisco is key
    September 13th, 2019

    How many MCQ did you get @Anony Mouse

  17. HKpirate
    September 13th, 2019

    I just come out from Exam centre.

    I got 931/1000 I skiped 1 Layer 2 ticket. because use alot of time on that..

    finally finished my CCNP
    All MCQ is Aug 2019 one. 100%

    by the way. it not allow me to use “show int status” when i fix the port secirity ticket.

    so i show int f1/0/1 on ASW 1 and it show error disable.

  18. HKpirate
    September 13th, 2019

    i got the ASW1 1. Access port not in VLAN 10 (removed) <—- it is not removed. i got this today.

  19. HKpirate2
    September 13th, 2019

    i got the ASW1 1. Access port not in VLAN 10 (removed) <—- it is not removed. i got this today.

  20. HKpirate3
    September 13th, 2019

    I got a Layer 2 ticket. That PC 1 can’t get IP , DW1 can ping R4
    that mean that is ASw1 to DSw1 problem. but I checked trunk ok. access port ok. not port security.. i(t have use it but both port no error disable) both port on vlan 10. , and up /up stat..

    wasted 30 min.. than i pick ASW 1 problem and skip it.

  21. eLMo
    September 13th, 2019


    “hat PC 1 can’t get IP , DW1 can ping R4
    that mean that is ASw1 to DSw1 problem.” – its DHCP Relay problem on the DSW1

  22. Anonymous
    September 22nd, 2019

    Passed on 21st Septempber. Premium membership is worth it.

    I guess I got similar questions as @Redhead and @Kokee above.

    Used Sam’s strategy:

    Very useful from exam point of you !!!

    But make sure you take enough time to study and understand the concepts well. If you studied properly for Switch and Route understanding Tshoot is easy.

    And for exam practise, practise, practise !!
    I was nearly running out of time but because of practise I could speed things up.

    Thank God and Networktut ! Keep up this great service.

  23. Csco dummy
    September 23rd, 2019

    Can I take the CCNP TSHOOT exam first without the CCNP switching and routing?

  24. Anony mouse
    September 23rd, 2019

    @Csco dummy you can take the exams in any order

  25. Ghost
    September 24th, 2019

    @Anony mouse:
    D&D was debug commands?
    Could you explain it a bit more?
    I have no picture of it.

  26. Anonymous
    October 2nd, 2019

    Latest dump for TSHOOT CCNP as of 2/10/2019

  27. memo
    October 2nd, 2019

    can anyone send me Tshoot Dump??
    mohamad.hamdan1 hotmail.com

  28. Sky
    October 3rd, 2019

    @Anonymous—-> Latest dump for TSHOOT CCNP as of 2/10/2019

    You have them? wanna share pls?

  29. memo
    October 3rd, 2019

    can share me the latest dump ?
    mohamad.hamdan1 hotmail.com

  30. Qnick2
    October 3rd, 2019

    Anybody knows if the MCQ changed again from 27 September?

  31. Need to PASS
    October 3rd, 2019

    Anybody knows if the MCQ changed again from 27 September?

  32. festgiven
    October 3rd, 2019

    I came up with this Study guide, I used the ping plan and the summary of tickets

    IP’s to know
    – R4 Lo1 DHCP
    – R1
    – R2
    – Vlan 10 Default Gateway
    – R1 Serial (facing BGP/server)
    – Server

    AWS1 1. Access-port not in Vlan 10 – “sh Vlan” 1. Add fa0/1&2 int to Vlan 10, no shut
    2. Port ch not allowing Vlan 10 2. Add Vlan 10, 200
    3. Port should be access not trunk – “sh trunk” 3. Change fa0/1&2 to access ports, & remove trunk dot1q
    4. Port security – “sh port” 4. Incorrect Mac, no sw port sec
    DSW1 1. HSRP track 1. Tracking wrong int
    2. Vlan filter 2. Remove Vlan filter test1 Vlan-list 10
    3. DHCP IP helper (APIPA add on client) 3. Should match R4 lo int (
    R1 1. Wrong BGP neighbor IP 1. .56 should be .65
    2. NAT outside misconfig 2. Should be IP NAT inside
    3. WAN ACL statement missing under outside EDGE 3. Add 209.65.200.x network
    4. OSPF Auth 4. Message digest
    5. NAT _Traffic ACL 5. Add network

    R2 1. IPv6 enable OSPF – “ping R3 s0/0/0.23 = no” 1. R2 – int s0/0/0.23 add IPv6 OSPF 6 area 0
    1. = “yes” – Ping R4 tunn ip 2026::34:2 = no 2. R3 – remove tunn mode IPv6
    a. = yes 3. Missing redistribution from RIPng to OSPF

    R3 1. IPv6 remove “tunnel mode IPV6
    R4 1. EIGRP wrong AS 1. O
    2. Redistribute OSPF – “sh eigrp nei = yes” 2. OSPF->EIGRP to OSPF_EIGRP
    3. Redistribute OSPF – “sh eigrp nei = yes” 3. Route-map seq 20 deny to permit
    4. EIGRP passive int – “sh eigrp nei = no” 4. Remove passive int
    5. Missing redistribution from RIPng OSPFv3

    Tickets IPv4

    1. Can’t ping (R1), but can ping (R2)
    a. R1
    i. IPv4 OSPF routing
    1) S0/0/0 Message Digest command

    2. Can’t ping (R1 – s0/0/1), but can ping (SRVR)
    a. R1
    i. BGP (sh ip bgp sum)
    1) Incorrect neighbor IP

    ii. IP NAT
    1) S0/0/1 (Link to ISP)
    a) IP NAT incorrect, should be outside

    iii. (if you see Edge security under S0/0/1)
    1) IPv4 L3 Security
    a) ACL Edge Security – Need to add “permit″

    3. Can’t Ping routers or Switch and client has IP
    a. DSW1 – (if you see vlan access-map test 10 under vlan 10,20,200 section of sh run)
    1) No Vlan filter TEST1 vlan-list 10

    b. AWS1
    i. Access VLAN
    1) Int da0/1 & fa0/2 , sw acc vlan. 10

    ii. Sw to Sw connectivity
    1) Switchporty allowed 10,200, then fa0/1 no shut

    iii. Access Vlans
    1) Int fa0/1 & fa0/2 switchport mode access, then no sw trunk encap dot1q

    4. Can’t Ping routers or Switch and client doesn’t have IP
    a. AWS – (sh ip int B = Down, sh port = shutdown)
    i. Port Security
    1) Fa0/1 – fa0/2 no port security, & No shut

    b. DSW1
    i. DHCP
    1) VLAN 10 delete ip helper-address to ip helper-address

    5. Can’t ping R1 or R2, but can ping
    a. R4 – ( sh ip eigrp neighbor = yes)
    i. IPv4 route distribution
    1) Ospf 1 route-map OSPF_to_EIGRP
    2) OSPF->EIGRP deny 20 to OSPF->EIGRP permit 20

    b. R4 – ( sh ip eigrp neighbor = no)
    i. IPv4 OSPF Routing
    1) Under EIGRP 10 ” fa0/1 & fa0/2 No Passive-interface Default”

    Tickets IPv6

    1. R1 ping 2026::1:2 (s0/0/0.23 = no)
    a. R2
    i. IPv6 OSPF routing
    1) S0/0/0.23 ipv6 ospf 6 area 0

    2. R1 can ping 2026::1:2, but can’t ping 2026::34:2
    a. R3
    i. IPv6 and IPv4 interoperability
    1) Under Tunnel 34 remove “tunnel mode IPv6”

    3. R1 can ping 2026::1:2 and 2026::34:2
    a. R4
    i. IPv6 OSPF
    1) Under IPv6 router ospf 6 add “redistribute rip RIP_ZONE include-connected”

  33. Ghost
    October 7th, 2019

    @festgiven: or @all: (Ticket 3 – BGP Neighbor)
    “2. Can’t ping (R1 – s0/0/1), but can ping (SRVR)”
    Seriously in the real exam?
    Client can ping the webserver (
    Or is this a typo?

    Please help.

  34. show
    October 8th, 2019

    hey all,
    anybody try show mac-address-table dynamic?
    did it works?

  35. Moj
    October 10th, 2019

    Hi, My CCNP certificate will be expired on Jan 2020. I checked the Cisco website for recertification policy and one of the condition is “Retake and pass one CCNP exam” what does it mean? should I take one out of three CCNP exam?
    please help

  36. networktut
    October 10th, 2019

    @Moj: Yes, you can take one out of three CCNP exam to recertify.

  37. tousland
    October 10th, 2019

    Hola guys!!

    I have tried the exam twice last month, but something strange happens. I know questions, labs, and sims in memory. I have practised a lot, and I have several certifications, so I am not a noob doing this exams.

    I choose the correct answer in tests questions, I choose correct answer in tickets (three answer per ticket) and the results were similar twice. It´s quite strange that in topics Layer 2 Technologies and Infrastructure services I had 0% twice…

    I think something I was doing wrong…but I don´t know what… I had thinking a lot about it, and I have no idea.

    any suggestion?

    many thanks guys

  38. James
    October 14th, 2019

    tousland what is your email address, i can help you with this.

  39. Anonymous
    October 14th, 2019

    many many thanks, my email: {email not allowed}

  40. tousland
    October 14th, 2019

    james write me to my nick hotmail com

  41. Anonymous
    October 15th, 2019

    tousland – please write out your email address in this format.

    I beleive your email address is nick at h o t m a i l . c o m ?

  42. tousland
    October 15th, 2019

    t o u s l a n d @ h o t m a i l . c o m

  43. tousland
    October 17th, 2019

    Hi James

    please write me to my email or give you email address and I will contact you.


  44. Not_Joker
    October 17th, 2019

    Passed yesterday. Premium membership makes the difference.

  45. Thanks
    October 19th, 2019

    Hi All,

    can someone please help==If i answered first part of the Question of the same ticket what i have to click to take me to the 2nd question of the same ticket


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