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A guide for the TSHOOT Exam

March 7th, 2019 in Guide Go to comments

For the TSHOOTv2 exam we will encounter:

2 Simlets (small troubleshooting sim)
+ Multiple Choice Questions & Drag Drop Questions
+ 12 Troubleshooting Tickets (check them at the right-side menu)

Notice that in the exam, the tickets are randomly given so the best way to troubleshooting is to try pinging to all the devices from nearest to farthest from the client until you don’t receive the replies.

In each ticket you will have to answer three types of questions:

+ Which device causes problem
+ Which technology is used
+ How to fix it

One more thing to remember: you can only use “show” and “ping” commands to find out the problems and you are not allowed to make any changes in the configuration. In fact, in the exam you can not enter the global configuration mode!

Screenshots for your reference:




(Please visit Share your TSHOOT v2.0 Experience for bigger images)

Also you can find more information about TSHOOT exam in TSHOOT FAQs and Tips.

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  1. juliana
    March 11th, 2014

    hello, i have a question , in each ticket, appear the Trouble Ticket Statement

  2. enan
    March 26th, 2014

    In the actual exam, can we answer “How to fix it” first,


    Which device causes problem
    Which technology is used

    Thanks in advance for the response.

  3. Timawa
    March 31st, 2014

    Just got the my exam and got 1000/1000. I had 13 tickets 2 drag and drops and some QandA… this is still valid

  4. Hillary
    April 1st, 2014

    This site was really helpful in helping me to prepare, but I also used the free CCNP TSHOOT study guide here http://www.certificationkits.com/cisco-certification/ccnp-tshoot-642-832-exam-study-guide/ccnp-tshoot-642-832-exam-study-guide/cisco-ccnp-tshoot-642-832-exam-study-center/ as there are not too many free CCNP resources out there. I hope this helps you like it did me :)

  5. geo
    April 9th, 2014

    passed the exam on 07 April with 1000/1000. All the questions and tickets where from this site, just a few changes in ip addresses but the same topology and the same problems.
    There is no bug in that ticket. On the second question of the ticket (after you choose DSW1) you have to scroll down to find the VACL/PACL answer.
    Thanks a lot networktut!
    Good luck everyone!

  6. Matt
    April 14th, 2014

    @geo: did you have any MCQ or D&D questions??

  7. Asad Ali Khan
    May 12th, 2014

    Dear is there anyone who can tell me how can we decide which topology we have to select for any given ticket???

  8. Romeo
    May 16th, 2014

    here can any one help me out in tshoot exam please i wanat labs and dumps

  9. Murth
    May 21st, 2014

    Pass the exam tdy. 931/1000. Got 1 new ticket:
    – DSW1 ipv6 loopback unable to ping R1 ipv6 loopback. Others are same. Thanks.

  10. VomitosArcaz
    May 22nd, 2014

    Hi mates!!

    I want to prepare this exam and I have this dumps:

    -74 Cisco.ActualTests.642-832.v2013-04-29.by.Igor.70q
    -33 Cisco.Certkey.642-832.v2014-01-24.by.Toni.14q

    Which is the valid dump?


  11. coolio
    May 25th, 2014

    does anyone have the latest dumps for route 642-902.
    Thanks guys

  12. Dipen
    July 7th, 2014

    Hello… Guys…

    Cleared CCNP today will 931/1000…
    Still all TT’s are valid.
    I have got Passive interface TT and 2 MCQ and 1 DD…

  13. Lettersize
    July 11th, 2014

    Passed today with a 945. All TTs are valid, but there was one TT I could not figure out. I could ping all the way to the edge from DSW1 but got AIPA (169.x.x.x). I was thinking it might have been the IP helper, at any rate I am sure it is the one I missed.


    I AM CCNP TODAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Anonymous
    July 29th, 2014


    Passed today. Questions and TTs are still the same.

  15. anonymous
    July 30th, 2014

    cisco announced new version of exam, 300-135 TSHOOT, see http://www.cisco.com/web/learning/certifications/professional/ccnp/index.html

    exam 842-832 is available until January 29, 2015

  16. anonymous
    July 30th, 2014

    exam 642-832 is available until January 29, 2015

  17. somebody
    July 30th, 2014

    Thank god the old exam is still available.

  18. jip
    August 4th, 2014


    how the old 642* and the new 300* exams differ?
    are there much differences || one can prepare for the old version and take the new one as well?
    Are there any web sites available for the new version of exams?

    Thanks a lot!

  19. MJ
    August 11th, 2014

    Thank you so so much for making all these available. Aced the Tshoot today with 1000/1000. It’s been a beautiful ride from CCNA to CCNP thanks to your website. I had 13 TTs, 1 DD n 3 MCQs. All Glory goes to God !

  20. Just Checking
    August 11th, 2014

    What strategy is being used to determine the correct topology to use?

    The reason I’m asking is it seems the ?’s usually state client 1 cannot ping .241….there are client 1’s in both Topology. Will they (both client 1’s per topology L2 & L3) have the same IP schema ? If yes then it’s not a problem.

    Or will the clients have different IP’s L2 169.x.x.x and L3 10.x.x.x in same ticket?

  21. curve7583
    August 16th, 2014

    Taking the TSHOOT exam on Monday 8/18/2014. Any suggestions from previous people that have passed recently would be appreciated. :-)

  22. Radha
    August 18th, 2014

    I am going to write CCNP TSHOOT 642-832 this Month end .still this dumps are valid?
    pls help me.if you have latest dumps.where i can Find?

  23. Nikolay
    August 21st, 2014

    Pass today 1000, all labs valid, thanks all world!!!!

  24. Vecl
    August 26th, 2014

    642-902 ROUTE
    Last day to test January 29, 2015
    300-101 ROUTE

    642-813 SWITCH
    Last day to test January 29, 2015
    300-115 SWITCH

    642-832 TSHOOT
    Last day to test January 29, 2015
    300-135 TSHOOT

  25. Vela
    August 26th, 2014

    hi all,

    i had prepared this exam with this dump and i have’t pass exam because i have only seven TT from this dump. my score 780/100. there is new TT, i remember only two tiket with NTP problem.
    can anyone share new ticket?

  26. Alex
    August 28th, 2014

    Hi all ,
    Mr Vela just talked about CISCO already changed this dump, so he i hasn’t pass exam, his score is 780/100
    Please check this information. Thanks all.

  27. DHeffernan
    September 2nd, 2014

    So, how does one actually study for this? The Strategy from Khattak is unclear and not very written, hard to understand what he’s trying to get across as the english doesn’t seem proper.

    The 3 sub questions you get, what if you memorized the 3rd answer which seems unique with each TT, could you then not answer subquestion 1 & 2 according to that? Are you able to see & answer the 3rd subquestion prior to answering 1 & 2?

  28. Buddy
    September 3rd, 2014


    Yop, you just got the point, and that’s exactly why you should learn how to master EFFICIENT “real” Network Troubleshooting yourself in GENERAL, by Means of indeed the TSHOOT Book combined with e.g. Packet Tracer Tickets (and/or a Premium membership) provided at this Site!

    By studying & using various more or less correct “Predefined TSHOOT Strategies”, you simply fool yourself, and just work like a “Robot” while solving Tickets @ exam, and you’ll most likely “struggle” when solving complex IRL Network Problems in general – (having e.g. a skilled Customer in the back of your shoulder) – because you failed BIG TIME your way of learning “Real Network Troubleshooting” – Right Bro!?

    So, pls. consider this, when defining your OWN TSHOOT Study Strategy!!!

    Regarding the 3 sub questions you get at exam, you’ll need to answer theese in the right sequence – one by one – in order to get the correct answering options while solving each Ticket @ exam!

    Wish you well @ exam!


  29. ER
    October 8th, 2014

    These are still valid.

  30. Nemat
    October 8th, 2014

    I downloaded all the packet tracer labs from this site.

    however, there are not ticket name and also no answers. how can i find them.

    In the ReadMe file, they explained that the answers are in the pull down menu of the main screen of packet tracer, i dont see any answer.

    Please support.

  31. Buddy
    October 9th, 2014

    Pls click at the small “v”-sign within the “Ticket Answers:” Pull Down Menu at the mid/bottom Packet Tracer Toolbar.
    Here you’ll find usefull Ticket Answers + quite often ditto Tech Notes etc.
    Thank you.

  32. Nemat
    October 9th, 2014

    Dear @Buddy,

    Thank you for your support. The same was written in the readme file.
    However, I cannot find any small “v”-sign within the “Ticket Answers:” Pull Down Menu at the mid/bottom Packet Tracer Toolbar.

    Can you please support where is it. i am tired of searching for it.

    Thank you.

  33. Enam
    October 10th, 2014

    On lower part of the packet tracer window (outside of workspace), look for “i” . This “i” button is for Scenario Description. Beside it, you will find Ticket answers text and more right, the icon/sign for drop down list. Answers reside on that list.

  34. Nemat
    October 10th, 2014


    jazak Allah Kher brother. Atlast i found it. i gonna start preparing it soon. TShoot seems bit difficult to me. but lets see how it goes.

    Thank you.

  35. Buddy
    October 10th, 2014

    THANK’s Enam!!!

    Think you did a VERY good explanation for locating the PT Ticket Answers Submenu Selections by help of the small “v”-sign in that menu.
    I wasn’t able to do this explanation myself “clear and understandable”, so I’m happy, that you could help on this!!!

  36. Buddy
    October 10th, 2014

    Good luck, and enjoy the tickets!
    Pls remember to also TURN OFF Packet Tracer “Link Lights” and the several other unneeded PT Functions, to make PT 6.1 run more smooth – Pls find helpfull Tips on this within the PT TSHOOT Forum Page # 2 – (Tips for improving Packet Tracer TSHOOT Ticket Performance)
    Thank you!

  37. PvZ GW
    October 12th, 2014

    Anyone can please share the GNS3 Topology? Thanks.

  38. sandy
    October 14th, 2014

    can anyone tell me what will be the effect of taking 842 tshoot exam instead of 300 series exam ??? will it affect my carrier ???

  39. Jamey
    October 20th, 2014

    hi guys

    I passed this exam last week. 945 out of 1000. I used Khattaks info as well as Naren. The info on there just explains how you get to the relevant TT. Heres what I did on a spreadsheet. Create columns called Ticket number, Device, Letter, Problem description,Comments and resolution. There are 13 TT’s.
    follow this sequence:
    Device: R1,R1,R1,R1, ASW1, ASW1,ASW1, R4,DSW1,R4,R4,DSW1,R2
    Problem description: BGP, IP NAT,ACCess Lists,OSPF IPV4,ACess VLANS,Port security,Switch to switch connectivity,DHCP,VLAN ACCESS MAPS. Route redistribution, IPv4 EIGRP, HSRP and IPV6 OSPF.
    Comments. The first 3 you should be able to ping (R1). The 4th you can ping
    (R2). 4 TTs you will get a 169.x.x.x address and 5 of them you should have an IP of
    Resolution- Try and figure out each by doing the test pings from client PC 1. These tickets are not in sequence in the exam so you need to troubleshoot. Its important that you show your show commands ( SHow ip bgp summary,show ip eigrp neigbors,show interface trunk etc) .Its really easy once you find the fault. This exam tests your ability and also the work that youve learnt from Route and Switch. Start back tracking this forum as you will find valuable information to learn for the exam. Formulate your own method and share with somebody.

    I hope this helps somebody. Good luck with your exams

  40. Dong
    October 21st, 2014

    Hi All,

    On the actual exam, can I jump between tickets?

  41. morad – EGYPT
    October 21st, 2014

    @Dong yes , you can even you answers 2 Q(before select Done) of any ticket you can cancel it for later time .


  42. Bala
    October 21st, 2014

    Cleared TSHOOT today with 1000/1000. 2 MCQ, 1 DD, 13 TTs. All of them were from networktut.com. No Eigrp AS no and IP helper TT.

    I would like to thank networktut.com a lot for my success!!! I am a CCNP now!!!

    I would say TSHOOT is an easy exam unlike ROUTE and SWITCH. Two full days is all enough for preparing the exam. If you follow the below steps, it is easy to crack this exam with 100% score.

    1. View DEMO of the TSHOOT exam from the Cisco site. This will help you understand the nature of this exam how TSHOOT is different from ROUTE and SWITCH. Use below URL.


    2. Read all 14 TTs from networktut.com. Memorize it such that you should be able to recall every steps just with its topic. (anyhow topics cannot be easily recalled during exam until we do the investigation).

    3. Dowload Khattak Strategy document from the below link and memorize it.


    4. Download Naren’s flowchart from below link. This is a flowchart representation of Khattak strategy which will be easy and handy.


    5. Memorize the first page as per Khattak strategy with only first alphabet as below. During exam you can write on the erasable notepad FYR.

    ASW1 – P A S, DSW1 – I H v, R4 – D E E E, R2 – O3, R1 – B B N O

    Port Security
    Access Vlan
    Switch to Switch Connectivity/Port channel

    IP Helper Address (rare chances, no IP Helper Address TT in my exam)
    Vlan Filter / Vlan Access Map

    DHCP Excluded Address (IP DHCP Server)
    EIGRP Passive Interface (IPv4 EIGRP Routing)
    EIGRP to OPSF Redistribution (IPv4 Route Redistribution)
    EIGRP Wrong AS No (rare chances, no EIGRP Wrong AS No TT in my exam)

    IPv6 OSPF (OSPFv3)

    BGP Wrong Neighbours IP
    BGP Network Address is missing in the IP Access List (IPv4 Layer3 Security)
    10.2.x.x is missing in the NAT ACL
    OSPF Authentication message-digest is missing in interface S0/0/0/0.12 (IPv4 OSPF Routing)

    6. After memorizing, finally read IGOR dumps for testing yourself. This will help you to read along with other choices for every Q1, Q2 and Q3 questions.

    Please share your experience with others in this section once you finish your exam.

  43. Nne
    October 31st, 2014

    Am a bit lost. Can some one help. I have passed CCNA in the past. before expiration I wrote BSCI, BCMSN and later TSHOOT.

    So what exam is outstanding for me to earn CCNP.

    Thank you for helping out

  44. timmyy
    November 4th, 2014
  45. 123456
    November 12th, 2014

    I have read a comment from someone who failed the exam, they said that probably fail because did not ping or test every single device. If I go straigh to the faulty device and do show commans only, will I fail the exam because I did not test the other devices?


  46. BIG G
    December 4th, 2014

    Bala – did you take the 642-832 or 300-135?

  47. Router
    December 6th, 2014

    Bala – que examen tomaste ??

  48. Aakash
    December 9th, 2014

    Which Labs are valid 642-832 exam.

  49. ctahoeb
    December 15th, 2014

    Passed today 1000/1000. All tickets valid (No DHCP helper, no EIGRP AS tickets).

  50. Shan
    December 16th, 2014


    Where can I find the TT for IP helper address?

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