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TSHOOT is one of the three exams in the CCNP certification. The TSHOOT exam is a chance for you to review your knowledge about ROUTE & SWITCH exams and test your troubleshooting skill. From the comments here and other places, this article tries to summarize all the TSHOOT frequently asked questions to save you some time. Please feel free to ask anything that you are unclear about TSHOOT so that all of us can help you. I will update this article frequently to bring you the newest information about this exam.

1. How much does the TSHOOT Exam 300-135 cost? And the passing score of TSHOOT?

It now costs $300.

The passing score of TSHOOTv2 is 846/1000

2. Please tell me how many questions in the real TSHOOT exam, and how much time to answer them?

Unlike other Cisco exams, the TSHOOT exam tests your ability to troubleshoot the problem so in this exam you have to solve about 6 – 7 multiple choice questions, one small sim (called simlet) and troubleshooting 12 “tickets”. Each ticket is a problem about a specific technology used in Cisco routers or switches.

You will have 135 minutes to answer them. If your native language is not English, Cisco allows you a 30-minute exam time extension (165 minutes in total).

3. Am I allowed to study the topology used in the real exam and where can I find it ?

Yes, you are! Because the purpose of this exam is testing a candidate’s ability to troubleshoot issues, not to understand a complex topology so Cisco publicizes the topology used in the real TSHOOT exam. You can find the topologies at https://www.networktut.com/share-your-tshoot-v2-0-experience.

To save time on the exam, and to better understand the topology used in all of the trouble tickets, you should spend time familiarizing yourself with the topology used in the exam.

4. Where can I find the demo of this exam?

There is a very good demo of TSHOOT exam published by Cisco and you can find it at http://www.cisco.com/web/learning/le3/le2/le37/le10/tshoot_demo.html. But notice that the topology in this link is not the topology used in the real exam. This demo is also a good practical topology and we also explained about the configuration of this demo in four articles: Frame Relay Point-to-Point SubInterface GNS3 Lab, EIGRP over Frame Relay and EIGRP Redistribute Lab, VLAN Routing and HSRP IP Route Tracking.

5. During the exam, we must only identify the problem or we must also make the correct configuration?

We are only allowed to choose the solution for the problem. We are not allowed to make any changes on the routers and switches. You cannot enter global configuration mode (config)# either. You have to answer three types of questions in each ticket:

+ Question 1: Which device causes problem
+ Question 2: Which technology is used
+ Question 3: How to fix it

6. Can someone please tell me in the real exam it gives the ticket names just like in this site (for example “Ticket 1 – OSPF Authentication “) or is it going to say ticket 1 , ticket 2 only?

It only says ticket 1, ticket 2 only so you have to use your troubleshooting skill to figure out where the problem is. This is also the purpose of this exam.

7. Please give me some guideline when using the TSHOOT simulator.

Below is some guideline when using the TSHOOT simulator in the exam.



7. Can I go back in the TSHOOT exam?

As shown in the above question, you can press “Previous Question” to go back to previous questions in the same ticket only. If you press “Done” button then you can’t come back to this ticket anymore.

Note: In TSHOOT 300-135 (TSHOOTv2), the “Abort” button no longer exists. That means you cannot cancel a ticket after choosing it. You have to complete that ticket before moving to another one.

8. Can we take TSHOOT exam before the ROUTE or SWITCH exam?

Yes, you can. There is no order to take these exams. But the TSHOOT exam tests your skills to troubleshoot router & switch errors so I highly recommend you to take the ROUTE and SWITCH exams first. The TSHOOT exam is very good to review your knowledge of what you learned in ROUTE & SWITCH.

9. Can I solve the tickets in any order I want, for example, I solve Ticket 8 first, then Ticket 3, Ticket 1…?

Yes, you can solve them in any order until you click Done button. After clicking Done you cannot go back to this ticket again. Also notice that when you entering a Ticket, you have to solve it (answer all 3 questions) before moving to another ticket.

10. As I see there are 3 topologies in the exam. My question is to how to find which topology to use when doing a troubleshooting ticket. Does it clearly state in exam which topology to use (layer 2 or layer 3, for example)?

In the exam, it doesn’t say clearly which topology you need to use. But a reader on networktut.com has shared this tip:

“There is no really best way to choose which topology to use.
This is my style:
Most of the time I was using the IPv4 topology as it contains most of the nodes with ip addresses and in the cause of your troubleshooting and you discovered that you need more details on the ASW1 & 2 switches that is when I used the Layer 2 topology except for the IPv6 topology.
Any node on IPv4 topology that is in Layer 2 topology have same configuration irrespective of where you click on the nodes.
Study all tickets here and use the following elimination style below:
List out all the trouble ticket on the white little board you will be giving and tick each ticket as you answer them because this will let you know which tickets are remaining to look out for.”

11. In the exam can I use “traceroute” or “tracert” command?

According to some reports, “tracert” commands cannot be used on Clients but “traceroute” command can be used on DSW1. But of course you can use “ping” command. According to some candidates’ reports on the exam, maybe you should not believe too much on the output of the traceroute command in the exam.

12. Please let me know in the exam can we issue “pipe” commands such as: sh run | section eigrp; sh run | begin router?

No, you cannot use “pipe” commands in the TSHOOT exam.

13. Does each ticket state it is an IPv4 or IPv6 issue?

Yes, it does! But it does not clearly state that. Please read each ticket carefully, if it states like this “loopback address on R1 (2026::111:1) is not able to ping the loopback address on DSW2 (2026::102:1)” then surely it is an IPv6 ticket. Otherwise it is an IPv4 ticket.

14. Why in each ticket I only see the same description, same wording, either ticket 1, 2 or 3. How can I see the difference or the problem of each ticket?

The descriptions of each ticket are very identical to each other. In general the very long description can be summarized “Client 1 cannot ping the” (for IPv4 ticket), that’s all! So you have to use your troubleshooting skill to find out where the issue (it is also the meaning of this exam – TSHOOT). The only obvious difference among the tickets is the statement “loopback address on R1 (2026::111:1) is not able to ping the loopback address on DSW2 (2026::102:1)”, which indicates an IPv6 ticket.

15. Why don’t I see any questions and answers on networktut.com? I only see the explanation…

Because of copyrighted issues, we had to remove all the questions and answers. You can download a PDF file to see the questions at this link: https://www.networktut.com/questions-and-answers

16. How can I join the Premium Membership on networktut.com?

You can join the Premium Membership on networktut.com at this link. After the registration you can login via this link.

If you have any questions about the TSHOOT exam, please don’t hesitate to ask. All of us will help you!

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  1. Emon
    April 21st, 2018

    is networktut is still valid. For re-CCNP certification I want to sit for TT exam. am I doing write choice?

  2. Emon
    April 21st, 2018

    is networktut still valid? For CCNP re-certification I want to sit for TT exam. am I doing the right choice?

  3. Waqasgk
    April 25th, 2018

    Can someone guide me how to differenitate the IPV6 and IPV4 ticket in exam, i failed in first attemp.. need you help ..

  4. Waqasgk
    April 25th, 2018

    Can someone guide me how to differenitate the IPV6 and IPV4 ticket in exam, i failed in first attemp.. need you help ..

    i made attemp on 17 april 2018, In exam there were no difference between the IPV4 and 6 senarios (tickets), you have to identify the fault by your skill. moreover there are three Q3 about each ticket if you select the R1 in first Q you find the different option in next Q where you ll select the protocol and upon selecting a protocol you will find the different options. in same ticket if you go back to Q1 and select a differnt device then all option will be change for next Qs..

    so it is very hard to pass this exam… need some suggestions from experience geek..i ll take the 2nd attemp in next week

  5. AC
    April 29th, 2018

    Can someone tell me if “sh run” and “?” are working?

  6. atega may 1st 2018
    May 1st, 2018

    pls guys where can i register for this Tshoot Exams, i live around bellaire by hw6 Houston tx

  7. Mark81
    May 2nd, 2018


    yes, the “sh run” command and the “?” is working at the exam.

  8. Mark81
    May 2nd, 2018

    I did not pass the exam last friday. The labs were okay, the same labs which are described here. But I had completley other multiple choices and drag and drop questions as I learned. At the end I had 85 points too little.

    would be great to get any tips from someone who passed the exam in the last week or this week.

    my next attempt is next monday. thanks to all!

  9. Anonymous
    May 4th, 2018

    2 or 3 years ago there have been a matrix to determine which ticket you just have in the exam, let’s say a walkthrough. does ist still exist? cause i coudn’t find it….

  10. Shani
    May 10th, 2018

    Hi Folks


    Client 1 = ping (successful ping), (Succesful ping), (Successful ping)

    In this scenario we have 6 possible trouble tikets. If above all successful

    1. BGP R1
    2. NAT ACL R1
    3. WAN ACL R1

    4. IPv6 ACL R2

    5. IPV6 GRE Tunnel R3

    6. IPV6 OSPF to RIP R4

    Client 1 = ping (Unsuccessful ping), (Unsuccesful ping), (Unuccessful ping)

    In this scenario we have 4 possible trouble tikets. If above all Unsuccessful

    Problem Devices

    1.Vlan Filter DSW1
    2. Port Security ASW1
    3. Vlan Access ASW1
    4. Switchport Trunk ASW1

    Client 1 = ping (Unsuccessful ping), (Unsuccesful ping), (Successful ping)

    In this scenario we have 2 possible trouble tikets. If above all Unsuccessful

    Problem Devices

    1.Eigrp Passive Int R4

    2. OSPF and EIGRP redistrstbion R4

    Client 1 = ping (unsuccess ping), (Succesful), (Successful)

    In this scenario we have 1 possible trouble tikets

    Note: OSPF authentication…………..R1

  11. 46598dasd
    May 14th, 2018

    Latest Update CCNP Dumps 300-135 100% Valid

  12. gohan
    May 14th, 2018

    Hi all, how many points does 1 Ticket gives us out of the 1000, cause i failed with 80x Points and i try to figure out if i missed 1 or 2 faulty Tickets, about one im shure i did wrong, but not shure if a second one was also wrong?

  13. TC
    May 15th, 2018

    Hello everyone, Can i ask a question?

    In each tickets, could we anwer the 3rd question first, we’ll know the kind of trouble in the 2nd question and the location of trouble in the 1st question?

  14. Adeel
    May 18th, 2018

    I need to know the duration of CCNP (route &Switch) Exam.
    I did CCNP route in 1Jan 2016 then CCNP Switch on 4 May 2017 now i am going to give CCNP Tshoot on 25 May.
    Can any one tell me will i get the CCNP certificate after clearing the TShoot Exam. and what is the time duration to complete all the three papers of CCNP Route and Switch

  15. Anonymous
    May 21st, 2018

    Hi guys, just passed this exam with 976/100. All here valid, got new ticket 17, all MCQs valid, etc. No surprises

  16. frogman
    May 21st, 2018

    Do we already have fresh info about the ticket of IPV6 told on the enry post of 9th may?

  17. Anonymous
    May 21st, 2018

    Please shar you dump to me

  18. Anonymous
    May 27th, 2018

    Yes new IPV6 ticket contains wrong subnet mask of 2026::1:2/123 or 2026::1:2/121 instead of the correct /122 on Serial interface 0/0/0.23 on R2 instead of usual issue of OSPF 6 Area 0 missing issue.

  19. Ronald
    May 29th, 2018

    Please add new ipv6 ticket as a sim

  20. l3p1dl0
    May 30th, 2018

    Was there option regarding wrong IPv6 mask ? I didnt saw it during my test (I know that there was /123 mask)

  21. 12salida
    May 31st, 2018

    In which order all tests are shown? For example, SIMLET –> all MCQs –> all tickets?
    Or in random order?

  22. TC
    June 1st, 2018

    I think it’s random.

  23. GNS3
    June 3rd, 2018

    Hi All – do you know if GNS3 Tshoot lab is available for download somewhere? Please post the link. Thanks

  24. Harry Potter
    June 7th, 2018

    regarding wrong /123 mask – it appears to be bug, no option with such answer was available for selection, the ticket was about missing RIPng redistribution into OSPFv3

  25. Johny Bravo
    June 8th, 2018

    I’ve observed that “ticket” questions, as an answer, would provide device selection first, then you can go the the next question where you will select potential issue related to the device selected under answer 1. Finally you will be able to chose the correction that need to be done for that given ticket. You will be able to go back and change device or potential issue and that will change the list of options for the last question. The important part of all that is that you need to really troubleshoot the ticket and find what is the problem is before selecting device, potential issue and correction for the problem, of course ;).
    SAM strategy is awesome, but I’ve also found spreadsheet with all tickets being broken down from pc client pinging from bottom up. That one helped me most. Can’t find link to it at the moment, sorry.

  26. Anonymous
    June 8th, 2018

    Today I passed the exam. But there was new questions they added.

  27. Paint
    June 9th, 2018

    @Anonymous they were all MCQs and labs????

  28. TC
    June 9th, 2018

    @Anonymous do you remember the new questions?

  29. Doc
    June 10th, 2018

    I have a question. If we have some ticket and mistakes there (meaning for example missing ospf diggest message…) always it’s only one issue? Or in one ticket is more problems and we must find all?

    I will explain one more what I mean…

    We have some ticket with more than 1 problem and we must find all? Or when we submit DONE then new ticket occur and config is changed.

  30. TaskForce
    June 11th, 2018

    HERE we put all package very concise and easy to learn.
    -Tickets are np more difficult to learn and diagnose.
    -Most of tickets are in Packet Tracer in our package
    -easy learning strategy included
    -MCQs are not a big job in TSHOOT exam. Only 27Qs in our package all valid.


  31. H0baa
    June 13th, 2018

    No there will be just 1 issue per ticket.
    You will notice when you click next in the exam, that it takes a little to load the ticket.
    So per question you will get fresh configs with a problem you have to locate.

    Remember bottom up, it will probably answer 1 MCQ and will get you through the Tshoot exam.
    Check ip config if you have an IP on your client, then look at Shani’s post above to make your way through the tickets..

  32. Anonymous
    June 19th, 2018


    A. ip tcp path-mtu-discovery
    B. ip mtu 1400
    C. ip tcp adjust-mss 1360
    D. tunnel mode gre ip
    E. tunnel mode gre multipoint


  33. Anonymous1
    June 22nd, 2018

    Just so everyone is aware, the “abort” method is no longer a viable option. The Abort button has been removed, you work single tickets at a time, once you finished the ticket, you must click the “Next” option and can not go back to the previous ticket.

  34. Anonymous1
    June 22nd, 2018

    Also, tracert from the Client machine does not work, neither does show int status from the switch or router.

  35. kose
    June 25th, 2018

    I’m sorry for the question, but could some please tell me.
    For example if I fail the exam, then after 5 days I will take again the same exam. My question is, whether do all the questions remain the same as they were on previous exam that I failed, or there will be updated new questions.
    Thank you in advance!

  36. ANONed
    June 27th, 2018

    I don’t know if this has been asked before but…

    For a given ticket, there is suppose to be 3 questions. Answer on previous question affects choices for the next right? Then, if I already chosen an answer for Q1and Q2, but had doubts on Q3, can I go back and change my answer for Q1?

  37. Cisco_Starting_To_Suck
    July 3rd, 2018

    I took the 300-135 exam to re-certify last week. The questions were WAY OFF.
    I had tickets where the PC had an IP address but could not ping any switch or the DHCP router.
    I had tickets where several devices had mis-configurations – so which ONE am I supposed to choose as my problem device.

    The test was totally out of wack and I have been doing this for many years.

  38. Cisco_Starting_To_Suck
    July 3rd, 2018

    ANONed June 27th, 2018

    Yes you can go back and change your answers as much as you want.
    Once you click Next it is done.

  39. RS
    July 6th, 2018

    @Cisco-Starting-To -Suck
    Was the MCQ, SIMS and tickets where different than what is in here?
    I am recertifying tomorrow.
    Kindly advice

  40. Anonymous
    July 6th, 2018

    Hi Guys,

    My Certification is Expire on 15th July 2018, I request you please share me latest CCNP Tshoot dumps ({email not allowed}),and please suggest how can i will be pass in Tshoot Exam in first attempt…

    Thanks and Regards

  41. Anonymous
    July 6th, 2018

    Hi Guys,

    My Certification is Expire on 15th July 2018, I request you please share me latest CCNP Tshoot dumps (vishaal4786()gmail.com),and please suggest how can i will be pass in Tshoot Exam in first attempt…

    Thanks and Regards

  42. Chidhura
    July 10th, 2018

    May someone please share the new dumps/ tickets – {email not allowed}



  43. Anonymous
    July 10th, 2018

    May someone please share the new dumps/ tickets – chidhura2015(at)gmail.com



  44. Chidhura
    July 10th, 2018

    May someone please share the new dumps/ tickets – chidhura2016(at)gmail.com



  45. Jian
    July 13th, 2018

    Passed the exam few days ago with high marks. Here’s my journey:
    Before I stumbled upon this site, I was using those $50 dumps. The ones where they claimed there’s over 200 Q&A. Turns out, a huge majority of the MCQs are invalid. The ones that appeared doesn’t have the correct answers. Labs are a mixed bag. Pretty outdated eventhough they claimed to be the latest. Needless to say, I tanked. That’s a quarter of an engineer’s monthly salary gone in my country.
    Found this site before my next attempt. Was skeptical whether the premium MCQs are different. Took a shot and purchased the premium membership. NetTut doesn’t have over a hundred MCQ questions, just a handful. Maybe even less than 50. But they are all valid. Remember that I failed the exam before this? The MCQ from NetTut are exactly what I saw the other day. What about labs and sims? Again, the sims from NetTut are far less, but accurate. Labs are updated. So here’s what I did after purchasing the premium access.
    1. Go through the MCQ, HSRP sim and BGP sim a few times. Around 5 cycles. Since they don’t come in hundreds, it’s relative easy.
    2. Go through the flash lab simulation like 4 times until the action becomes second nature to you.
    I must say, the flash lab simulation is one of the most impressive thing I’ve seen. It’s as if you’re taking the real exam.

    I’ll hang around this comment section for another week. Those with doubts or questions can put them here.

  46. @jian
    July 13th, 2018

    are all 10 MCQ the same from network tut

  47. Anonymous
    July 14th, 2018

    As of this week, I can say that all the MCQ are exactly from Tut. Do note that there may be gradual changes from time to time. Need to put some strategy. For example, if everyone commented that the MCQ are valid for that particular duration, it’s safe to take it. But if there are many comments of unseen or new MCQ appearing, you might want to readjust your timing.

  48. Jian
    July 14th, 2018

    From my personal experience using two sets of premium materials, the MCQs from Tut is valid this month. The ones from those “4Pass” websites aren’t (paid $50 for useless info)

  49. Anonymous
    July 17th, 2018


  50. Anonymous
    July 19th, 2018


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